Peace, love and cognitive dissonance

After Highway 101 is realigned, environmentalists will be able to drive tanks like this one straight through Richardson Grove.


A bunch of peace-loving activists picked a fight with the EPD yesterday while protesting the widening of Highway 101 through Richardson Grove.

Maybe it was the militaristic symbolism on their protest poster, pictured here, that caused the dust-up.

Oh well. Consider this just another example of our friends the “progressives” living their high-minded values.

So inspiring!!


26 Responses

  1. Classic prog stupidity. Resist imbecility is right, although someone might have to tell the imbeciles what that means.

  2. Classic Salzman. Look for a law suit.

  3. you know that the locals all split the scene as soon as EPD showed up! What was left are the career activists from out of town (Berkeley , of course!) They probably could not even locate Richarson’s Grove on a map, but they are all about the protest. Wonder how much this will cost the local progs to clean up?

    I must say the man from Cal-Trans came across as intelligent, rational and factual. All atributes that the progs seem to lack. One would think that all that money they claim or sue for might buy them some educated representatives to be featured in the media fighting with the local constubulary.

  4. I hope Ken Miller put his money where his mouth is and went to jail for the cause. He and Salzman, if they believe so passionately, should be willing to go to the mat. NO?

  5. DR>MILLER is far too busy attending to the myriad medical needs of those lucky individuals who are part of the charmed kingdom, otherwise known as his practice to actually get ‘in the mix’ and actively support the cause. He and Tricky Dicky are obviously the administrative end of things!

  6. Dr. Miller does not see patients anymore to anyone’s knowledge. He did however give the Arcata folks a sendoff message.

    If you study the whole project and then look at the claims from Epic and the prog machine you will see this protest is total bullshit. they are flat out lying.

    Richard is just a dick. Pardon me, an arrogant piece of shit.

  7. No richard is dickless and ball-less. He just is a scheming and conniving drunk who hates women and animals. But he’s good at manipulating and an even better liar. Maybe why that’s why Neely glass and Gallegos like him so much.

    Now back to the subject of the post. What a bunch of idiots.

  8. So Jeff Muskrat could not convince us to oppose the project with a bunch crap he made up therefore he went to the next best thing: lock his neck to a hand rail with a bike lock. This is pure narcissism.

  9. They should have left Jeff Muskshitforbrains locked to that hand rail (of course take the key). “See you in the morning dumb-shit, have fun pissing yourself,….

  10. Amen, brian. let ’em stay locked up. Put away the cameras, close the door and walk away.

    Seriously, the Ken Miller clowns have jumped the shark. this ain’t Palco, even though they’re jonesing for it, the glory days are gone, locking themselves up is silly and contrived.

    People are laughing.

  11. Poor Salzman. What will he do with nothing to fight?

  12. Get drunk, punch holes in the wall, kick the poor dog and lie about his enemies. He does those 4 things well.

  13. Oh my forgot about a 5th one; bilke mmore money from the unsuspected on the internet with his bogus organizations.

  14. Check out the picture posted NCJ Blogthing – zoom into the center, what does one see?
    Yep. Rabble Rousing Dicky and his ever present hat.

  15. Web of Lies Dicky. A Poser and a Loser.

  16. Actually “he’s a poser, a loser, a liar and a boozer”. Sing that with the old steve miller tune “the joker” folks.

    Oh, my bad.

  17. Yikes. The lunatics on the NCJ and HH blog are reporting that people were tased. I would believe drug dragged but tased by EPD? High minded imbeciles. That’s literal not just figurative.

  18. So, I take it Miller and Salzman managed to get some more unsuspecting true-believer dupes to take the fall and stage the next money-making drama – they’re once again NOT the ones getting jailed for their sterling ideals….

    Poor dumb, stupid puppets.

  19. hey, this protest was taken over by the BATSHIT copwatch shrillers……need we know more????
    They also brought in people from outside of our area from Berlkely……
    I was originally against the widening but these so called “progressives” from copwatch made me change my position

  20. Mow all of them down. We have lots of parks. Just widen the damn thing. Its mot like anyone is clearcutting old grove. They are clearing scrub tan oaks making the road wider for bikes, peds and trucks. Reducing deaths and increasing bike access. I am all for it. Let the imbeciles get stoned and remain irrelevant. .

  21. The stop the road project folks are really pulling out all stops on this one and are only getting the fringe types to go along with the wild claims. Very few people, even the liberal ones, support this over the top effort to place such significant meaning on such a minor project. Makes one think of what their real motives are. Since the demonstration at the CalTrans office did not gain any traction, what are they going to do next? Chain themseleves to the trees at the park?

  22. Oh God, don’t give them ideas. And if they do it, put up a few traffic cones and turn on your heels and walk away and leave them there chained up. NO cameras, no waste of our law enforcement time and resources, no hoopla, no 15 minutes of fame.

    Richard Salzman and Ken Miller’s days of getting poor little idiots to act up for them need to come to an end.

    And if you are one of those idiots, and you happen to be reading this thread – ask yourself – why don’t those two put themselves on the frontline? Why aren’t they the ones getting arrested? And what are they getting out of this deal? You know you’re not getting anything – but what are they getting?

  23. I have to give the local media a D- on the coverage of this event. Way to sensationalistic. Ryan Burns, please leave that sorta stuff to Thad, could you?

  24. I can’t seem to post pics in the comments here (some WordPress blogs you can) – but it’s worth revisiting anon.r.mous’ post on what is and what isn’t real in this whole discussion about the length of the trucks and the whole chicken-little-the-sky-is-falling BS… so here’s a link: (Anon.r is gone, but I saved the posts)

    As you can see above, the ENORMOUS interstate highway sized trucks really aren’t that much larger than the trucks that can currently get into Humboldt County. It’s just the room for the sleeper. The Volvo VNL 300 (above) has a wheelbase of approx 166″ and the VNL 670 (below) has one of approx 221″. You can order them longer or shorter. We already allow large STAA style trucks into Humboldt County, and have for years. Some of the longest trucks on the roads are moving vans, which are allowed, and have been allowed on 101 for years. So far, the chaos that the special interest groups such as Paul Cienfuegos and Richard Salzman support has failed to happen

    Also, even though the size is under ’65 feet, the truck in the first picture is not legal to drive in California, the tandems are not set for California’s ’40 bridge law, but would fit under California Legal Only law. Let’s stop pussy-footing around the subject that the lies that the no-growthers are spreading. And let’s not even cover the lies about emissions or fuel mileage that they are spreading.

    Word of the day: OFFTRACKING
    Richardson’s Groves low-speed causes more offtracking problems, one because of it’s tight corners, and two, it’s low speed. What it means it the corners need to be wider, and gentler so you don’t have people sharing the same lane. You ever see the sign on the back of the trailers that say “Wide Right Turns?” That’s offtracking.

    Read up.

  25. The protesters should wear T shirts saying “trucks with goods threaten our pot”. That would be more accurate.

    Hey did anyone read the last study on nat’l news saying pot increases male sexual dysfunction. When your too stoned I guess you don’t give a damn if you can’t get it up.

  26. Typical bunch of dirty filthy maggot infested long hair little new age gaia worshipping wackos who must realy beleive this Gaia nonsense of that JAMES LOVELOCK wacko

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