Short-lived NCJ editor accepts new position as unemployed douchebag

Abate Abated!

And we’re gonna venture a wild-ass guess that the new gig wasn’t exactly his idea.

Either way, good luck to Tom Abate. We suspect he’s going to need it.

While we’re on the subject of “good,” dare we now hope that The Hotness That Is Jennifer Savage will return??

Let it be so! And let the schadenfreude begin!!


22 Responses

  1. Does anyone here think Hodgson learned a valuable lesson? Or will the imperious high-handedness continue?

  2. Schadenfreude?


    I love it when the bugs use big words.

  3. Where do you think Hank’s schadenfreude party will be held?

  4. I’d heard Abate was trolling around trying to drum up a sympathetic portrait of Arkley in a last-ditch attempt to make a friend and keep his job. No one had the heart to tell him that he wasn’t friend material, and Jesus Christ himself couldn’t have saved him from the hole he’d dug.

  5. Stunning that Bob Doran wasn’t offered the editor job instead, isn’t it? He’s been there many years longer than Ryan Burns. Maybe Hodgson isn’t so stupid after all.

  6. I can no longer tell if Judy Hodgson is running a newspaper or directing a Saturday Night Live sketch. Anyone?

  7. Hybrid unemployment.

  8. The hat, as the bugs like to say – Awesome.

  9. I guess he won’t have anymore stupid readers. Like ever again.

  10. WINNING!

  11. Hey, did Abate piss in the bugs’ cheerios? I was looking forward to a NCJ without the usual stupidness. Guess we are gonna have to settle for more mindless drivel. Sigh.

  12. Holy shit, Anonymous. Have you not been paying attention? I’m an asshole! And in 6 weeks I didn’t write anything anyone found interesting.

  13. Atleast we got rid of Sims in the process. He always had to find a way to weave Arkley into everything. Hodgson’s article was a good start. Hopefully Burns keeps it Fair & Balanced.

    We can always sic Gans on him if they take another wrong turn.

  14. I hope they expand their soduku section!

  15. HaHaHa Burns is not neccessarily an improvement but the lesser of 2 evils compared to Abate. NCJ reader if you are being sarcastic, I agree. Other than that the rest of the comments so far are pricless! Thumbs up to all.

  16. Jen Savage’s return may just save the NCJ from complete extinction.


  18. I wouldn’t assume Hank wants to go back.


  20. Easthouse was the worst ever, and I mean ever. A prog buffoon with zero cred in this county. For proof of that, take a close look at his many successes since getting drummed out of the NCJ. You won’t find any. At all.

  21. The secret to understanding Hank Sims is to recognize his unrelenting fear of being perceived as pro-Arkley. It was almost an illness, like paranoia or something. It destroyed whatever objectivity he might have otherwise had. It’s too bad he didn’t have a stronger sense of himself. I think he would have been a much better editor.


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