Someone told her, right?

One former elected official's Twitter account is in serious need of an update. Probably she's just been busy doing, you know, stuff.

11 Responses

  1. I cannot tell a lie. The broad has no idea what the truth is or how to tell it. Maybe she thinks that by leaving it up, some loser somewhere might be fooled and offer the dishonest ousted old bitty a job.

  2. I hear she is still meeting with department heads and her new “clients”. She can really hang her head high. Pun not intended.

  3. Well, someone may have told her – probably the same ‘fans’ that attended the pay off Bonnie’s post-election loss fund raiser party…

    Problem is, she and her siblings and in-laws STILL live here, and still think she’s wonderful.

    She’ll probably start having all of her meals now at the bar at the Waterfront – hoping someone will pick up the tab – like Patty, and John, and Jimmy – er – no – wrong bar!

  4. Guys, old news about the old bag. So what? There is SO much more out there to voice about. Just look at the HH. It makes me sick but I still do it. It makes me sick to know people really believe the shit they post over at HH. Here are some anti HH topics you can get on right now.
    Japan Energy management
    Pot dispensaries
    Move on.orgasm protest
    cutting the budget of waste
    Patty Bergs suicide

  5. Bonnie who?

  6. That’s right Brian. Now its Bonne who. Bet the hag is whoring for the marijuana folks now. She needs her bills paid.

  7. It’s like when a former president is still called Mr. President. Or a major retired is called The Major. But kind of silly. Ms. Supervisor.?. or Madam Supervisor.?.

  8. Or just plain Madam. It fits under the whoring circumstances. Boy bonbon does take after her clone Kerrigan. (Btw. Seen his face lately? Meth?)

    Its not the same as president or major. Sorry it just isn’t.

  9. Think Bass has a fighting chance for the Coastal Commission seat?

  10. Arcata is throwing ecolib Marky in the race for CCC. The big problem is most don’t want this bozo to represent them. We have little choice in the matter. The CCC is out of control now, as is the HumCo building dpt with that assclown Kaptin Kirk. We don’t need these libs in our government services. You all know the results.

  11. Giving Marky any power is a scary thing. Prog’s will think they died and went to heaven.

    When you hear the bird tweet, you know who is focusing their energy on the selection. This is not good for Humboldt, or the state in general.

    Have not seen Chris boy in a while, as much as I do not appreciate him would not wish shit like that on anyone.

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