Petitioners call Lovelace a potential “embarrassment” to Governor

Huh. No mention of his Napoleon complex. Probably that's assumed.

A petition Mark Lovelace circulated to get Mark Lovelace appointed to the California Coastal Commission has been seriously upstaged by a competing petition titled “Mark Lovelace is wrong for California.”

The petition does a good job of stating the obvious:

Mark Lovelace fails to recognize the need for balance between economic growth and environmental preservation. His positions are extreme and he is a divisive force in our community. His appointment to the Coastal Commission would be both damaging to the economy of California and an embarrassment to you, our Governor.

While it’s true that our Governor has previously displayed an impressively high tolerance for embarrassment, his handling of the budget suggests he is not totally impervious to economic realities. It will be interesting to see what he does with this appointment.

So far, 149 people have signed the online petition, with an additional 700 signatures submitted to HCAOG during the wee wonder’s last attempt at world domination only three months ago.

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39 Responses

  1. His dishonesty and utter lack of character are also assumed. What a little tiny itty bitty teensy weensy prick.

  2. Check out this comment from the petition:

    “Also, while Mr Lovelace talks a good environmental talk, he has gone out of his way to help a few developers who have contributed generously to his campaign. We need someone with good ideas, not another self serving politician.”

    Ditto that.

  3. Another comment: “Mark has been very critical of the efforts of our grand jury and vocal against projects that would turn a brownfield into a wetland and a development that would give Eureka much needed jobs. I just don’t think he can be objective to weigh the need to protect resources will allowing for economic, social and cultural needs of communities. Virginia, Ken and Jeff would be better choices.” Couldn’t agree more.

  4. Hell no, Mark. I am going to sign this thing right away.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mark is no crazier than several other anti-economic loonies on the commission. It serves no one to have that body so imbalanced. We need some moderate representation. Or, better yet, get rid of the damn thing and let local governments govern themselves.

  6. Mark isn’t progressive. He’s regressive and power hungry. He is a shitty supervisor, a shitty person and would be a shitty appointment.

  7. I see alot of Republicans, er, I mean “moderate Democrats” on that list!

  8. How predictable 5:24. Anyone who doesn’t duck step with the ultra left is a republican. You suck big. But don’t cry, plain Jane sucks too and we have to hide Franklin and his family jewels because she’s so demented. Mitch still is about as unamerican and antidemocratic as the lunatic gat get. Greg Connors still thinks he’s Dean’s screaming twin and tra is too stoned too tell shit from shinola. But what the hek, I got a chainsaw for my birthday and I am headed off for a date with Luna right after I have sex with Julia Butterfly in front of a group of unwashed and stoned Richardson Grove Anti-Road Widening nutjobs.

    Hugs Bugs!

  9. Moderate Democrats and Republicans agree on many points, as do communists and progressives. There are, however, distinctions worth making in both cases.

  10. Why are ya’ll moderate democrats so obsessed with the Humboldt Herald and it’s regulars? Why even bother?

  11. I must say that I find it terrifically amusing that moderates would be belittled for their ability to find common ground with people from other parties. Laugh it up, prog friends, and then recall that that’s exactly how we kicked your ever-loving asses in the last election. So when you get tired of losing, try the novel approach of getting along with others, rather than alienating everyone you know with your stupid expressions of ideological purity. Just FYI on that.

  12. That’s what we call a bugslap.


  13. Major big slap. Atta bug!

  14. Ooh btw Plane Jane…blow me if you dare.

  15. How many of you moderates voted for Jerry Brown?

    Meg Whitman would have delivered you a conservative for the Northcoast CCC seat

  16. It took a global recession to finally win a couple seats on the Eureka City Council. Congrats.

  17. I voted for Brown. Fiscal moderate, social liberal, political realist. I can live with that.

  18. Not a bad combo. That, and Whitman seemed to have an awful lot of difficulty governing her own life. Being governor was way outside her range.


  20. Well HCAOG shot down Lovelace last night. It was hysterical to listen to the usual whiners from Trinidad (kathy) and Blue Lake (Sherman). The divide and conquer bullshit just bit him in the ass. Bugs you are correct when you say they got their ass kicked because they refused to seek common ground.

  21. Lovelace has bigger problems than the Coastal Commission. He has a dysfunctional Planning Department and looming drastic budget disasters.

