Hank Sims out at the North Coast Journal?

The twttersphere is abuzz with this tantalizing tale, but there has been no official confirmation as of yet.

This morning I was asked for my opinion of the NCJ drams, and said:

Hank’s deep-seated fear of being considered pro-Arkley hindered his objectivity, and I think at times he was unable to see past his own ideological biases. But for all of that, he was funny and obviously enormously intelligent, and he had a very broad sense of Humboldt County, if from a very narrow point of view.

Tom, on the other hand, appears to have spent much of the last few years cultivating a keen interest in Tom, and seems genuinely surprised that the rest of us don’t care about his brief stint here 30 years ago with his ex-wife and paid-for house, or the long list of all the things he knows, or his singing career or pirate impersonations or any of it.

Where Hank listened, Tom won’t shut up. Where Hank recognized and encouraged the intelligence of his staff, Tom participated–gleefully, by all accounts–in what was essentially a hostile takeover of the NCJ’s newsroom.

In Tom we have all of the same biases with none of Hank’s humanity. What I think, ultimately, is that Judy Hodgson just went to great lengths and considerable expense to shit down her own throat.

What’s your take?

39 Responses

  1. Leaving at this point would only confirm his superiority, as an editor and as a man. Abate is a supreme douche.

  2. Do you have any idea how hard it is to come to Humboldt County and be universally despised within a couple of days? I mean, shit. It took us 24 fucking years to hate Bonnie Neely, and this prick Abate pulled it off in under 48 hours. That’s quite an accomplishment.

  3. Arrgh, Matey. Yo ho ho and a bottle of go fucking figure it out on your own, Tom.

    I hope it’s true, Hank. I hope you’re off to better things.

  4. We had our disagreements, Hank, but you understood this place better than most (even if you did think everyone who wasn’t a far-left prog was a “conservative”). I wish you the best.

  5. Hey, is there any chance Hank was fired?

  6. This is getting crazy. Judy Hodgson is an ass.

  7. What’ll be the next Journal cut?

  8. This is wild, and so unfortunate.

    Judy just stepped into some seriously bad juju.

  9. I thought something seemed off in this week’s paper . This transition will not be smooth .

  10. Yep, he is outta there…


  12. Hell, Hank was the only one worth a shit at that rag. Between Hedi’s dumb gun permit story and Ryan’s meat hook story I would not pay for that rag.

    Hank has his problems but he is so much above any of the others. I hope he finds a home here in Humblodt. He does have a feel for the place. I disagree with him a lot of the time but a least he is not completely over the top.

  13. My take is that Judy is pissing the Journal down the toilet.

  14. Wow. Bummer.

  15. Kharma?

  16. My favorite paper was the Eureka Reporter. I miss Glenn Simmons and the staff. As far as Hank, I agree with many points. I may have disagreed with him sometimes; but he was very accessible, very fair, and I enjoyed reading his column. Never got attitude from him and I never had a problem getting my letters published.

    It is a loss for the NCJ and this issue is just not the same.

  17. Who cares?!? Can anyone name one good thing that they’ve done in the Sims era?

  18. Sure. How about outing that sleazoid Richard Salzman our favorite corrupt liar who is BFF with our favorite corrupt DA. I know he’s gotten lazy the last couple of years but……….

  19. C.T.Ds. you do know that the NCJ ‘IS’ free.

  20. Eee gads. Just popped over at HH to read their puke fest on this topic. Man there are some strange folks over there. You have the loud mouth greg connors as hum politico drooling over the horrible “loss” of kieth easthouse to the NCJ. I just about puked up dinner laughing at that. Geeze those wads are f’d up bad. I mean they need meds. Maybe its why they are so obsessed with pot. Or maybe its because of too much pot? Ya know, paranoia!

  21. Simmons was nuts, but like everyone said at the time having a second daily made the Times-Standard at least try. TS reporters have never been known for their smarts, but their lethargy in the absence of competition is a disgrace to the fourth estate.

  22. Well fuck me. How did Simmons come up in this discussion. BTW. Simmons is a really nice man.

    Hank, well I know him personally and like him very much. Great smart and pithy writer. Not good on decisions as an editor but a WOW as a writer when he got his teeth into something good.

    Hodgson is ok too. Not perfect and has made some questionable choices (like Easthouse) but a decent person.

    Abate! Well I am going to overlook the bad KSLG entrance and look forward to the change.

    Thanks for the info bugs. Would be nice not to see the other blog HH would get shut down. They really are nast over there ragging on all of the above. Shameful.

  23. Shit. Hit the send button by accident. Should be “would nice to see the HH blog shut down…”. Nasty is an understatement for those close minded elitist pricks.

  24. Heres something to think about, what if the Humboldt Herald is wrong!? Wouldn’t be the first time.

  25. Good riddance. Now if they can just get rid of the rest of the staff…

  26. There hasn’t been any confirmation of this from the Journal or Hank yet, but everybody who has a local blog is reporting it so it must be true. I wish the best for the Hankster. Most of the time, the Town Dandy was required reading for those who wanted to understand what was going in Humboldt politics. It’s going to take Mr. Abate some time to get up to speed.

  27. Andrew; the local blogs are not reporting it, they are repeating it.

  28. You’re right, Brian. Good clarification.

  29. I like Hank, he’s a good guy. Some folks just didn’t like it when Hank called them on their bullshit…..

  30. Hank was entertaining as the Town Dandy but after taking the helm he turned the entire publication into an opinion piece…it was time Judy took note that he undermined the integrity (slim as it was ) of the NCJ.

    The paper will get one shot to win their readership back. I hope, for Judy’s sake, that this guy she hired simmers down and gets serious about restoring the paper to some balance by not jumping into the pocket of either the far right or the far left .

    Rob Arkley had the courage to run a balanced and unbiased paper with the ER. This community is desperate for an upstanding news outlet. For the NCJ it is now or never.

  31. The empty niche is on the right – there is no shortage of left leaning media here.

    Fire away.

  32. “I would not pay for that rag.”
    It’s a free paper, you shit licking fartsniff.

  33. Hate to be a realist here but right now it is not worth the price to buy it. And yes…I know its free so don’t call me names too unconnected. Its sarcasm like the other post. I just happened to get it and you sir did not. Its ok if your not smart or funny. Can’t have it all can we?

  34. CTD was obviously educated at Eureka City Schools. And it shows-

  35. Sims called it as he saw it. His pieces on the Marina Center development were spot on-

  36. Well I guess I am going to have to try forgetting the meat hook hanging woman. Then try to forget Peter Martins mug defending the so called right of a high schooler to have drugs on campus. Or the other trite crap. Shit look at the TS expose from Greenson (the lazy bastard). Greenson had promise but nah. Now its abouts pot and today the lack of interpreters. In CA. Really? WTF. Hey thad. Get off your ass and report oh guess you are working for the enquirer.

  37. A reporter in Humboldt that isn’t reporting on marijuana is a bad reporter.

    I hope 9:30 gets that message when they get out of church this morning.

  38. My time is worth money. If I took the time to read the rag, it would be costing me money. I know that for you this is a difficult concept. Just hook up the bong and blow, asswipe. Eureka City schools, never had the pleasure.

  39. Hank’s not a bad guy.

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