Journalistic hotness calls it quits

Hey! Who's the dude?

Fallout from the North Coast Journal debacle continues, with contributor Jennifer Savage bidding the formerly hip weekly a less-than-fond farewell.

In a NCJ letter, Jen notes that her popular column, Savage Money, “would’ve marked its second year in the Journal as of this issue, but given the recent editorial change, I regret my enthusiasm for writing it has waned.”

It would also have marked the second year of her being the hottest journalist in Humboldt County, and despite the recent editorial change, our enthusiasm for her has not waned.

At all.

In fact, we bugs are lined up at Mirror HQ now with our sad faces on just waiting for that little kiss goodbye…

Hugs, friend!!

Photo credit Terrence McNally.

29 Responses

  1. Damn. She really is hot. No one who looks like that should be within 100 yards of that lech Abate.

  2. I enjoyed the column, Jen. Good luck with whatever you do next.

  3. Nice lady. Terrible column. Journalist is a stretch. Though she’d do better than Kimberly Wear at the TS. Come on Jen, what kind of simplistic financial advisor would quit a job in times like these? The Savage Henry needs help…
    Like her on the radio, however. Oh well, more advertising space at the Journal who is quickly becoming stiff competition for the TriCity Weekly.

  4. She’s got a great radio voice. And I don’t think it was a job in the usual sense of the word. I think it was a side thing, and she must not have needed it if she was able to quit. Good for her, I say. Y’all got straight screwed by Hodgson, and anyone who can walk away should.

  5. CreepyCrazy ol’ Tom Abate probably tried to sing to her. And he IS single you know! Wait ’til you see hybrid womanizing!!!

  6. Let me spool this out for you Tom. You’re losing talent faster than a Tori Spelling reality show.

  7. If Jen made more than a few hundred a year off her occasional column I’d be surprised. NCJ doesn’t pay much for those sorts of things.

    So far, I am not impressed of the product of the new regime.

  8. Who is that dude? And what about the seven years I spent working at the Eye prior to the last two at the Journal? Who’d you have the hots for then, hmmm?

    More seriously… thanks!

  9. Ack! I failed the italics HTML. Please forgive. So embarrassing.

  10. savage writes well. her liberal views helped her make some big bucks while helping mlpa shaft the north coast. all in all it’s like the old saying///// you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. no one will miss her dumb column. she should write fairy tales

  11. I’ll miss her column, Anonymous. And no journalist in Humboldt County makes anything resembling big bucks. So in the fairy tale department, you seem to be doing pretty well.

  12. Looks like they are draining the sewer over at the NCJ. Bout time. I am looking forward to a good change with Abate. Unlike the naysayers I am hoping the change over their will be an improvement over the proggie rag its been for so long.

    Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out babe.

  13. I can’t speak to her hotness but her kindness and sense of humor are a joy.

    I’ll miss her column.

  14. PS Bugs, you should keep the unicorns and flowers up longer–I like the nicer, softer version of posts that come with it.

  15. Oh fuck. Take down the friggin banner. Kym are you high? Oops that would be a yes.

  16. The banner image was designed to mock Heraldo, can you please leave it up for a little while longer?

  17. Name one other hot person in Humboldt media. Correct. There are none.

    This is a big loss.

  18. Jen? Not bad,. Kinda cute even. Totally doable especially if drinkin. But a whole thread dedicated to her hotness? Not so much.

    Does this reflect a lack of standards and/or talent that pervades Humboldt wide? Just among local journalists? Or is it limited to PBR aficionado’s and bugs?

  19. Anon 8 a.m., you’re a Class A dick. She’s hot and a very talented journalist. Go grind your axe in private please.

  20. I can’t believe no one bothers to point out the obvious disclosure — Jen Savage WORKS FOR PATRICK CLEARY’S CORPORATE RADIO EMPIRE LCC/KHUM/KSLG!

    So she ditches the Journal and sides with Hanky Sims who’s joined forces with Mr. Bankster Cleary and the rest of the JPMorganChaseManhattan suckups. So freaking what.

  21. Anon 3:17 is sure onto something!

    It’s Tom and Judy vs. Patrick, Hank and Jennifer!

    This battle will be to 2011 what the T-S vs. ER battle was to 2007! Only Media Maven Marcy Burstiner will be able to make sense of this mess!


  22. Everyone needs to make a living, Anonymous 3:17. Arkley’s former rag employed mostly liberals, a point lost on morons like Neal Latt. Why should we assume the worst of Jennifer simply because she works for Cleary?

  23. Cleary is actually not that bad a guy. Just don’t like the group he got involved with during sup race. In hind site folks need to see that Reporter was a much better paper. Neal Latt, ya a moron.

  24. assume nothing. Just know that savage is as bat shit crazy as latt and supports him. she is just a bit more of an attractive package but a true markie mark/paykeeper believer to the core. Her writing is above average but her true talent seems to be drunking

  25. “Drunking”? Oh now you’re just turning us on.

  26. “Drunking” and cockolding.

  27. Drunking? She will be right at home with tricky Dick Salzman then. Somebody better tell her to duck though cause Dicky has a temper.

  28. HOLD ON. When it comes to anonymous comments, esp criticisms, we’re generally talking water off a duck’s back. But “bat shit crazy as latt”? That’s a clear indicator of you-have-not-been-following-the-fuck-along.

    Thank you for the “above average,” however. That, I’ll take.

  29. have another lattaaaaa , been to the group gropealongs and BSC fits// what’s with you progs? you’re not fooling anyone

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