Local politics suddenly make a lot more sense

Oh good. We weren't just imagining it.

Courtesy of the BBC:

Study Shows Cannabis Use Raises Psychosis Risk

Using cannabis as a teenager or young adult increases the risk of psychosis, a report suggests.

The study published in the British Medical Journal involved tracking 1,900 people over a period of 10 years.

Although the link between cannabis and psychosis is well-established, it had been unclear whether cannabis triggers the disorder.

This research strongly suggests that cannabis use comes first, rather than people taking it for their symptoms.

The research was led by Professor Jim van Os from Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and included researchers from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

They excluded anyone who reported cannabis use or pre-existing psychotic symptoms at the start of the study, which took place in Germany.

The participants in the study, aged between 14 and 24, were assessed for cannabis use and psychotic symptoms at three points over a 10-year period.

It found that cannabis use “significantly” increased the risk of psychotic symptoms, even when other factors such as socio-economic status, use of different drugs and other psychiatric conditions were taken into account.

Read more here.

Photo pinched from the BBC


18 Responses

  1. ‘other psychiatric conditions’, such as Biprogressive Disorder, Obessive-Progressive Disorder, Paranoid Progessivephenia. Oh, and wonder if this is dose related?

  2. Don’t get too excited bugs…

    “Reuters reporter Kate Kelland points out that experts are still not sure whether or not the link between the drug and the psychotic symptoms is causal,”

    I’m just saying…your bias is showing.

  3. Bias on a blog? How is this possible?

    And by the way, Dave, nothing the bugs say actually alleges anything… Your assumptions are showing.

  4. Uh folks. If you doubt this study go over to HH and SoHum Parlance and read what the “usual suspects” post. They are cookoo for coco puffs. Confirmation of the connection of acute psychosis and pot.

  5. These studies have been out there for some time (7-10 years) and are published in the British Journal of Medicine. It might also be noted that the Dutch also did a similar study and came to the same conclusions. But they are not very PC as marijuana is just a medicine in eyes of the Libs. All one has to do is take a look around HumDope County and see how productive we are at anything beyond growning dope. HumDope county is also very recognized around the country and abroad for one thing, dope. Redwood trees, beaches, ect don’t come even close.

  6. Every heavy pot smoker I ever met was a lazy ass-good for nothing-couch potato BEFORE they took their fist toke. Continuing to smoke pot just gave them the excuse they were looking for.

  7. I’m satisfied alcohol is still the benignly acceptable and legal substance of choice without the problems, side effects, and psychotic trauma of pot.

  8. This shows why marijuana smoking ( and eating) addictions should be treated as a disease and not an excuse to maintain funding for law enforcement welfare prgrams.

  9. Humbug,
    You don’t smoke?

  10. There are also a few studies that show that “the earlier you begin smoking, the more marijuana you smoke and the more frequently you smoke [the greater the cognitive difficulty.” Marijuana, like all mind altering substances and I include alcohol here, should be used only by adults unless the children have a medical need (and yes, there are studies showing marijuana has medicinal value–check out ADD and marijuana use). .

  11. Ah finally Kym coming clean. Its not about “medicine”. Its about getting high. Didn’t think there were that many “sick” people. Hey kym. Is it true the price is down to 800 like someone I know complained about?

  12. Anyone who would believe the “its medicine” thing must be.. high.

  13. Your site and heraldo were both down yesterday – any idea what was going on?

  14. If Merck or Pfizer sold a drug with the side effects of MJ, the plaintiffs’ bar would be all over them, the DA would get Patrik to file a civil suit, and hairbags everywhere would be protesting corporate greed.
    So, to eradicate marijuana, it should be legalized as soon as possible so that every grower and distributor can get buried in tobacco-style lawsuits.

  15. Don’t get me wrong. Wanna get high that’s you’re choice but all the pot growers calling it medicine is such a crock.

  16. No guess, Rose, but it’s usually safe to blame these things on the vast right-wing conspiracy.

  17. No mention of the two SoHum boys arrested in Huntsville Alabama last month in a small plane with 170 pounds of weed.

    Don’t they have medicine in Alabama?

  18. I’m sure I did something on the Dutch study years ago. This is just another study showing the same issue.

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