Governor gives Lovelace new opportunity to be obsequious little prick, emphasis on “little” (and “prick”)

The man who would be king

The land of second chances lived up to its reputation for one diminutive supervisor yesterday when Governor Brown reversed the recent appointment of Ken Zanzi to the California Coastal Commission.

All that remains to be seen now is how many people and processes Mark Lovelace will gleefully trample to get his own hyper-ambitious self appointed to fill the seat.

Let the games begin!

58 Responses

  1. One can’t help but be impressed by the level of dialogue this site maintains.

  2. I know, right?

  3. I think the Bugs are aiming for something beyond “mildly objectionable” Kevin. But they make me laugh out loud and they almost always nail the issues for what they are.

    Lovelace as Napoleon couldn’t be a more appropriate comparison. As for his dick size? Well, I’ll leave that up to his wife to deal with. Or not deal with, depending on the way the cookie crumbles.

  4. The appointment process is saddening and I hope someone as extremely left as Mark doesn’t wiggle his way into the seat. Come on Jerry, please pick someone who is slightly moderate please!!!

  5. I think some pressure was applied. Let’s just say I know some people who weren’t surprised by this (I totally was).
    I got the impression some political maneuvering took place to get rid of Zanzi and get someone more “democratic” (the political kind, not the generic kind) in the seat.
    Not positive about this, but I think Frank is out of luck.

  6. Let’s hope that Brown was displeased with the process that saw Arnold appoint people on the way out and not that he wants someone more liberal like Mark.

    I think there is a chance that Brown will end up picking someone everyone would agree is a good commissioner. I really like Wheatley, but don’t count out Bass just yet.

  7. Well, here we go again. Moonbeam living up to his reputation, Marky-poo with yet another opportunity to completely ignore the needs of his district as he furthers the agenda of his Prog Masters.

    Sadly, I am not surprised at the rude dismissal of Mr. Zanzi. He was a moderate, thoughtful individual and we just cannot have that on the Coastal Commission! Plus, it is entirely possible that he would not accept bribes which definitely disqualifies him for the seat.

  8. Yeah Josephine, I hear you. If Zanzi accepted a $10k “campaign donation” from a SoCal developer, the progs would blow a gasket or two. But somehow, I doubt Ken would lower himself that far.

  9. Wheetly has the resume, and is a much better people person than Loveless.

  10. Does anyone have the address to the
    appointing secretary to Jerry Brown ? I want
    to send them an anti lovelace letter.

  11. I know and respect Mark. All I know about you Mr. Humboldt Mirror is that you hide your identity while attacking others.

    That is cowardice.

    Man up or shut up.

  12. Whee!! Love the irony, anonymous friend. Keep it!

  13. Hey Chris Holmquist at 3:00 PM, did the short bus miss your stop this morning?

  14. Whatcha’ going to do about it Rob?

  15. what is the appointing secretary’s address?

  16. Douchewaffle, are you at familiar with Google? If you’re so damn interested in the address, look it up. If you think everyone else should be interested, post it. But how ’bout doing something useful rather than just repeating yourself all day.

  17. I love Josephine, and Humbug too.

  18. The Humboldt Herald said this might happen.

  19. The Humboldt Herald is in need of a graphic designer for their new banner!!! Get the GD on it!

    What a scream!

  20. Oh, and Sebourn. The Herald doesn’t know shit. If you’d use your brain once in a while instead of parroting, you’d know that.

  21. I find my mother attractive

  22. Funny enough … I do!

  23. Nobody, fuck off! I know Marky poo and deal with him often. He is a prick, period. He is a tool, a very crafty one. Man up, real tough anon. Get a life.

  24. I, too, like and respect Mark Lovelace and believe he would make a fine member of the Coastal Commission representing the North Coast. I know most of you don’t agree. But what the people of Humboldt want or don’t want doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in the grander scheme of Jerry Brown’s California. The North Coast consists of more than one county and there are electeds in those other counties also seeking this appointment.

  25. Is it not interesting that the local Democratic spokesman is always here to defend Mark poo. The sad day is when they no longer have a use for you bird. Wait a minute, did I hear that John is leaving the TS to go to work for Thomson. Watch your back bird, remember what happened to wooley. Must be hard as hell to get out of bed and do your job.

  26. You have your straw man. You have won the elections. Now show us the jobs. Is there a local election that wasn’t won by followers of the Humbug other than DA? Rose has that covered so show us the prosperity and jobs and loose the attacks on Mark Lovelace. How can one man be so effective that he turns a blog full of winners into a blog of whiners? Weak.

    Marks one vote doesn’t really amount to much in the big scheme of things.
    On the one hand Josephine Blow feels that if he were appointed to the CC, he wouldn’t be focused on his job as a Supervisor. On the other hand, isn’t that what you guys are trying to achieve?

