Boy oh Boyd!

If any of my fellow moderate democrats wonders why the left in Humboldt County appears so clueless and out of touch, let’s consider for a moment the leadership of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee.

HCDCC Chair Milt Boyd also chairs the board of the Arcata Community Recycling Center, which recently lost a large municipal contract–and 60 percent of its business–when it was emphatically outbid by Willits-based Renewable Waste Systems.

As the Arcata Eye reported,

To the [Humboldt Waste Management Authority] boardmembers, including Arcata Councilmember Michael Winkler, the decision was clear-cut – ACRC responded to a request for five-year contract proposals with an offer to process recyclables at a cost of $65 a ton. Renewable Waste Systems is offering to pay the HWMA $8 a ton.

Put another way, ACRC’s proposal would have cost the HWMA $2.2 million over the five-year contract period while RWS promises $280,000 in revenue.

So did Chairman Boyd ask for a chance to bring back a lower bid? Did he say he was going to have his board take a hard look at why the ACRC’s price structure was so laughably uncompetitive? Did he acknowledge the HWMA’s fiduciary obligation to ratepayers to provide the best service at the lowest cost?

Not exactly. Boyd said in an interview,

“I’m really disappointed with having supported the representatives on that board,” he said. “Their mantra throughout was, ‘Jobs, jobs, jobs,’ and here we go, shipping those jobs out of Humboldt County.”

And who cares if captive ratepayers would have to pony up 2 million unnecessary dollars to pay for them?

59 Responses

  1. I think those bow-ties Milt wears might be restricting his oxygen flow.

  2. I’m just pleased and surprised that Arcata did the right thing. The leadership of that city, with the exception of Councilbaby Brinton, is starting to get its shit together.

  3. How could someone only a million years old be so out of touch with the modern era? If you can’t demonstrate the wisdom of age, Milt, shove over and let someone from a more recent generation give her a go.

  4. I can’t help but wonder why the disparity in bids? Why such a difference?

  5. That’s a very good question Fred. Maybe, just maybe one of our local “reporters” and ask that of Mr.Boyd………..

  6. Imagine how many jobs we could have if we just gave $2.2 million to jobless people. OK, no jobs would be created, but the outcome would be better than giving it to ACRC.

  7. Hummm…ACRC screws the pooch and “buy/use/recycle local” crowd is not howling with indignation? Where is the magic midget? Surely his efforts to save the HSU Nursing Program don’t take every single minute of his day!

    Oh wait, my bad…he is too busy pursing the CCC appointment to give a shit what is happening in his own district. I wonder how much time and effort Uncle Milty put into his campagin?

    Oh and Fred’s question: when might reasonable individuals expect some sort of answer?

  8. I’m guessing one company or the other didn’t know what they were doing and blew the bid. Either that or ACRC figured they had the thing locked since they were local so bid high? Or maybe the Willits company didn’t know what they were doing and bid ridiculously low?

    I don’t know.

  9. Regardless, the choice was clear. You just can’t dump that kind of money down Milt Boyd’s black hole.

  10. Boyd’s mantra throughout has been dumb, dumb, dumb, and he did everything he could to live up to it.

  11. Milt retired from HSU and has a rather generous pension plus health benefits for life. He has a disconnect with the world where one has to pay for shit to get by. His thinking must be what happens when you don’t have to be accountable for dollars spent.

  12. Listen Bugs, are your readers stupid? I’m asking, are your readers stupid, huh?

  13. hey Richard. I’m actually an employee at the Acrc processing facility in Samoa. I’m told that the plant is closing down and people will be laid off. People seem surprised that there are people paid to be sorters, so I only wish there was more concern for the employee well being from civilians in Humboldt. There doesn’t seem to be much, if any.

  14. Christopher, do you think Arcata ratepayers should shell out two million additional dollars to keep alive a business that can’t or won’t compete?

  15. I don’t know about the readers but after your interview and whats happening at NCJ I have read doubts about your IQ.

  16. Milt thought he had it in the bag. Why would you put in a competitive bid if you thought the good old boy with a ponytail thing was working for you? That would have been money left on the table.
    There will be hell to pay now. Some folks are going to get dropped from the potluck circuit and ignored at farmers market.

  17. Boyd? Look who he supported last election. Speaks volumes how out of it he is.

  18. Milt is an idiot.

  19. Milt is a hypocrite. He thinks plagiarism is ok. Great retired dude bilking the taxpayers on a bloated pension and free health care. Yeah Milt fuck the middle class ahole.

  20. And he has a stupid tie. Wow. FU Milt. We fuCked

  21. Two words: “Professor” Gallegos.”

  22. Oops. I was commenting on this post through my phone and I misread which blog I was commenting on. For some reason I thought I was reading Samoa Softball, hehe oops. I subscribe to this site via Google Reader. I guess with people protesting having to pay for curb side recycling, stuff like this will continue to happen and more local employees will be laid off. I wonder why it doesn’t concern many people that our industry and recyclables are being shipped to Willits. How does that not concern people?

