Handycapable activists demand equal right to protest stupid shit

Stupid is the real disability.

In what was hailed as “a victory for civil rights,” six disabled activists stormed the Board of Supervisors chamber Tuesday demanding equal opportunity to protest the Richardson’s Grove realignment, or whatever else people without disabilities are always banging on about.

One protester, who identified himself as Forest Gimp, said,”Today we took a big step, so to speak, toward correcting that thing about the trees by that road down I think south of here somewhere.”

“Which absolutely must be stopped,” shouted another activist who declined to give his name but insisted he was not one of the cavemen from the Geico commercials.

“Because if they widen the road, trucks and stuff will drive on it,” one woman yelled.

The protesters looked at each other for a minute. Two of them shrugged.

“Like trucks that aren’t even hybrids,” the woman clarified, pumping her fist.

“Forests forever!” the group chanted.

Sheriff’s deputies eventually cleared the room by offering the activists an opportunity to review the ADA compliance of the jail cells upstairs.

As they boarded the elevator, one said the group would be back to protest at the next raw milk hearing.

When asked if they were for it or against it, several of them nodded emphatically and said yes.

Photo credit: Eureka Times-Standard

47 Responses

  1. I loved that shit about “We are the people and the people say no.” Yeah buddy, I am the people too, and I say screw your hippie ass, fix the road.

  2. How many of them do you think have jobs?

  3. I ask because the ability to transport goods other than marijuana becomes more relevant to people who have a stake in a legitimate economy.

  4. If pot was moved around in STAA trucks, that’d be an 8-lane highway by now, This entire argument is about continuing to suppress any real economy in Humboldt County so that the growers and the politicians they own can continue to run the show.

  5. Tread lightly here brothers and sisters. These people have the best parking spots in town and are certainly entitled to protest the injustices of life. I just wish they would let use open up the road.

  6. That’s it!! Where the hell is Jason Singleton? Disabled individuals are being denied their rights to ‘engage’ and ‘activate’. This has got to be the biggest ADA violation in recorded history!

    It is past time that the redwood trees were fitted with assistive devices anyway! What is the world coming to?

  7. So if the roots of the redwoods are cut to widen the road do they become disabled and thus subject to the American Disabilities Act?

  8. So… you guys get that they weren’t really paralyzed, right? I think the bugs are kidding. The sheriffs hauled the jackasses out in wheelchairs, which is where all the pictures came from..

  9. Cripes bugs

    I missed the protest? These bold eco warriors stood their ground to serve the noble purpose of creating opportunities for the dull and ignorant. These poor damned souls do need a place to go but (Sorry Gertrude) there really is no there, there. Yep I know it’s not exactly Redwood Summer, maybe it’s more like Sapling Friday with a particular emphasis on the Sap part.

    Those that need a cause to define themselves are amusing when they have to invent one….noble or otherwise. Indeed, if the moral outrage and righteous indignation of the uninformed did not exist, they’d find a way to invent it.

    But, the media loves a circus and these clowns fit the bill perfectly.

    It’s the Kimstarrgazing syndrome, a fairy land view of the world that is blithely innocent of the harsh obligations of fact, truth or reason.

    It is a sad commentary that, yes even you (and now I) my dear Bugs give them the attention they crave. In the end, attention is about all they’re going to get.

    Even perverse attention can lead to a self realized legitimacy.

    So many desperate for some small foothold on this strange and twisted pathway paved with souls.

    Kinda like dogs….they don’t care if you win or lose. Once engaged, they will defend an axe murderer in the same way they protect a saint.

    Guess I need to change my name.

  10. Dear JoBlo.
    The irony is not lost on me. Widen the door of a business to provide better access. Hum? A double standard here?

  11. Is it only me man, but THESE guys aren’t disabled. They were put in wheelchairs to move their lard asses out of the board chambers. Yo bros, they sprinted to their cars (yep the ones that can’t get a smog cert) after they were booked. Losers supplied to us by Salzman the pooch kicker. A dude that won’t even show up with them. One word – losers!

  12. Yes, friends, I know they’re not paralyzed. It’s satire. They’re perfectly capable individuals, aside from being utter retards.

