State budget cuts force Sheriff to house inmates in fire engines

Or maybe Media News Group budget cuts force Times-Standard to use just whatever the hell photo happens to be handy. Either way.

Remember what Chekhov said about guns? Yeah. The same principle likely applies to big-ass photos of fire engines in stories about correctional facilities.

No thanks necessary–we’re just here to help.


11 Responses

  1. My favorite part of this story was about Paul Gallegos chasing his tail.

    Nothing new there.

  2. Guess I better read it. I didn’t because it reminds me of the news coverage after an earthquake… “Everything rattled and shook!”

    Does anyone have time to go back and pull up the last 15 years worth of articles on the budget? “Drastic cuts…” every single year ad nauseum.

    The REAL question – and a BETTER STORY would be an honest assessment of what was done about it – MORE SPENDING, more spending, more spending – and an honest account of who is responsible (the elected officials who have led us deeper and deeper into debt and closer to bankruptcy.

    It matters because the lack of reporting has allowed the same people who created this problem to be RE-ELECTED.

  3. “It matters because the lack of reporting has allowed the same people who created this problem to be RE-ELECTED.”

    I thought President Cheney was out of office.

  4. I like fire trucks, there big and red. My grandkids like fire trucks to…….

  5. I think politicians of all political persuasions create this problem, and to continue to pretend that wasting our money is a partisan problem simply allows it to continue.

  6. This is obviously a case of a misplaced photo. Methinks the layout person wasn’t paying attention. But that’s what happens when (like the T-S pretty much constantly does anymore) you hire the most unqualified jackass moron to run your department and then intentionally keep them around because it’s “too much work” to actually seek out qualified hires.
    And people wonder why the Sub sucks. Duh, it’s ’cause all the underlings are so miserable they don’t care anymore.

  7. Here’s what would be just, honest and fair. Cut the office of the DA in Humboldt. It would free up between 4 million and 5 million annually. He let’s all the criminals go free anyway. Let’s just save the 4-5 mill he blows doing that. Makes sense to me. And can someone get my damn picture off his wall. Its an f’ing embarrassment worse than that drunkard Ulysees S. Grant.

  8. Our presidential commenter is back! Yay!!

  9. I think Gags has a fixation with me because he can’t tell the truth. He has a history of trying to reinvent his worst traits: lying incompetence and just plain laziness. Just get my damn picture off his wall. Even a guy with a hole in his head can figure out what’s wrong with that.

  10. I still can not tell a lie. Heraldo is still a piss ant, Plain Jane still sucks (keep Franklin away from the broad), tra still desperately needs serious psychotherapy (electro-shock is called for), ex republican thinks he’s Howard Dean’s screaming twin (major creepy if you ask me) and Mitch is the most anti-democratic unamerican cow pie ever conceived. I am committed to the position that chopping down a cherry tree wasn’t the right thing. Luna is next and y’all better listen to Abe. He may have a hole in his head but he still has two legs up on those damn nutty proglidytes who are just flaming nuttier than Lighthorse Henry Lee (and he was whackier than batshit)

  11. What the eff is going on with the Times-Standard? Now they can’t even update their website in any kind of timely manner. Next they’ll probably come to work naked, shit in their desk chairs, and publish their vacation request slips rather than what currently passes for news.

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