If the shoe fits…

A toast to the North Coast's handicapable Assemblyman Wes Chesbro.

Wes Chesbro’s office put out a news release last week announcing that the Assemblyman from Arcata has been chosen to chair the Assembly Select Committee on Wine and the Assembly Select Committee on Disabilities.

Uh, yeah.

We haven’t heard of a more fitting appointment since Patty Berg was named to head up the Blue Ribbon Commission on Smoking Six Packs a Day Until Your Damn Face Falls Off.

15 Responses

  1. What’s up with that Chesbro head-shot your used? It’s like he has drunk eyes or something. It’s perfect.

  2. and the State of California needs a select committee on Wine? The Wine industry appears to be solvent at this time, why muck it up with governmental interference? Or wait, this is yet another example of needless, pointless and useless over-regulation. Seems that appointing the Cheesy one to oversee wine is akin to that old ‘fox and hen house’ analogy.

  3. You know Wes is going to get some freebies for this ! Of course I’m sure that is part of the plan.

    What a bunch of shit.

  4. Re-electing Chesbro ensures California’s demise – bankrupt – and brain dead worthless legislators like him put us there, and the least election left them able to spend more money than they have faster than ever before.

    When will people wake up?

    (Rose – only today wordpress thinks I am Plain Jane – god help me) (she doesn’t leave an email address, btw)

  5. California is a terrible mess right now and Chesbro isn’t the guy to make things better. But it’s important to have stupid lame committees to add to the bureaucratic gridlock at the capitol.

  6. Where is the wine (in the photo)? Select committees meet infrequently, maybe a couple of times a year, and are informational only. They don’t vet legislation. It’s an opportunity for specific constituency groups to talk directly to state lawmakers.

  7. Andrew, if specific constituency groups can talk (wine and dine) the legislature, when is the Tea Party going to have a word with Wes?

    Wes: Tea Party? aren’t those guys with the gay lobby?

  8. Wes is looking more like the dead guy form Boston. Also a lib. I did not think Wes drank so much.

  9. Who cares if he drinks, guys, that’s NOT the issue. It’s the LEGISLATION, dammit, IT’S THE SPENDING, DAMMIT.

    Term limits have contributed to this problem but at times I think we ought to limit them to one term, and strip them of any party affiliation upon winning an election.

    On the other hand, maybe the opposite of term limits ought to apply here – you ran the state into bankruptcy, now you are going to stay – without pay – until it is fixed. And you don’t get to raise one fee, or one tax, period. You HAVE TO undo what you have done, you have to live within the state’s means, you have to stop driving business from your state.

    But you know – Chesbro and his pals have ignored the term limit thing, really, they have their own little game of musical chairs and cushy appointments to sit out the wait in between switching seats.

    People ought to be furious.

  10. Sheesh, Andy. You might be the reason Wes is so interested in people with disabilities. Wine bottle, to his right, tucked into the edge of the wheel chair? The neck of the bottle protruding suggestively over his right wrist? Hello?

  11. Bird is brain dead bugs. I listen to him blithering on a regular basis. We are loosely affiliated by our politics and it always is an embarrassment. Eh but this is HumCo and I am embarrassed by a lot of dick wads that I have to be politically associated with. Sucks!

  12. Ps. You forgot to photo shop the joint in his mouth and the “potted pot plant” should also be sitting on Wes’ lap.

  13. We’ll take credit for not photoshoping in a more easily seen bottle of vino. Our apologies.

  14. You want term lints then follow this plan.
    1. Compensation for electied officials = average salary for the people they represent. that probably is less than $50,000/yr.
    2. Health benefits while in office, none after.
    3. No pensions.
    4. No free car.
    5. No free shit at all.
    6. Illegal to be a paid political lobbist forever.
    It is called Public Service. Think Peace Corps. Do the time and move out of the way.

  15. Rose on term limits: Politicians are like diapers…they both need changing often and for the same reason!*!*!*!

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