Anti-timber activist inadvertently tells the truth about something

Following decades of hyperbole about the timberlands formerly owned by the Pacific Lumber Company, it’s somewhere between jarring and refreshing to hear that maybe Charles Hurwitz was not, after all, forever teetering on the verge of cutting down the last redwood tree in Humboldt County.

In a My Word about a different tract of redwoods, Petrolia eco-warrior David Simpson takes credit for helping MRC acquire PL’s acreage–which he goes on to describe as”one of the true gems of the world’s forests.”


After all the barren moonscape this, environmental wasteland that, suddenly the trees the sky had been falling on for the last 20 years are the eighth goddamn wonder of the world?

Probably it’s hard to keep track of your talking points for that long.

Then again, Simpson and his eco-groovy compatriots have nothing to gain anymore from grossly exaggerating the conditions of that property.

They’ve moved on. Their current target is the 50,000-acre Usal Redwood Forest in northern Mendocino County, which millions of dollars in public funds are desperately needed to save.

And the purported condition of that property?

Simpson calls it “a remnant of heavily cutover forest.”

No doubt he means it for reals this time.

9 Responses

  1. The tree-huggers weren’t all that smart to start with. (Have you met Pete Nichols?) Generations of pot smoking hasn’t helped. At this point you’re more likely to find intelligent life on Mars.

  2. The progs will say whatever they need to say to get what they want. Just ask Mark Lovelace. He’s made a nice career for himself just plain making shit up.

  3. My God. Look ISF up and its sub groups. See the interconnected groups all supporting each other. Check out how one uses studies done by a sub group to justify their conclusions. One of my favorite prog words is stakeholders. Means someone who does not own shit but wants control of what someone else owns.

    Just read the double talk at the end of this guys my word. This has been going on far to long. Its like a sickness. Douche is right, Lovelace seems to be a general in this army of deceit.

    This group of people and the political folks that support them are a big part of what has screwed up Northern California. Like fucking cancer they have spread everywhere. Need to shed light on the darkness.

  4. Bring it Bill Wennerholm, bring it! Stronger! With authority!

  5. Like a true Prog, David is trying to rewrite history in an attempt to make his kind look not so mean spirited. The prog groups first wanted to have the government consfiscate PL timberlands by using the office of thrift supervision to bring a half assed case. A judge later awarded Hurwitz & Co the largest settlement ever against the federal government for abuse of power.
    Having failed at stealing the timberlands, the proggies attempted to wedge a half baked community forestry plan into the bankruptcy proceedings. The plan failed because it offered less than the other two serious plans presented to the judge. So, in a nutshell David’s plan lost because it sucked and he and his enviro buddies had no chance to walk off with the timberlands if they didn’t have the money. To say MRC won Palco because of David’s help and should now step aside in gratitude is a load of crock.
    David’s new plan appears to be using public funds (our dollars) to purchase timberland. I hear a lot about how the redwood forest foundation and these working community forests are a win win solution, but I do wonder how long B of A is going to let their loan sit out for the earlier purchase without getting paid.
    Problem with these rainbow stew types is it’s never their own money, but someone else’s that gets to foot the bill. If you don’t like Hurwitz for borrowing money to buy timber, you should be pissed that these proggies are attempting to loot the public treasury to put it off limits.

  6. Give me mine! Give me mine!

  7. What’s the big? Give the progs the millions they want. It’s not like we need it for anything else. By all means. Buy some trees. According to David, letting trees sit there not being cut will be an economic boon for everyone.

  8. Talking about a nutjob prog finally telling truth? Over on Eric’s close minded prog blog douche bag Plain Jane just admitted that she and tra are in fact trolls. Such a mean ass gal. I can’t help wondering who pisses in her Cheerios every morning.

  9. If you haven’t already discovered the hard way, Bill Wennerholm is a very crappy Chiropractor

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