New blog somewhat less crappy than this one

Humboldt Mirror regular Abbot the Rabbit launched a new blog this weekend called Moderated By Heraldo. The title speaks for itself. Those whose comments have been routinely censored for interfering with the acoustics in the Prog echo chamber can discuss the topic du jour however they please.

Abbot did say that standard blog rules still apply: no threats of violence, rape fantasies,  libel, leaks of classified information, or excessive focus on genitalia–including the endlessly fascinating bodily functions associated therewith.

What won’t apply is the ideological litmus test intelligent discourse has long been subjected to at the Herald. As Abbot observed on a previous thread, moderate commenters on Heraldo are blocked or deleted, while the extremists are kept on hand to reinforce political polarity and make his own remarks appear less absurd.

In terms of tone, Abbot’s got the driest wit in town. Using a Dickensian device for his headlines, he characterizes one recent post as follows:

In which Heraldo’s intellectual deficit refuses to be overshadowed by his poor grammar

That’s good stuff.

The fledgling blogger sent an e-mail this morning saying on his first full day he got more than 400 hits–“and 100 of them weren’t from Heraldo.”

Run those numbers up by visiting the new blog here.



7 Responses

  1. Blogwars


    Here’s a hint – Nobody cares

  2. Misinterpretation


    Here’s a hint — Other people are smarter than you and get the point

  3. Great

    Another anonymous person who believes that he is smarter than the next person in line

  4. Now the fun begins. Can’t wait to actually read all that has been moderated by the proggie elites.

    Anybody see that they have Julie Williams from the NCHB’s billed with Quadaffi?

  5. That won’t work. You can actually SPELL her name – as opposed to Kedaffy / Gaddafi / Qaddhafi / Qaddafi / Gaddafi / Gaddaffi / Gaddaffy / Kaddafi / Khadafy / Qadhafi / Qadaffi or…

  6. This is all really funny. Now every moderate who has been censored by the idiots can go over to the rabbit’s warren and show how closed minded and manipulative HH is/are.

  7. Moderated?

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