Dear John: Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

My Word: All views need to be heard for change to happen

When I moved to Humboldt, I was as politically involved as the average person on the street. I read the newspaper, I watched the news. However, like many others out there, I started to get sick and tired of the tactics employed by a few radicals in Humboldt County to stagnate our community; tired of the elite few claiming to be the voice of the people.

When the so-called “progressives” are against progress and the environmentalists are against cleaning up the environment, people like me take back our power, stand up and say, “enough!”

A year ago, I decided to volunteer for certain campaigns. I sat in on numerous public meetings. I began to understand more about campaign themes, messaging, budgets. I also got to see how “behind the scenes” players involved in Humboldt County politics operate. On Nov. 2, 2010, there was a change. The election is over and there are people, regardless of party affiliation and beliefs, that are ready to work together for the benefit of the community we all call home.There are others, a small vocal minority, that still don’t get that their vitriol and manipulation of the process is polarizing and divisive. They are still in denial that it is such negativity that turned off most voters. They still insist on the same behavior that is counterproductive to the interests of all in Humboldt County. Many of the former political heavyweights who thought they were untouchable are now politically irrelevant.

I am an independent. Extremes in either party are not worth my time. Despite my beliefs, I enjoy respectful discourse with people who have different views than me and I support dialogue that includes all voices. Locally, conservative and moderate voices are rarely heard.

Are the elite few among the “progressives” in touch with the average citizen and their concerns?

Local Solutions and Democracy Unlimited were once thought of as being powerful in local politics. In the 2010 election, Local Solutions provided campaign data and consulting to several candidates including Pat Higgins, Patrick Cleary, Bonnie Neely. Almost every candidate who hired Local Solutions lost their race.

Democracy Unlimited got Measure T on the ballot and passed before a judge threw it out as unconstitutional. When former Supervisor Bonnie Neely took $10,000 from an Orange County real estate developer’s corporation, did the bastions of “no corporate money from outside Humboldt County in local elections” publicly chastise the former supervisor? No — they endorsed her. If you talk the talk, you better walk the walk. It is this kind of double-speak that no longer works.

Someone once claimed that no candidate ever lost a local election with the endorsement of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC). Peter LaVallee has lost three elections in 10 years. Ron Kuhnel has lost the last two elections in a row. Larry Glass, Patrick Cleary and Bonnie Neely lost.

Since Home Depot was rumored coming to Eureka, Bill Pierson stepped up his political donations to the radical “no growth” candidates, giving over $100,000 the past five years to far-left candidates. I don’t know about you, but I have to compete in my field. Competition makes us better. Despite all the money, the candidates that Bill Pierson supported lost.

Voters like me are turned off by the hate and disrespect among the local progressive elite. They are not open to moderate voices that can work with all factions of the community. During the elections, I attended endorsement meetings where these elite fawned over their chosen candidates and rebuffed others. Even after the elections, they chose to ignore the outreach by the newly-elected officials. When the agenda of radicals is defeated, they chose to name call and personally attack elected officials and their families and supporters. I still see these divisive tactics now at public meetings where leaders prey on the genuine causes of community activists in the name of the greater good. Claiming to represent the people, it is these extremist policies and support of far-left candidates that has contributed to unreasonable dependency on government in this area, worsened the struggle of the poor and the working class in this area, and continues to contribute to the crime and blight in this area.

Change in this community is not going to happen until people get involved and all views are heard. For that to happen, people need to feel welcome and safe to voice their varying political and personal beliefs in the media, in local political organizations and at public meetings.

John Chiv resides in Eureka. 

For fun, check out some of the comments from the Times-Standard online.


22 Responses

  1. What’s with the comment by the prog who hates on trannies? Kathy Srabian, whoever the hell you are, good job living your values in the face of adversity. You’re an inspiration to us all. Asshat.

  2. I don’t think “Kathy” hated on “John.” “She” merely challenged “his” life decisions and undermined “his” identity. What’s wrong with that?

    What a bitch.

  3. Don’t you know progs are for justice and tolerance unless someone disagrees with them. Then they eat their own. I mean hate so bad it is inconceivable I have known John for many years and feel privileged to have a friend that is so strong compassionate and committed.