  13. And here I had my heart set on pepper spray.

  14. Damn. I wonder if Bob Doran’s wife thinks this is funny?

  15. She has to sleep with Doran. Nothing could be funny for her.

  16. Maybe Walmart can start selling SoHum weed, which would satisfy these bozos and all the so-called “moderates”

  17. “moderates” who need some serious big box highway widening access ASAP

  18. My wife think you’re an asshole.

  19. Wow, Bob. Write much?

  20. “moderates” who support free enterprise.

    hate to tell you this, but the vast majority of the people in this country are capitalists. Try as you might, you will never, ever convince anyone that that is some kind of fringe belief we should all be ashamed of.

  21. A lack of journalistic ethics could be the least of your problems, Bob. Additionally, I think you might be stupid.

    Ha ha ha.

    You. Will. Never. Live. That. Down.

  22. So the prog gameplan is to just keep telling everyone who disagrees with them how wrong and stupid they are? Not much for inclusiveness, are they. They better hope to shit Bill Pierson doesn’t cut them off. He’s all they have.

  23. It’s not their only gameplan. They continue to do everything they can to stifle our local economy, and when things are really not going their way they come on this blog and call everybody Rob. Obviously only the best and brightest are involved in those strategies.

  24. What a shocking development to learn that Kim Starr was among the whactivists.

  25. Jesus, Bob. Really? My 8-year-old think she write better than you, and I think she may have a point.

  26. Dad, must you compare me to someone who rolled off the stupid bus last time it passed through town?

    Bob Doran is the perfect editorial helpmate for Tom Abate. Insipid, arrogant, didactic and unethical. They’ve got a lot in common.

  27. Yes, Bugs…not only was the illustrious Kimmy there, but Muskrat and Proulx-Preppie too! Talk about an all-star line up of home-grown, blithering idiots.

  28. “Arresting people during meetings? What a brilliant political move….The only thing people hate worse than being represented by lousy politicians are citizens hogging the mic in public-comment sessions.
    Mr. Nice says:
    March 11, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    Silence at the Herald – though they jumped all over Jimmy Smith over the Tad arrest.

    Has Lovelace “betrayed his base?” It is kinda funny that he is now having to deal with the forces his group used to unleash. Maybe the cute little puppy isn’t as well-behaved, performing only when ordered, as he would like. But, he has the in with Ken Miller. Couldn’t have him call of the dogs, eh?

  29. Bring back the bumper sticker that read

    Welcome to Humboldt.
    Want pepper with that?

  30. Wheelchairs? They must have been seriously weakened by that 20 minute hunger strike. And the lovely matching pastel t shirts. Nice touch losers. Not to mention the cans of Lysol it took to rid the supes chambers of the gawd awful stench.

  31. “After refusing to leave, six people were arrested while singing their protest of the Richardson Grove project Tuesday morning, disrupting a Humboldt County Board of Supervisors’ meeting. “

    For interested readers, the rest of today’s Times-Standard article written by the stalwart Allison White
    can be found here.

  32. The bug linked to it above.

  33. I just saw one of those skankbaggies roaming the streets of Eureka, high like a motherfucker and wearing the same clothes he had on yesterday. By all means let’s commission this group of citizens to make decisions for the rest of us.

  34. You mean one of the commisioners?

  35. Stalwart = tool

  36. Bob: Chill out. Tell the wife she can have a Sears Poncho and then she might think you are funny. Just a thought..do you have the wife cuffed and locked in a closet? Was just wondering because she didn’t post that remark. You did.

  37. Yes it is kind of old school – to put it politely – to speak for your womenfolk. Wouldn’t you agree?

  38. There is more funny in this thread than usual.

  39. This post reminds me of an oldie-but-goodie.

  40. Is that a real pancho or a Sears pancho? Ooch! Real handcuffs or the fur lined persuasion.My ass hurts just reading tghis blog!

  41. Hey Bob, my asshole thinks its your wife.

  42. Really Henry? Well Bob, my asshole thinks your its wife.

  43. Fuck Bob and his wife. Ooh my bad, that’s a scary visual.

  44. In fact my wife does not really think Ha Ha Nelson is an asshole, because she doesn’t know he exists. She doesn’t read blogs, doesn’t suffer fools like you. You can only wish you’ll some day meet a beautiful loving woman like her.

  45. And use her as a misidentified source in one of my news articles.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  46. Doran, I would suggest if your wife doesn’t read the blogs then you quit commenting for her you dickless turd. And while you’re at it start identifying her as your source when you write that drivel the NCJ publishes for you. (Which is too often just plain awful crap)

  47. You gotta admint these two in the photos make a lovely couple!

    How nice of them to take time off from their careers to share their opinions with the BOP, the County, and the rest of the country.

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