The Biggest Loser

Bill the Chump

Even though it’s still a sore subject over at the Big Hammer headquarters, it’s worth mentioning again which local millionaire shelled out the dough in November’s election.

The November election showed that big donations don’t always guarantee a win in Eureka. Bill and Elizabeth Pierson filed a major donor expenditure statement, indicating they donated $44,000 to five candidates in 2010. Three of those were to Eureka candidates — Larry Glass, Ron Kuhnel and LaVallee — all of whom were not elected.

We’d put Pierson’s numbers easily over $100,000 if you start adding up the cash going back to the 2006 supervisorial and Eureka City Council races too.

There is one bright spot for Bill, though. Former Eureka Mayor Peter LaVallee announced recently that he’d returned a $1,000 contribution to Pierson–chump change for the hardware baron but a nice enough gesture from LaVallee, who at least went down with some dignity.

24 Responses

  1. Pierson doesn’t care. I shelled out tens of thousands of bucks at the big hammer. I love his employees. I haven’t spent a dime for five years there because he makes me sick. If the dude goes chpt 11 I will party.

  2. Imagine Arkley giving one tenth that amount to candidates. I can hear the prog caterwauling from here.

  3. I don’t know Rob, it’s been around 5 years and you still don’t have the permits to build your Marina Center. Call me crazy, but I’d say Bill is still “winning.”

  4. Winning? Everybody is losing! It’s a zero sum game…

  5. Win or lose in his game of politics and hardware, the measure of the man at the end of his life will NOT be his business or political victories but how he treated his family.

    Lets take a look at Bill. His spoiled rotten behavior (life long habit I might add) has made him hated by his own kin and now he takes one step further into the moral and ethical abyss with his betrayal of his loyal wife. B.P. friends who have stood by his side for decades have washed their hands of him because of his obnoxious treatment of Liz.

    He is a smarmy and sleazy little man who will have few tears shed over his grave except those of the crocodile variety.

  6. I haven’t shopped at Pierson’s in years. I cannot sit by & support Bill Pierson’s politics.

    Shop at Shaffers, I do.

  7. Anonymous 10:16 sums up the prog perspective perfectly. It isn’t about ethics, it isn’t about leadership, it isn’t about good ideas, it isn’t about jobs, it isn’t about the environment, it isn’t about bettering our community–it’s about winning. That right there is why I am proud not to be one of them.

  8. hope to see is sorry *** move to Seattle soon.

  9. HIS sorry ***, not ‘is’

  10. Can’t wait to see every one of those loser employees who appear in their T-S sale fliers lose their job once Home Depot moves into town.

  11. His wife is a total bitch. I’m surprised he didn’t leave her years ago!

  12. Help me out, Anonymous 1:42 and 2:31–Why is it that progs always post stuff like that? I mean, you really must hate jobs, not to mention women, to talk that kind of crap. On the first count you should feel right at home in Heraldoville. On the other, I can think of a number of nice Arab states where you’d fit right in.

  13. So apparently this anon poster hates both Pierson’s employees and Pierson’s spouse. Now how does he automatically become a prog Humbug? I thought the progs universally supported the Big Hammer?

    Wishful thinking?

  14. Is our community polarized and being torn apart over a competition between two wealthy egos?!

  15. Actually no, Anonymous. WordPress admin tools show all of each commenters’ previous comments.

  16. No disrespect to the late Bill the chimp who has no karma credit.

  17. Oh Rob, your feud is so silly at this point

    Why continue the cruel jokes?

  18. Who were the other two candidates he donated to?

  19. Oh Larry, you’ll always be a loser.

    Why continue to be such a self-involved whore?

  20. That’s gonna leave a mark!!

  21. You’re the dumbest person ever. Ever. Dumb, And my butt is bleeding.

  22. What was conveniently not mentioned here was the tens-of-thousands of dollars doled out by Security National to launch a Get Out The Vote campaign for Measure N as the indirect mobilization for those candidates who rallied behind the issue: Bass, Marian Brady, Mike Newman, and Frank Jager. They enjoyed, essentially, about a $39,000 campaign infusion of advertising each as a result.

    The other non-sequiter was the handful of business interests coordinating to pool their money supporting the above candidates and Jackson, Sundberg, and Johanna Rodoni for Assessor. Much of this financial support came from allies of Rob McBeth, having an ownership interest in O&M Industries and the Humboldt Builder’s Exchange non-profit. Hundreds of thousands of dollars was given to these candidates securing their financial superiority. Also not mentioned was the Arkley lobbying arm forming Citizens for a Better Eureka (CBE) with this specific agenda in mind.

    The point not given here is the effective campaign and fundraising habits attacking opposing candidates receiving large donations from Bill Pierson while shielding their own activities. A good example of this is the given article here.

  23. Not only can you not spell non sequitur, you clearly don’t know what it means. Maybe look it up before (mis-) using it again.

    This post clearly specifies support for candidates. The contributions by SN for their overwhelmingly successful ballot initiative are not in dispute and undoubtedly did help voters understand what was at stake in the Eureka City Council race, which is why the progs fared so poorly.

    Your allegations of impropriety in the funding of other candidates not mentioned here should be referred to the FPPC. Maybe while you’re at it you can call their attention to the illegalities involving one brewery owner’s funneling of monies to Neely’s campaign through other people, including a certain county employee.

    Because, you know, if you want the facts to come out, then let’s have them come out. You’ll be the one with egg on your face and shit on your shoes. On top of that, we’ll still have won the election. FYI.

  24. Arguments are extremely vulgar, for everyone in good society holds exactly the same opinion.
    Oscar Wilde

    A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries.
    Will Rogers

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