The latest and greatest from Abbot the Rabbit

Like we always say, magniloquent is as magniloquent does.

For more of Abbot’s decidedly dry wit, visit his new blog Moderated By Heraldo, located at


10 Responses

  1. Is that anything like a magnilla wafer?

  2. Nah its like a Ritz Cracker.

  3. Who are you calling cracker?!?

  4. Magniloquentia running rampant.

  5. Pipe down, little bugger. You have to admit that Abbot’s a funny fellow. His blog is already in my top three. (Yes, yes, of course, along with the Humboldt Mirror).

  6. The rabbit is a funny fellow. The feed back is great.

    I take a few days off to visit kids and get some sun and all kinds of things happen.

    New, great blog.

    Some dipshit copies me, then calls it a outing.

    The heavy chiro guy gets a stalker.

    Particulate reappears after a year. Same crap, still don’t know shit.

    Life goes on. I’m not going anywhere. Still not the doc, wonder what he did to piss prog’s off.

    God I love Humboldt.

  7. Protesting! So easy even a caveman can do it. Apparently.

  8. Is that Linda Atkins in the wheelchair in the photo next to the Caveman?

  9. Now, now, she can walk perfectly well Its her brain that’s impaired.

  10. Hey Bill Wennerholm, ever mount a Humboldt Hunny over your chiropractors message chair??

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