How do you figure?

Am I the only one who wonders what was happening in the moments immediately preceding "Hey I know! Let's Google it!"?

WordPress comes equipped with all sorts of helpful information as part of its blog hosting service. We especially like the list of search terms it provides that show which words and phrases people typed into their computer to land at the Humboldt Mirror. Really? Light testicle spanking?

24 Responses

  1. It’s interesting enough that one person found their way to the Mirror in a “light testicle spanking” Google search. But that two people were searching for testicle spanking is just plain wrong.

  2. Although I don’t know exactly what to say about the testicle spanking, or even how you could land at the Mirror by way of testicle spanking, it’s hilarious and awesome that 219 people found their way here on that particular day by typing in Bonnie Neely. What a legacy she has. Wow, the power of the Internet. You go girl! LOL

  3. You guys crack me up. I’m lifting a PBR to you right now. Cheers!

  4. Wow, only one search for Barb and Jeff? That’s sad.

  5. So Faulk is 3.5 times more popular than being lightly spanked on the nads. Just shows he’s not quite as down and out as earlier reports have indicated.

  6. That oughtta boost traffic LOL

  7. My bad. I googled it and the mirror came up 1st and 3rd on the list. But not on bing or yahoo.

  8. Yay for Google.

  9. Anyone notice Linda Atkins naysay adding more retail space in Eureka before going along with a unanimous vote by the Eureka City Council to adopt formally the Measure N Marina Center project?

    Classic Adkins. I am not for this, but the voters spoke, so I am for this. But I am really not for this. So I am voting for it. Way to hold your ground Linda. It must be really lonely up there.

  10. Adkins is irrelevant. She hasn’t done squat and doesn’t stand for squat. Hoefully with the new composition on the council we can turn the City around.

  11. Hilarious!

  12. Thank you wordpress. And FU wordpress and the mirror. You are responsible for my IT bill after I blew my coffee all over my damn keyboard. Do you know how much that just cost me?

  13. What we do is a serious form of sexual expression. That you sick and twisted perverts can hijack an act of love for your own juvenile entertainment is disgusting.

  14. I think a class-action lawsuit is in order for this post. I also spit my mochaccino all over my computer. Damn you bugs!

  15. Mochachino. That’s too elitist for me. Hail to the cup of black coffee.

  16. Spank me mama! Hey Plain jane weigh in and bite my c@ck.

  17. Ok maybe that was over the top Jane. Just bite me babe and weigh in yo culture wh@re.


  18. Hank Sims? Really? He’s not THAT popular.

  19. This looks like it’s from last week when Hank was having all of his drama.

  20. I am guessing the Graphics Dept. is at least a week behind on the search engine graphic. But I’ll give ’em props for the Mark and Kirk vs. Watson gag. Too funny. I bet Watson could not only solve our nation’s budget problem within a few seconds, but could also resolve our local housing and development issues.

    Maybe Watson could chat with Kirk for a few minutes and give him some tips.

  21. Watson won Jeopardy. That’s sorta creepy.

  22. sometimes I can’t help myself and I have to lower my standards and respond – in frustration, disgust, embarassment and exhaustion – to the uninformed, self rightious bs bloggers try to pass off as intelligent, educated exchanges of information. Get informed for real or accept that you are seen by most as the oxymoron rejects of “Fox News”

  23. heraldo is an oxymoron reject of FOX????

    Who knew!!!

  24. Elitist, effete snobs calling everyone they disagree with dumb and uneducated? Gosh–who saw that coming?

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