  23. I wonder why it doesn’t concern many people that our industry and recyclables are being shipped to Willits. How does that not concern people?.

    It does. That’s why some are wondering why there’s such a large difference in the bids that were submitted. ACRC’s bid was over 8 times higher than Willits’. I could see considering ACRC’s higher bid in the spirit of keeping things local if they bid around $10 a ton, but not $65.

  24. Book-marked, I love your site! 🙂

  25. I don’t grow dope so I don’t have money to blow. Milt’s good old locals (wake up Chris) costs 2.2 million. Willits pays (note the difference Chris pays NOT costs) 280k.

    Now my wife wants a new kitchen. Counters in humboldt were 10k. Bay area was 2500. Hey Chris guess where we bought and why. So it was a 4 hour trip each way and Gas. 7500 savings for me was a no brainer. Oh, and I stopped at WalMart in Ukiah on the way home.

  26. /so, is Mr. riDICKuLESS Salzman trying to avoid ligation for this too? Surely there is nefarious purpose behind this…some infringement of sombodies rights, some dastardly injustice which requires the learned Professor to leap into action!

    What? you can’t mean addled-brained Progs screwed up! No! I can’t stand it!!!

  27. Milt is so progie brainwashed he would gladly look the other way if a follow proggie was assaulting his wife. You know the kind. Preaches as an elitist to the little people but no moral compass. Just the proggie line of do what I say not as I do and fuck the hardworking middle class. I’ve known him for years.

  28. I’m not going to comment on the situation between ACRC & HWMA – other than to say it is what it is. ACRC was one of California’s first recycling centers and is one of the last remaining community recycling centers still in existence. ACRC holds a proud place in the recycling movement and is in part responsible for California leading the nation in this industry.

    However – I must come to the defense of my friend Milt Boyd. Milt is simply a tireless advocate for Humboldt County, giving so much of himself to make it a fine place to live. He takes on so much on behalf of his community, and all some people can do is criticize him for it.

  29. Andrew you are so full of yourself and full of shit. You and Milt are what’s wrong with this county. You haved fucked up the dem party locally. The crap you pulled on Richard Marks was disgusting. You both fuck over moderate dems on a routine basis and just love to preach to all of us. You folks look the other way and defend greed, graft and corruption. I am glad Milt no longer teaches to pollute young minds and just as glad that TS fired your biased butt.

    And please. Your lame attempt at trying to sound moderate here is hysterical after reading and listening to you at the usual forums. Yeah Andy I know you well.

  30. Had a chance to review those CEQA documents for the Marina Center recently

    Not looking so good…

  31. Who cares? CEQA is just a process. As long as everything is looked at we can ANYTHING we want. And you can avoid CEQA completely if the voters so choose at election time.

    Now back to Milt brothers (and sisters). Milt the Bonnie supporter, Milt the Marina Center hater. Milt the pal of Gallegos the pot smoking DA who likes to pick up young (but legal) girls at the Pearl in EKA and at pot grower events in southern Humboldt. Yes that same Milt who is disappointed that the City council won’t bleed out 2.2 million for his friends.

    Btw. A great big shout out for the council on this one.

  32. Your response is very telling 1:02

    Good luck avoiding CEQA

  33. I have to say I do not think it is fair to blame this all on Milt – who, from everyone I have talked to is one of the people who has held that place together (and the recycling center is a good thing – I think people ought to be asking – WHO ELSE SERVES(D) ON THAT BOARD? Then lay some blame. On the Board as a whole.

  34. Sure Rose but it was Milt who opened up his mouth and whined about the fact that the council wouldn’t throw 2.2 mill at the center when it could make 280k instead. Milt earned this by thw “whine”.

    Huh: what’s so “telling” about reality? CEQA is a process to insure discussion before a project is approved. Any board or council can even pick an environmental horror if the process is followed. It has always been the case that the public can choose what it wants and for instance if there is a measure on the ballot then CEQA doesn’t kick in because the public is voting on it. That’s called democracy.

  35. My bad. Forgot that proggies hate democracy. But they do dig graft, greed, corruption and of course, elitism.

  36. Once again, good luck with CEQA

  37. Rose – nicely stated about Milt. Thank you.

    As for CEQA – here is a link that answers some questions. Local governments are charged with ensuring that CEQA guidelines are met, but a member(s) of the public can also sue if they feel CEQA guidelines aren’t being met.

    A local election won’t get you a CEQA exemption, but if you have enough money and the right political connections you can get the Legislature to pass one for you, which is what mega-developer Ed Roski did in 2009 for the stadium he wants to build in the City of Industry.

