Times-Standard lets people spend money to look unimaginative in print

We know it would seem like C is the logical choice--honest, direct, sincere--but guys, trust us on this one. Save that extra dollar and choose something stupid instead.


21 Responses

  1. Hey! You forgot the condom and the KY, lets be safe and well lubricated for V-Day!

  2. The T-S will do anything for a dollar these days, huh?

  3. The trick to winning in these pay-by-the-word things is to use BIG words. Really big words. Plus, chicks like guys with a huge vocabulary.

  4. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a good cock-and-balls.

  5. It would be difficult to be more unimaginative than the Times-Standard.

  6. What’s the proper way to spell bwahahahahah?

  7. Close enough.

  8. Hysterical! But then name one crap advert that would not be improved by a $6 cock and balls.

  9. What?….. No ‘V’….that’s not fair.

  10. As much as I hate you guys, this really is funny. I sent the link to about 20 people and they all peed themselves.

  11. So awesome. Thanks for making my day.

  12. The best part, though, is to race out and get the paper to read all the Love Lines.

    Maybe this Times-Standard fundraiser will work after all.

  13. This isn’t funny, it’s sad. There are people out there that will fall for this crap.

  14. Wow!
    Only 6 dollars for a red neck 4X4 pickup truck accessory.

  15. Actually its a progressive teething ring. the longer you use it , the proggier you get.

  16. Now that’s funny CTD. Hey Tom. CTD bested you.

  17. CTD knows a thing or two about cocks

    Takes years of training to master his skillset

  18. Well I am thinking maybe Sebourne is an expert about cocks since his BFFs are cockwads who hate reasonable folks. Where is cock sucker supreme Plain Jane? Guess she can only dislodge the dick on HH or SoHum. Hmmmmmm

  19. That’s the exact thing your mama said anon asswipe. Tom is just silly, no reason to pick on him. Read his blog, he has no critical thinking ability. Lives in fantasy land with all kinds of strange creatures. Progs, commies, dragons, etc.

  20. Well, I like Tom.

  21. I am not feeling the love here today.

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