  4. Welcome John and a great take on local politics. Take a swing at Baykeeper next time too.

  5. Well said, John, well said. I couldn’t agree more.

  6. My word gets published; I get the Bugs seal of approval and the proggies hate me. Christmas, birthday and a New Year present all in one day.Thanks all for the support.

  7. LOL

  8. This morning I saw my reflection in the Mirror. I do want to apologize to John and yes, the entire trans-gender community for being unthinking, and unkind. I used quotes around his name thinking I was duplicating the quotes around the word progressive. I was very wrong. There is no defense for my use of quotes in that manner.
    I do not like bullies or mean spirited people and yet I most definitely behaved like one. I was unthinking in the true effects of my communication. My choices were hurtful. Again I apologize for my lack of sensitivity.
    I am thankful to the Mirror for bringing this to my attention in a way that no other mode could have.

  9. There isn’t much that passes for sincerity in political discourse these days, which makes Kathy’s comment, above, stand in stark relief. If that’s not a sincere apology, we don’t know what is. We can’t accept it–her previous remarks were aimed at John Chiv, not us–but we can and should honor the spirit in which it was offered and stop the public flogging.

    Now let’s go Packers!

  10. Steelers Bro, Steelers.

  11. Hey I think it’s great what Kathy Scabian said because what it does is proves Johns points completely.
    I used to consider myself a progressive until all of these loony bin types have taken over the term. Just look at the local Dem. Central Com. For the longest time they have been overrun by cobbs/bell hop’s left of left greens. The party of NO!.They are Mean and ruthless if anyone dare disagree w/ them.
    I was really really happy to see someone finally point out so thoroughly, what these out of touch “progressives” are really all about. Thank you John! Keep it up.

  12. Cobb went back to Texas now that he was overthrown by his girlfriend bell hop for shane brinton. As far as our local Dem committee, there are starting to be more reasonable and common sense Dems there and I hope that trend continues.

  13. Let’s not forget that for the past ten years the Times Standard editorial board has invited all political candidates in for a sit down, one-on-one chat, where they could expand upon their views.

    The Times Standard editorial board did this during the June 2010 primaries, but for the November general election they chose to have a closed door endorsement process with only three people composing their editorial board – the publisher, editor and city editor.

    Without even the courtesy of communicating to the various candidates, the Times Standard editorial board made their endorsements based on the KEET-TV forums (not debates), their own reporters’ stories and letters to the editors.

    Many supporters called and emailed to say the Times Standard was ignoring their letters-to-the-editor and printing the opposition candidate’s letters.

    All the Humboldt County Supervisors and Eureka City Council candidates the Times Standard editorial board endorsed lost their race.

    The mainstream voters feel the Times Standard has become politically irrelevant.

  14. Go Aaron Rodgers (who spent four years of his childhood in Ukiah)!

  15. Kathy, I did respond to your apology in the Times-Standard comment section. I accept it in the sincere spirit you offered.

    Thank you Anon @ 9:19.

  16. Steelers suck. Go Green Bay!

  17. Oh, right it’s time for the “stupor bowl”. The boys are coming to swill beer and eat snacks while the women keep the children safe from seeing their beloved male relatives fart and yell obscenities at a TV screen.

    Sigh, another family get together. Can’t wait. ;-D

    On topic, the My word is pretty much right on target. Just remember the West Side is also part of that conversation. Even though they are perceived as progressive they also pay taxes, so “us” includes the whole, not bits and pieces of the community as in “all views need to be heard for change to happen”.

    Bravo, John!

  18. Barb gal. I intend to watch the SB fart and yell obscenities at my TV screen. Monday thru Friday I am the savy businesswoman. But not on Monday nights or playoffs. Try letting your hair down Barb and pass a little gas. Live girlfriend!

  19. Coin toss. Green Bay wins the toss. Let the farting and obscenities begin.

  20. Can you believe that the progs are attacking John through the only one left in Eureka. Atkins will not be around next term.

  21. No CTD they are now attacking john in more ways. More to follow. But they are regressive fucktards.

  22. Anyone see the lame letter attacking Chiv written by the old political reject transplant from Santa Barbara (then Fort Bragg) Winfield A Shoemaker. Accused Chiv of being a sore winner. Now that truly is the prog mindset. This guy needs to go back to Santa Barbara and spew this crap. He also made Chiv’s point quite well.

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