  38. Re-open the Arcata landfill & the Kneeland dump.
    This is Weezley Cheezblo’s turf, he’s been too silent on this issue and needs to surface to at least show his existence!

  39. Bird you know squat about ceqa. The damn guidelines are process but feel free to remind me how little you really know.

  40. Gotta love the SecNat approach to the “process”

    Thanks for the laughs Anon

  41. § 15378(b)(3) provides an exemption for ballot measures. Caveat – this exemption applies to ballot measures except for discretionary ones (not mandatory) placed on the ballot by councils.

    But screw me Bird. I just read instead of making shit up to sound good. Unfortunately you just sound dumb.

  42. Hey ahole at 4:20. I am not secnational nor connected in any way with them or the “dreaded” developers. I am educated and read you closeminded shite.

  43. Lemme guess- a “moderate” democrat?

  44. Bingo proggie. You are finally correct. Another moderate and educated democrat. One who thinks the proggies are close minded and angry little people who spend too much time on HH where the moderate comments are moderated into cyberspace.

  45. With all those expletives, I could’ve sworn you were a conservative in disguise

  46. Which confused you? Bingo? Ceqa? Angry? Proggie? Or the dreaded ahole? Now back over to HH to spew lies, innuendo and close minded Proggie drivel.

  47. Having trouble identifying expletives are we now?

  48. You made a funny! Every time I hear the word bingo I cover my ears in horror.

  49. Btw if those words are conservative then stay the hell out of your local cause there are way too many conservatives there and god forbid you ever go to the Arcata plaza. The sheer numbers of conservatives there would give you a stroke my precious.

  50. i suspect the changes in the market, and plummeting prices, coupled with this disastrous economy just caught him by surprise.

    Now, since he worked hard to re-elect all the worthless culls who have brought California to the brink of bankruptcy, maybe he can try to get them to actually do something to turn it around – Ie: cut spending by half, stop spending like drunken sailors, plan for the future and reverse the policies that are driving the producers and employers from the state.

    Green job pipe dreams depend on the rest of the economy humming along. Since he has supported the job-killers and phony ‘professors’ – I’d say it doesn’t look good. the symbiotic relationship has been broken, there’s a disturbance in the force.

    Milt is a good man. But good men supporting worthless culls have gotten us here.

  51. I’d note that I wouldn’t be too hopeful since cutting spending (the intelligent thing to do) is what has caused this whole furor….

  52. Andrew, Rose and others, I think you’re missing the rather obviously stated point. Nowhere do I castigate Milt for whatever problems the ACRC is having. I’m merely calling attention to his disappointment in elected officials who would dare save their constituents $2.5 million rather than flush it down ACRC’s toilet. That speaks volumes about his grasp of reality.

  53. Ah humbug. That would be a bingo! Oops I cussed again like a moderate democrat.

  54. Wow. I didn’t mean to start a flame war with my comment about CEQA and I apologize for any confusion I may have caused; perhaps I should have used better terminology.

    I confess I’m not a CEQA expert. But I am pretty certain – or should I say I’m reasonably sure, to be more cautious – that the only way to get an ironclad exemption from CEQA is by an act of the Legislature.

    My above observation about CEQA was not a commentary on the Marina Center, but rather on the sad fact that a billionaire developer, and major Democratic and Republican contributor, (Roski) was able to get the Dem-controlled Legislature to pass an exemption for his stadium, thereby weakening CEQA.

    If you want to know more about this, google: “roski legislative end run”

  55. Read the exemptions Mr Bird. You wrote about the gudellnes well read the one above. Also read what the purpose of CEQA is and why the particular exemptions exist. You should have no problem with the exemptions or the reasons for them. Its a wee thing called democracy.

    Back to the topic. Milt is a nutter if wasting 2.2 is ok by him. Maybe all the dope money in Humboldt just made as whacked out as a mad hatter with a bow tie.

  56. It may sound simplistic, Andrew, but CEQA just means they have to look at everything – it does NOT tell anyone how they have to find… in other words, it is not the be all and end all.

    Back to the ARC, see they missed out – if only they’d known the growth industry was in suing the shit out of people they might have chosen a different path. the good old days when people really cared about recycling and re-using are gone. They’ve been replaced by assholes with Boston Whalers paid for by ill-gotten gains.

  57. How like a prog to call everyone who disagrees with him a Republican. Hey FYI, politics is supposed to be about bringing people together, building strength in numbers. You guys go out of your way to alienate your natural allies. Recent election results reflect that.

  58. Milt should stick to the science world. We need fewer politicos making dumb decisions that cost us so much money when we don’t have to spend it.

  59. the assholes are top heavy with family, friends, golf partners on salary.

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