Fat Guys reunion increasingly unlikely

James Bryant Faulk

Even we recognize that the humor curve on heroin addiction is a bit flat, but it’s worth noting anyway that the former Times-Standard web editor and newswriter is once again a newsmaker–and not in a good way.

James Faulk, 35, has reportedly been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Who ever thought Chris Durant would end up looking like the successful half of that duo?


43 Responses

  1. If they do get back together again, maybe they can do Fat Guys on Jail Food. I haven’t seen that done before.

  2. Just cut to the chase, Girlie. They can do Fat Guys on Drugs. They’re both experts and together accounted for over 12,000 uses of large, green marijuana leaves on the cover of the Times-Standard.

    How does Faulk’s latest arrest come as a surprise to anyone?

  3. Chris Durant will never look like the successful half of anything.

  4. Addiction’s a bitch

  5. We all should try to be positive and hope the best for James, even though he was one of the most vitriolic editorializers at the T-S when he was apparently still able to keep his drug addiction in check.

    Good luck James. Rock bottom isn’t too far away.

  6. Bonnie Neely is really going to have to pull some major strings to get Faulk out of this mess.

  7. Swing looooow , sweet chariot…..

  8. You people should all rot in hell. James doesn’t need people to attack him with such hatred right now. He needs caring and support while he navigates through this dark chapter in his life. Have some compassion you spineless jerks. He is, still, a person with feelings.

  9. Who, James? A person? Clearly you never met the arrogant jerk. This here is not hatred. It’s karma, pure and simple.

  10. Whenever I saw him at events as a reporter, he looked and dressed like a massive slob. I wondered why anybody would employ him, let alone trust him to report news about important community events. Now we see the real James. Yikes!

  11. His meteoric downslide is almost certainly attributable to those nights keeping warm by burning railroad ties and plastic while reporting undercover as a homeless person. He should retroactively be eligible for a Pulitzer for risking his life and health for such a compelling story hanging out with bums and trespassing on the Balloon Tract property.


  12. Don’t you have to be successful to have a “meteoric downslide?”

  13. Lets play a game. Its called rank the journalists. Pick your order.

    James Faulk= drug addict/drunk

    Chris Durant= savage whatever

    Andrew Bird= prog pimp

    All of a sudden old Hank don’t look so bad

  14. Those of you who do care about James – I doubt there is anything you can do but the path he is on is not going to end well. I don’t know if this is a new incident or that they’ve just gotten around to reporting one that happened some months ago – but, are you going to let it get to the point where either he kills someone (driving when he shouldn’t, way past fucked up) – himself or some innocent person. James, if you are reading – you know. You got lucky this last time, but you still put them through a lot of grief. You don’t have to go down this shit hole, snap out of it. There is no excuse. None.

  15. Rose, it’s a fine line between tough love and no love at all, and I’m having a tough time telling which side of it you’re on.

  16. I disagree with Anon 12:12 p.m. that everyone here should rot in hell. But I agree that James Faulk needs understanding and support from his friends. And even from those who may not consider him a friend but who understand the helplessness of addiction.

  17. “Understanding” what? Isn’t “understanding” what has put him where he is?

    He’s human. As a human he has the power to CHOOSE. He is choosing to destroy himself. He is pissing away the most wonderful of gifts, and making himself less than human, subhuman, the opposite of the nobility that man is capable of. His choice.

    Trouble is, when he is driving without knowing where he is, and is unaware that stop signs even exist, trouble will come. Then it isn’t just his problem anymore. Tough love? He doesn’t love himself. And he sure doesn’t care about all the people he is hurting – and may really end up killing.

    I’m all sympathied out for people who have chosen to champion the druggie way of life for this county. It’s like sick karma, sad to say – what has happened to him. And many of his friends are enablers. Not just to him but to many more like him in this county. You’ve made your choices too.

  18. “milk-blood to keep from running out” – Neil Young

  19. I used to show up to all of the same public meetings, events and random stuff as James for most of my time as a reporter. I always enjoyed the friendly competition between The Reporter and the T-S, but seeing him slip like this makes me sad. James, snap out of it and get on firmer ground. You’re making some bad choices and you don’t have to. It’ll get better man. I know it’s easier said than done, but just steer yourself out of this. Good luck!

  20. AB wrote, But I agree that James Faulk needs understanding and support from his friends..

    At the very least, I don’t believe in kicking a man when he’s down, except maybe Jason Singleton.

  21. James didn’t demonstrate much humanity tearing down people in the TS or the blogs. He has been very mean and hateful. Those that were targeted by his callousness abd nastiness are probably finding it difficult to think this is anything but just desserts. Sorry folks but I can’t find much to be sorry for him about. His choices suck but they are his choices. I always thought he was either HH or part of the crew on HH. Not much compassion over there when you are not liked.

