Two attorneys win award for work Gallegos took credit for

"Campaign's over. Get this prop off me."


You  mean Paul Gallegos issued 10 news releases about how he had straightened Skilled Healthcare around–and two different local attorneys win an award for it?

Poor Paul!

Being a hero of the people is a thankless job.


7 Responses

  1. For as long as GAGS was DA, staff from all skilled health homes filed complaints about hours, care and outright abuse of residents. He never did a fucking thing. Sat on his ass. Fuck him and Salzman too!!!

  2. I saw that this morning. And even at that he manages to get half the article about him.

    I’ve lost all respect for the reporters in this town.

  3. There are “reporters” in this town?

  4. Matt Drange – the latest in a long line of T-S Gallegos ass-kissers.

  5. “Three private law firms initiated the Skilled Healthcare case and again did most of the work, but in his ads Gallegos takes full credit. His ads are neither true nor ethical…

    While being dishonest is more than bad enough, vilification, smearing, and divisive politics are worse. This is Gallegos’ fourth campaign and in each of the others he has done these things and won…

    “If you really want the truth about Gallegos’ professional ethics, inquire of him why the other affected DA’s and the Attorney General all refused to join in his Skilled Healthcare settlement due to their ‘ethical concerns’ over his use of secret settlement monies and more. Ask Gallegos himself to explain directly, honestly and openly the formal rebuke he has received from the California District Attorneys Association for his unprofessional use of DA authority in settling that case. Go ahead, ask him to explain honestly and directly. He won’t. That would require real courage and the capacity to tell the truth regardless. He has neither…”–-october-26-2010/

    C’mon, Drange – ask the question! GET A COPY OF THE LETTER! You can do it! It’s called reporting. How long can it possibly take?

  6. Good to know the TS has someone already on staff to fill the fealty vacuum left by Driscoll’s departure.

  7. I used to support Mike Thompson. No longer. He sucks. That he pulled in Driscoll speaks volumes.

    Hey Mikey, save the tax payers money and don’t send me anymore requests for donations. That well has run dry brother.

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