Community Development Disservices Department goes on the offensive

The Times-Standard today published a 650-word snark-fest by Martha Spencer, a senior Community Development Services planner who has worked on the county’s General Plan Update for the past eight or nine years.

Her message? Critics of the GPU process are “special interest groups” that don’t know what they’re talking about. In her view, the process hasn’t taken too long. It hasn’t cost too much. Oh and they’re gonna start issuing news releases!! Yay that. But there won’t be anymore pesky advisory groups, because the department has listened to this community’s crap for long enough already, thanks.

Well you’re welcome, Martha! And here’s a little something else. Since online comments to this My Word mysteriously disappeared, one Mirror reader asked us to add this message–if, you know, y’all can bear anymore of that irritating community input:

The level of acrimony expressed in this piece verges on disdain. If the intent were to bring people together by providing accurate or at least “official” information, you fail.

I agree that there has been misinformation but would note that much of it comes from the Community Development Services Department. Your Housing Element is and was a fraud, and probably an intentional one, so when you want to accuse others of spreading misinformation you might give some thought to what the pot said to the kettle and why, as a result, no one bothers to listen.

Too, it sounds like the big news being announced here is that you are now going to start issuing news releases. This announcement was made in such a way that assumed some level of interest by the general public, even though I’ve never heard one person suggest that what’s missing from the General Plan Update is a concerted public relations effort.

Rather, what’s missing is leadership, truthfulness, and a desire to act in the best interests of this community, rather than cover your asses and score political points. This letter corrects none of these defects.



35 Responses

  1. What do you think is going on with the Times-Standard comments? They disappear all the time now. And the North Coast Journal seems to have disabled comment links in many places, probably to discourage people from laughing at that horse’s ass who is now running the thing into the ground.

  2. I wonder what Bob Doran’s wife thinks of the GPU process?

    I guess we’ll have to read the Journal to find out.

  3. Go get em’ Rob!

  4. Charlie Sheen for Cary Grant, OK. But how could you do that to Princess Grace? Is this a new low for the Mirror?

  5. I don’t know who you should fear more – the Prince of Monaco’s lawyers or the Muslim Brotherhood for putting Gaddafi in pink.

  6. Will the real Andy Bird please shut- I mean stand up?

  7. As one commenter stated yesterday, the progs “continue to do everything they can to stifle our local economy, and when things are really not going their way they come on this blog and call everybody Rob. Obviously only the best and brightest are involved in those strategies.”

    That pretty much sums it up.

  8. Oh Andy, I wouldn’t worry. New lows are rather common here. Just give us a day or two and we’ll make you forget all about this one!!

  9. Who said you were Rob 9:45?

  10. Who’s on first??

  11. Cmon Bugs

    You always post these tasty morsels when I’m fasting in the middle of a circumspect and celibate yet palm treed wilderness.

    No hints on the Andy distraction (Hmmmm could be the name of a ska and polka fusion band. Or, the long awaited definitive treatise that finally illustrates the national significance off a great American comic book based in the life and political/social significance of the LaValley campaigns. “The Andy distration – how lose lose and lose huge in local camaigns..”

    This fleeting beach font sorely needs a palm tree.

    Come on pal……give ne a hinm before I go.

  12. nope, not with this crowd. Make that “give me a ‘hint”

  13. Andy wins this comment thread.

  14. Hey Martha, guess the party is over huh?

  15. Rob Arkley wrote her yesterday and copied a friend of mine on it who forwarded it to me. It is a good analysis.

    Dear Martha,
    In your letter in today’s T-S you make many wild and false assertions, but actually do stand-up and admit that three co-workers and you are actually a major part of the problem in the Planning Department. Everybody konws and understands that an accurate lot count is the foundation upon which a General Plan is built. Consider:
    Do you really assert that the current lot count is accurate?
    Have you reviewed the Housing Elements delivered by the County to the State over the years? Apparently, you and three of your co-workers, were responsibile. Initially, you asserted that there were 17,000 buildable lots. Now, you are down to 3,000 and we all konw that is grossly overstated.
    Given this, why should we believe anything you state in your letter? Truth matters. You have shown yourselves to be either incapable or unwilling to provide the truth. Your General Plan is built on a bad foundation.
    It is apparent that your three co-workers and you creeated key components that are the problems with the General Plan. Perhaps Kirk Girard is not the sole reason for the awful state of planning and that more fundamental shake-ups need to be made.
    Your letter is a great example of trash in and trash out, why we have no confidence in either the
    General Plan process and why we need to start over. Plain and simple: Your three co-workers and you are either incompetent or not to be trusted. Neither put us in a good place. It is a travesty that you have wasted taxpayer money. that fault is yours and we the taxpayer are unwitting vicitims footing the bill for your actions.

  16. Ouch Martha. Your ass should hurt with that one.

  17. Don’t worry, Rob will successfully sue the County anyway!

  18. Letter gives a good presentation of the facts. People are paying attention now. I love it.

  19. Me thinks she’s channeling Charlie Sheen. Winning! Winning! If you’re not with me your with the trolls!

  20. This is word for word what she read to the EKA city council. Hofweber wrote it and she read it. Hey Martha you were stupid to take the fall for Hofweber.

  21. Hey Martha, how come there are 10 hot dogs in a package but only 8 hot dog buns in a package?

  22. Someone ought to ask why Hofweber doesn’t have the balls to put his name on that My Word and had Martha submit it. Dickless comes to mind.

  23. Oh Tom. Oh Martha. We are waiting for your idiot response. Are we again stupid? How dare we? Get out of your way?

  24. And today Jen Kalt has a My Word written with someone that I can remember his name. They believe the General Plan Update (Rewrite) is going along OK – probably no apartments planned for their backyard.

  25. Anyone who follows the GPU knows Kalt is from the darkside. One mean prog. Never plays nice, always an ugly look on her face. she goes to all the planning meetings and represents her one of many prog groups, healthy humboldt. Healthy for who, ya refer to her web site for real information. Crock of shit.

  26. Kalt is pretty nasty and angry. One track closed minded gal without ethics.

  27. Holy crap Batman. Hblog has a skypilot troll. Funny as shit.

    Kalt is very closed minded, she is pissed at everything all the time. I see end organ damage in her future from high blood pressure. Also lack of love as the prog’s are not a very warm group.

  28. That’s the understatement of the year CTD.

  29. The proggies are warped out on HH melting down fater than Japan’s power plants. Hmmmmmm.

  30. Why tone down the rhetoric Bill Wennerholm? You use to really bring it back when you were only known as CTD.

  31. ann. 7:52 u r a real proggie noth’n. Bet you want a thousand units on top of u. Of course in your pink;o reality u will manage them and tell everyone which trail 2 walk on and what minimum wage job they must work. What a glorious world u will run comrad.

  32. There ya go Bill, bringing it strong! And obviously after knocking down several tasty adult beverages! Let’s just hope you didn’t drive yourself home last night.

  33. Its obvious CTD posts from a blackberry. Keypad sucks doesn’t it. You can zoom in to read but you vant see the danm keypad.

  34. Who’s the bigger asshole, Heraldo or Nick Bravo?

  35. Too close to call that one Brian.

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