Bugs use international tragedy as excuse for drunken indolence

What real problems look like

Like many of you, we’ve been glued to our TVs and computers the last several days watching the tragedy in Japan go from bad to worse. While we Bugs value our roles as ambassadors of the snarky and superficial, even we can’t pretend that the problems we face locally–industry loss, land use disputes and a bottle-necked economy–appear anywhere on the list of things that really matter right now. Still, onward and forward and that sort of thing. But for a while at least we might keep in mind that these little wars we wage are, in the larger scheme of things, over not very much at all.

Those who want to contribute to the relief effort can visit the Red Cross online or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your cell phone.



16 Responses

  1. It reminds you what’s important.

  2. But when will the snark resume? We need something to take our minds off of the real issues of the day.

  3. Such a prude. The Flying Heraldos didn’t let a little humanitarian crisis keep them from business as usual.

  4. First time I’ve agreed with you in ages.

  5. I couldn’t/can’t keep my eyes off what is happening over there.

    People I know in Japan have stories of just getting home from work that make me exhausted let alone the photos of people standing on rooftops as the water engulfs where they stand…

  6. OMG….hooda thunk….a common thread of humanity with the Bugs. I guess I DO believe in miracles.

  7. Really…luv u Bugs!!!! Hearts!

  8. Did we do something that wasn’t dumb and mean-spirited? Oh well. everyone has off days.

  9. It really must be the end of the world if the bugs aren’t bagging on progs. Seriously though their timing is right on. The progs at HH are busy complaining there won’t be enough pot shops in Eureka. We all have our priorities, I guess.

  10. Move the slider to compare satellite images Before and After

    As to the premise of your post – Amen.

  11. HH folks are whining about pot and there is a spattering of nuclear meltdowns interrupted by their hatred of all who disagree with their idiotic far left whack job conspiracy theories. So what’s new? Not much.

  12. Hey Bugs. Lovelace has really worse problems. No dick. No balls. No integrity either. I visited that Heraldo thing again. Plain Jane is obsessing about my penis size (must be a frustrated broad), that tra guy is pissed about his pot (we used to pee in a pot just think about that), a boor who calls himself Mitch believes the constitution is crap and a whack job calling himself lots of names but actually Greg Connors sounds like a screaming paranoid L Ron Hubbard on steroids. Wow. Its off to fly kites and please the gals.

  13. Talk about a funny morning, the whackaloons (this includes that socialist commie Eric) are blogging over at SoHum P about Eric running for clif’s seat or the Harbor commish. Proof that pot kills brain cells and they don’t grow back.

  14. Hummmm….worried about a shortage of ‘medicine’. Get young Master Kerrigan on that shit right away!

    They are pumping boron into the containment facilities in Japan, boron absorbs (sort of) the neutrons (the bad stuff) and helps to slow down the reaction. Come to think of it, boron=progs.

    Hey, guys, we have just solved the crisis at the facility in Japan, send them Eric, Mitch, Muskrat, Kimmy, Tom the Tool, Jane, Kaitlin and the rest of the players, and they can act globally, instead of just thinking globally and fucking up locally!

  15. moveon, redwood chapter. So new the only thing listed on the internet is Hblog stuff. Damn, Richard does not even form organizations anymore, just makes them up. Much cheaper that way, after all its the same old lame group.

    Eric couldn’t get elected for anything in Humboldt. Certainly not sup or harbor. He has no background, no track record, and is not well known outside his group of misfits.

  16. Live NHK in English

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