Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide, it’s a small, small world

At first glance, these two subjects may appear unrelated, but in fact they're second cousins twice removed (on Bambi's mother's side).


17 Responses

  1. I was sure you were gonna put Kevin Bacon there, but I see you took care of that in the tags. Ha!

  2. Wow! The one on the right looks like Ralph Faust after an extended pub-crawl with the Bon-Bon. The one on the left bears a startling resemblance to Shane Brinton, having just spotted a loaded bong.

  3. Ehhh, Shane may have his faults, but drugs are not one of them. That’s why there’s hope.

  4. Coffee splurt. Thanks.

  5. ehhhh, my avatar?

  6. For the record – that is my post above, re: Shane. I guess I wasn’t signed in, wordpress periodically makes you sign back in. So, it’s not the imposter.

  7. Oh Ya! whats your mothers maiden name, last 4 of your SS#, first street you lived on, husbands middle name, favorite book, and breed of first pet.

    Is that really you Rose. Cause there is no hope for the wonder boy. He has been playing with himself way to long. Moved on to Katleen for a while but that is close to the same thing.

  8. Connect is a Nigerian spammer?

  9. Hey CTD,

    Next time your wife farts, see if you can smell my last cumshot


  10. Actually I am not married, just widowed. Thanks for the joke though. Since she had been fighting cancer for almost 4 years I doubt you were having much sex with her. But then again, the high point of masturbation is that you can close your eyes and be fucking anyone. Sad story is your still in reality fucking yourself. Good luck with that little one( Katleen does kiss and tell).

  11. Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho.

  12. Bill Wennerholm is CTD?


  13. Mark Lovelace is dickless?


  14. Bonnie Neely is pimping folks to pay her campaign debts.

    Interesting, but oh so predictable.

  15. Wow, all these years and I find out who I am, tell me that’s not interesting. I though I was Heraldo, shit I’m so disappointed.

  16. Outed, by who and for what. I think not. I know who I am, you do not. Some anon posting garbage on a blog is not proof of much. What is wennerholm involved in that someone is taking shots at him with my name. Oh the progys, richard are you there.

  17. What’s up with wordpress? All kinds of weirdness today.

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