  27. What “we” are trying to achieve is to have someone at the CCC that is more moderate. I don’t think you realize how far left Mark is Tom. LEFT. FAR LEFT.

  28. Tom. You need professional help.

  29. Lovelace is not a bad guy, but the biggest disasters are always caused by people with good intentions and wrongheaded ideas. He believes the government knows best and will squeeze the life from us in an effort to save us from ourselves.

  30. Perhaps this is a bit off topic, but what’s with the ultra gay top image? Are you guys coming out or something?

  31. Humbug, can I please smell your mother’s underpants?

    Pretty please?

  32. Love the new banner! Makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

  33. So this has to be a joke, right? Making fun of the new, slightly-less gay Heraldo banner, right?

  34. Of course it’s a joke making fun of Heraldo dumbass. What else could it be?

  35. Fucking hysterical, for starters.

  36. We left for pizza and beers and came back to this super gay shit. I think the Bugs outsourced this banner work to Perez Hilton’s graphic designer boyfriend. Well, that’s the best we can figure.

  37. The dancing panda is gay genius.

  38. You outdid yourselves this time. The banner is comic genius.

    Tom, your in denial. The left has been in charge here since the early 70’s. The state is still full of the sickness. A few local elections went to the good guys and you whine that it all has not been changed in 7 weeks.
    You all are still giving Obama a break after two years and we are still in the shitter go down faster. I know its Bush’s fault.

  39. Hate your politics, love your sense of humor (well, not all of it.) But this banner is funny!

  40. I never knew Pandas could be so gay. Wow.

  41. Everyone knows that pandas often tend gay, which is why they are going extinct more rapidly than strictly heterosexual animals like cats and dogs. National Geographic has done countless stories and documentaries on the subject.

  42. Bugs, you kill me. I nearly pissed myself laughing.


  44. Yeah. I think you win the contest. Hands down.

  45. That’s it. It’s official: I’m in love.

  46. Those aren’t trees at the Herald, its all about the buds. Think green. Go green. Smoke green. Then post on HH.

  47. Over here we just shroom up and dance like gay pandas.

  48. Moderate gay pandas, girlie. Don’t forget that part.

  49. This may be deserving of its own thread. Over at the HH, there’s a thread about meanie repubs, where
    our own Auntie Arkely says, (and I quote):

    “Auntie Arkley says:
    February 20, 2011 at 11:41 am

    Defend your planet. Defend your country. Defend your self. Kill Republicans.”

    Nary a peep from Jane or Mitch about this, who posted about 299.9 of 300 or so posts on HH thread trying to blame Sarah Palin for the looney shooting over in AZ – the same thread that Jane uttered the immortal thought that the shooter could be “to the left of Che” and it still proved her point that Repbublicans incite violence.


  50. Tom and crew, koolaid is strong and addictive . Try a day of choping wood and breathing fresh air. Then you will see clearly that the midget is a fucktard , a true believer, and dishonest to the core. God gave him the tools to do an important job in this world and he is failing. Washing the balls of real men is to good for him though.

  51. I like the new “Comment of the Day” feature. That’s cool. Will you always pick one that is negative towards you?

  52. I think the little prick and his supporters are clinging to the “sky is falling and we’ll be Santa Rosa mentality.” It has gotta stop. Watching Bill Barnum at last week’s Planning Commission hearing was great. Barnum basically, with data to back it up, told the Commission that sprawl, on a Santa Rosa scale, on is not going to happen in our near future. The koolaid drinkers are taking planning principles from very urban areas and trying to make them fit here. They don’t. And yes, the midget will sqeeze the life out of the County because we “know not what we do.”

  53. Love, Love, LOVE the banner! Hysterical!

    Now, about that inciting to violence accusation from Dear Auntie (whom I am convinced is one of Jane’s alternative personalities) I am going to ‘turn the other cheek’, in a manner of speaking and she can kiss them both!

  54. Yeah, I hear you Fishergirl. THANK GOD we have people like Mark Lovelace to protect us from ourselves because we are too fucking stupid to know what’s good for us. Straighten our roads to make for the size of truck the rest of the country has seen for decades? Nope, not here. It’ll kill all the trees and ruin small town USA.

    I want to barf sometimes. Well, actually. I want to barf most of the time when thinking about the nogrowthers and their I-got-mine-but-you-can’t-have-yours” mentality.

  55. JB, I think you have hit on something. Auntie comes out when Jane is off her meds. Both are complete kool-aid drinking dingbats. If you listen to Barnum he is well informed and articulates his points well.

    Well, little prick just about sums up lovelace, be careful though he is sneaky. Watch this shit with the CCC. Poor Tom, deceived again.

  56. Bugs, that comment of the day is one for the “Raves” page! Pleasssse????

  57. You mean little two faced corrupt prick. Just calling him a little prick is an insult to little pricks.

  58. Mark is just like Rob Emanuel. The corrupt scumbag form Chitcahgo.

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