    Let’s see him deal with those issues before he goes climbing up the ladder, and assuming a seat in the Musical Chairs Party.

    What’s more – let’s see some action in the ‘making things better for this county’ department. So far he’s been a big part of the job-killer side of the fence.

    There’s some indication that he doesn’t agree in full with their actions – but in the interests of keeping his “base” he dare not buck the puppet masters. HIs support of Gallegos being a case in point.

    The agenda is everything with this man. And the agenda is not good for Humboldt County.

  22. I’m not aware of the extreme positions Mark has taken, but I don’t pay super-close attention to the county machinations. What are some examples of his extremism?

  23. Really, Kevin? You’re not aware? And you’ve been a journalist in Arcata for how long? But then if you stated that group selection harvesting is “otherwise known as clearcuts,” I guess we shouldn’t expect too much from you.

    Good of the Herald folks to post a link to the petition. That’s how I found out about it.

  24. I guess I knew that my question would trigger the usual courageously anonymous blog-grade insults. But if anyone would like to respond either here or by e-mail with something substantive about the Lovelace extremism so frequently cited but not specified, I would like to know about it.

  25. Tip to Kevin- go look at Rose’s blog for details. With the implosion of the NCJ and continued slide of the TS, there is an opportunity for a real newspaper to make it’s mark. If the eye can’t step up and report, we should bring back the Eureka Reporter.

  26. Kevin: how about his position of not allowing a single family home in rural areas. If you can’t hook up to a sewer line then no home. If you can’t hook up to municipal water line then no home. If you are serviced by CDF or a volunteer fire dept, then no home.

  27. How about making all single family homes conditional and subject to CEQA review? That means a full EIR to build your home in all unincorporated area? You know what that is or how much it is. Could be 200k plus. Then it would be subject to lawsuits to challenge it. That’s not extremist. IT IS INSANE.

  28. Can I say I read the article in the TS and couldn’t figure out squat. Way to go Donna you can’t report shit. Another who gives a shit. Our paper doesn’t do squat They can’t even report. Send someone in who doesn’t know shit and we aRe supposed to know what? Oh yeah squAt.

  29. I just got a building permit for a single family residence, with variance (F&G) on a lot requiring a well & septic system. Took 3 months.

    Should I thank/blame Mark Lovelace?

  30. the new plan isn’t adopted yet dummy @ 9 53.

  31. I think 9:53 is a troll. Everyone in the know knows lovelece’s dream baby is infill and stopping rural homes. He has his puppet Cliffy on that role too.(Great talking onts Cliff when you told the realtors that last meeting!) That’s why Mark was pushing so hard for Bonnie over Virginia and Pat over Ryan. He said so. Ya know I hate trolls who spread disinformation.

    Your correct about Tam and the writing. Incomprehensible!

  32. Shit. That’s talking points (not onts!)

  33. Ok 9:53. I am going to type really SLOW so you can follow. Right now you can simply get a permit because it is principally permitted. If midget gets his way it will no longer be principally permitted, it will cange and be conditional. Because its conditional you’ll have to pay for a full EIR which process can take years (seen it take over 15 yrs for a lot split to 1 house on 25 acres even though the density was 25 times that) and the EIR was over 300k. That’s not even factoring in the legal fees you face with the challenges that will be guaranteed from the anti crowd. That’s reality in the midget’s dream Humboldt. And, that IS extreme.

    Gotta go now, have fun reading this slow 9:53.

  34. It’s hard to belive that we are still having the conversation about whether Mark is “outside of mainstreme”.

    A real centrist, this one.

  35. err, mainsteam 🙂

  36. Kevin, oh Kevin. The dude thinks Ayers is cool! A dude responsible for blowing things up. A dude who said he’d do it again and a dude who thinks Sirhan Sirhan is cool too. If that isn’t an example of extreme I don’t know how to make it clearer. Shit, only in Humboldt.

  37. I seriously don’t think I’ve ever seen Mark with a smile that big on his face as that picture of him with the terrorist.

    I’m just sayin’

  38. Yo, Kev?

  39. It’s a good thing Rob & Cherie Arkley have hired help in their petition drive. I’m not sure either one is actually capable of spelling the word “petition.”

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