Patriot games

"Give me liberty, or give me six figures and a fat pension plan. I think we both know which I'd prefer."

The Redwood Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union pulled out all the stops recently when members presented our good friend Bonnie Neely with the annual Patriot Award, the chapter’s highest honor. It was given, according to a blurb in the Times-Standard, “in recognition of her contributions to civil liberties during her 24 years of public service.”

These contributions were so notable that none were mentioned. Maybe stopping just shy of waterboarding her staff is good enough to walk away with this one. Regardless, receiving this prestigious award and identifying just one business or organization she hasn’t screwed over in the past 24 years should be enough to land her a job.

One down, one to go, Bon Bon. Good luck with that.

27 Responses

  1. Does this Bonnie Neely stuff ever get old for you?

  2. Actually, no.

  3. Ha ha me neither. Just thought I’d ask.

  4. Roll your mouse over the photo. Yankee Doodle Dumbass? That’s classic.

  5. Her reign of terror is over thank god. She humiliated staff! Treated staff like shit! Terrorized and acted like a dictator for years. The ACLU gives this trash an award? A mean nasty conniving witch who lied and cheated in order to remain in power for 24 years? OMFG.

    Just out this morning over on the comments on another blog. The state decertified the housing element. It was given conditional approval which is now nixed. Word is that Girard has thrown the Bon Bon under the bus in the hopes to keep his bloated 6 figure job. Good luck with that Kirk.

  6. Anonymous, do you have a link? This is important.

  7. Clendenan, Lovelace, Hoffweber, and Girard are the architects of the County Housing Element. What did Bon have to do with it?

  8. You forgot Jimmy Smith. He is in the middle of it and voted for it too. He has also done NOTHING to stop the massive Forster Gill sprawl and lowincome development in HIS district.

  9. Lovelace is the person to watch now, his movement is ever so sly.

  10. Tommyboy: Lovelace and Clendenen have been in office–how long? The GPU has been dragging on for–how long? And Neely has worked in cahoots with Girard and Hoffweber for–how long?

    Consider the possibility that you don’t have the first idea what you’re talking about.

  11. There were just sooooo many to choose from that they couldn’t pick just one 🙂

  12. I’d consider reading my post again…for a clue

  13. Awww common, lets just ingnor this old bag. There is much more to talk about out there.

  14. The old bag is maneuvering to get an appointed position and/or elected one. Never leave the ol bag alone. She’s counting on it.

  15. Chatter says the Housing Element is going to be bounced again by the State.

    Girard doesn’t have BonBon’s protection any longer – 2 new supes, Jimmy tired of the excuses, Clif’s head bobbling about and Marky Mark with zero allegiance to what is obviously an anchor weight. And primary elections just 18 months away. Speculation abounds.

  16. Iust can’t let the old girl rest?

  17. Never. She would have to leave the county and disappear for that to happen. As long as there is a chance she will rear her lying corrupt manipulative head I will be around reading posts and responding.

  18. The Housing Element did get decertified, somthing about low-income…..well, the Magic Midget loves to blather about inclusive housing, you know “pack em into a small space.” Looks like it’s time to put his money/time/effort where his mouth his.

  19. Hey Bugs, as one of the profession and behalf of a few others: Bon-Bon as a nurse? Never, ever, ever, you have to have at least a faint, fleeting notion of compassion to survive in this line of work.

    She would be the one nurse on the planet who felt comfortable administering a lethal injection!

  20. Josephine, we didn’t mean to insult the fine women and men nurses who are the backbone of our health care system. We were just playing off the news by HSU to cut the Nursing Program. So sad for the North Coast. If you will, please imagine Nurse Jackass as the HSU administration who is providing lethal injection to that fine department.

  21. Graphics Dept. as long as that needle goes into Richmonds ass I am just fine with it….it is very sad about the program. I am long-time friends with some of the faculty and that are a professional, intelligent, dedicated group of individuals who got the shaft from an administration that appears to have majored in Dick-Head 101

  22. Totally agree Josephine, except on one point: I think Dick-Head is only offered at the 300 level. That’s an advanced course that takes some serious studying and learning.

  23. F me josephine. You forgot about Nurse Ratchet. Ya know from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Its the Bon Bon as a nurse!

  24. With all the dick head posts here it’s clear that you all must have advanced degrees in the subject. I just love walking down the street and seeing all of you in those silly hats that can’t possibly hide your engorged manhood.

  25. You mean because it’s so big? Thanks!

  26. hi ,Clendenan, Lovelace, Hoffweber, and Girard are the architects of the County Housing Element. What did Bon have to do with it?see

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