Times-Standard uncharacteristically stoic about latest environmental threat

A fish 36 feet long? This thing's got dioxin written all over it.

33 Responses

  1. Hell yeah! And that must be Paul Bunyan holding that whale of a fish. If there’s a derby, we have a winner.

  2. After fishing in the area for 28 years, it’s nice that McGowan finally landed a big one. However, I am going to stop swimming in the Smith River.

  3. Yep. When I read it (and after laughing my ass off) I thought the dude had to be Gulliver. This was a big hit at our office until the sports section disappeared in the Men’s room (then no one wanted to bring it back to the coffee room and for good reasons Someone ought to send Paykeeper up to the Smith to test the water if they’re growing them 36 feet. Shit. I would like to see the size of the net they used.

    Don’t they (TS) even read what they intend to print. Or if they do I would think you might go huh, 36 feet – that sure doesn’t sound right. Maybe its just me.

  4. I think Brock (the fishing guide) slipped a T-S editor a U.S. Grant or a Benjamin Franklin to make that mistake.

  5. Way to go T-S. Attention to detail is harder than it looks.

  6. Andrew: Go back to Heraldo and don’t be using my name for anything. Unfortunately the TS does this daily. I always had time to proof read my pieces. I had to set them by hand with no spell check or computer. (Yes, some of my spelling was creative)

    I think you are on to something Humbug about the dioxins though. I am sure that it had something to do with a fouled up CEQA review.

  7. How can I get the T-S to do a story about my cock?

  8. Andrew: Ditto for me too. Stop dropping my name. As for the crappy editing at the T-S, I took the time to proofread my “Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant” that was published shortly before my death.

  9. Ulysses: You were too damn cock eyed to proof read didley. You obviously had a ghost proofer.

  10. Mark, if that doesn’t make “comment of the day,” the bugs need to find a new hobby.

  11. Well Mark, I think your outta luck on that one. Unless of course your wang is substantially left-leaning and elected to political office. Then it’ll be frightening how much column inches the T-S will devote to you.

  12. Not that I am bragging but here is why I was sensational in Paris. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090107124023AANZ3za

  13. Maybe when TS staffers say the have triple-digit IQs they’re employing the same mathematical model.

  14. Hey Abbot, that’s an interestig avatar you’ve got there. Are you part of the ‘censored by Heraldo’ support group? Their membership gets bigger every day.

  15. You’re a pompous ass Benjamin.

  16. I quit trying to comment on the Humboldt Herald. It’s amazing how quickly my comments were removed. I didn’t even say anything I thought was remotely critical of Heraldo’s party line.

  17. Joe, Heraldo is particularly troubled by reasonable, moderate comments. The loonies he keeps, because they make him look reasonable. But the reasonable he blocks because they show that he’s loony. If you’re interested you can click on my name and see a blog I just launched tonight. http://moderatedbyheraldo.wordpress.com

  18. Sometimes I think the T-S flubs on purpose to give people something to talk about because their stories are so dull.

  19. Who is Abbot the Rabbit?

    Heh. Been there done that – http://watchpaul.blogspot.com/search/label/CensoredByHeraldoSupportGroup Good idea. Good luck. This has been going on for a lo-o-o-o-ong time.

  20. Your link doesn’t work, btw Your NAME does live link, but the link you posted does not. I think you have to leave out the www


  21. If you ask the midget he’ll say its 8 inches (lie) and the TS will then report its 8 feet. Where the hell is George Washington? He needs to call bull on this.

    Now I’m off to fly a kite.

  22. Gives new meaning to the concept of Frankenfish. Unless that refers to Al Franken?

  23. Sweet banner, dancing with the Oscar! About that fish: methinks that perhaps someone has dumped some growth hormone in the Smith River, Paykeeper needs to get right on that! It simply would not do for that to be flowing into the Pacific and adding to all that toxic runoff from the war-mongering industrial complex here on the North Coast.

    Cal-Ore Supporter? Did you mean the rivers close to the border or the local air ambulance? I do have a vested interest in that.

  24. Question for Abbot the rabbit – are you going to have a header contest, too? Inquiring minds want to know!

  25. I have been fishing the Smith River for years and have always wondered why the water was so green. Shit howdy, it’s all that dioxin huh? Oh well, just think of the filets you can get off of a 36-foot fish.

  26. I like the little “rate this” feature. Sorta cool.

  27. I can not tell a lie. Heraldo is a piss ant, Plain Jane sucks (keep Franklin away from the broad), tra needs serious psychotherapy (electro-shock is called for), ex republican thinks he’s Howard Dean’s screaming twin and Mitch is the most anti-democratic unamerican cow pie ever conceived. I have decided chopping down a cherry tree isn’t quite the thing. Maybe Luna?

  28. George, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m a little bit in love with you. We can have an innocent bromance, yes?

    And Rose, I’ll fix Abbot’s link. Thanks.

  29. George…darling…allow me to provide the chain saw.

  30. Josephine, my angel. Timber! I really didn’t get to do that with the cherry tree. It just sort of plunked down quietly. Guess what? Dad planted another one and it actually grew.

  31. George, well said. By the way is anyone else noticing that Hblog is becoming less and less relevant. Mostly pissers and moaners. Most do not know shit about the issue they are talking about, facts that are not facts, I think it will just fade away. Folks you mentioned should be flushed down the toilet.

  32. Connect, I don’t know if you realize what an achievement it would be to be less relevant than we are. I simply don’t think the Heraldos have what it takes to pull that off.

  33. I hate to detract from the fuckup, or the bitterness against a stupid publication that you all dislike, but that is a nice fish. A big, healthy, fat, breeding fish. Thank god there are big, healthy fish in the amazing rivers flowing in Northern California.

    Thank god for all of us, because the doom and gloom from all the environmentalists might make us think we should shut down fishing and that is horse pucky. Our fisheries are struggling, but they are alright!

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