  22. Okay, we get it, y’all were bitter rivals back during the Eureka newspaper wars, and you guys eventually folded. T-S wins. In the long run, did the fat guys come out on top? Apparently not. But I wouldn’t hold your head too high. You folded first after all.

  23. I have to agree with anon 7:26 a.m., Faulk was out in front in the pointing fingers games. And it was all too obvious that he was spoonfed info from Bonnie Neely during her reign as supervisor. When nobody else would get a return call from Neely, James mysteriously always had some quotes from the Bon Bon.

  24. I believe no one won when the Reporter went down. Competition is good in almost all areas. Info quality went down the tube at all levels since Reporter folded.

    Look at the trash from Atkins that they published in the My Word or the last one from Richard Colburn. Out and out progressive fluff. If you look at the sentence structure and phasing you will notice, Linds’s was probably written with the help of Richard Salzman.

    James with HH, possible. He has in the past been pretty mean to folks he did not like. I see him more as plain jane.

  25. Chris Durant seems to be making a good go of his new magazine, or so this interview would suggest.

  26. Ha Ha Ha. This is funny as shit. Chris for gods sake, your heart is about ready to burst.

    One douche journalist promoting another. How low can you go.

  27. Are you fucking kidding me? Look at Faulk. Would you trust him around your children? Who would hire him to report news, let alone be city editor?

  28. Yeah, Connect the Dots, I agree the T-S has allowed a lot of lame and untruthful My Word’s lately. Consider the recent rant by pot-grower Estelle Fennel and TPZ landowner Lee Ulansey – what a bunch of – politely put – hooey!

    I hope the new NCJ editor will be more objective in his coverage of these issues then the T-S!

  29. http://www.savagehenrymagazine.com/2011-02-09/dedicated-all-you-assholes-commenting-those-old-tired-blogs

  30. Fat Boy. Is that your IQ or the length of your dick, dipshit. You just lost some ad dollars. Ha, Ha, Ha. Bye.

    Anon, actually both of those My Words were pretty spot on. By real people who make a difference in Humboldt. Not prog shits trying to defend their fucked up views of reality.

  31. Durant just hit a new high on his site; 12 daily visitors. He’s not too far behind Faulk when it comes to “Where are they now” ex-TS reporters.

  32. Chris. Honestly. It is NOT editor-ly to respond.

  33. James Faulk and Chris Durant are both friends of mine. Who are you?

  34. figures you would be friends – you three are all delusional losers.

  35. Sorry chad, knowing who I am would not help you out. I don’t do that shit, have to go somewhere else to connect those dots.

  36. Well, Chris, you have people talking – and just so you know, this is what the reaction is: you have a publication that, at least implicitly if not in fact, skewers people as part of that cutting edge thing. I’m just telling you – that’s how it is perceived. So people are mystified at your reaction here where no one has really said anything all that bad about you. It comes out as you can dish it out but not take it.

    I say I am just telling you that that is the perception because I haven’t read your publication except for a few attempts online.

    But regardless, as an editor, you have to be unassailable. You have to be the rock. You have to be the wall. Let people throw themselves at the wall, you must remain unmoved.

    To do what you just did here, albeit in good fun, I hope, is let people know that they got to you, and that will bring with it its own special curse.

    I don’t know why all the news guys are melting down – but for crying out loud if you are going to really truly want to attract advertisers, this is NOT the way to do it. Real solid businesses and advertisers are not going to want to be associated with a “fuck you.”

  37. Alcoholics Anonymous is a community of people dedicated to serving the alcoholic who still suffers. There are many local meetings daily. http://www.aa.org

  38. The My Word by yougofree.com was the one that really made me laugh. That loser fuck has to lower himself to the bottom of the pond to try and drum up some business.

    He never complained or did anything about those search warrants when he was getting paid $80 grand or more as a DDA.

  39. And really Chris, attracting legitimate business dollars will require that you look a bit more presentable. I mean, the disheveled and un-kept logger beard look is awesome for the Arcata Plaza, but not for more middle of the road folks. But I guess you make enough advertising money from grow shops that you can keep putting out that amateurish and unfunny drivel.

    Between you and Faulk, I’d have to say the strung out junkie Faulk looks more professional and successful than you. But none of what I say matters because I know you “don’t really read” these blogs.

    Good luck with your crappy ‘zine. What will you do when it’s over?

  40. You don’t get what’s funny about Savage Henry. We love the amateurish and lame comedy, ’cause it’s all about the independent humor that we like. It doesn’t have to be funny.

  41. Yeah. Good thing.

  42. I think we’re reaching a new low here guys.

  43. Becuz I’ve got an ax embedded int nervous system. :O) it’s a clown. :O)

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