The Humboldt Mirror says goodbye to a friend

Chris Crawford

Chris Crawford, respected community member and longtime friend of the Humboldt Mirror, died over the weekend following a brief battle with cancer.

Chris was a well-liked businessman, an outspoken advocate for campaign finance reform, and a man who gave generously of his time and money to more causes than we can count.

Most of all, he was one hell of a decent human being. He will be missed.

Memorial service plans are still being firmed up but will be reported here when arrangements are confirmed.


23 Responses

  1. “One hell of a decent guy” doesn’t even scratch the surface of how great Chris was.

  2. Sometimes there is not enough words, so” one hell of a decent guy” has to cover it. RIP,another good one goes down.

  3. So sad. Humboldt County is going to miss this Gentleman. Piercing wit, compassionate, friendly neighbor and outspoken advocate. RIP Chris!

  4. Chris was a class act, & one hell of a moderate Democrat

    He will be missed

  5. I heard the funeral will be at the Arkley Center on April 11.

  6. The memorial date has changed a couple of times. I don’t think anyone knows for sure yet.

  7. Chris will be missed for sure. What a great guy.

  8. Chris, you were a good man and a great friend. I miss you already.

  9. I think one should watch for when the final date is advertised but it is not April11. Having known Chris and worked with him, words cannot express the loss I feel and the feeling is shared by many.

  10. What a loss to this community. Chris was just so smart and funny and warm, and like the post says he gave so much to so many people.

  11. What I am left with are the trolls on HH who have had to draw back with this news. Except for loonie tunes Sylvia De Roy who is still ranting about the unconstitutional Measure T. Wonder if she is accusing the very liberal federal judge of being the anti christ for ruling the way she did?

  12. It is for sure; Arkley Center, Monday, April 11th, 5- 7:00 pm….

  13. This is so very sad. I’ve known Chris for over 20 years and didn’t even know he was sick. So this comes as quite a shock. He represented for me all of the things that are good about Humboldt County. Such a loss.

  14. Amazing

    With the loss of one genuinely good man. The H posters and the Bugs posters are in unison.

    Hard to top that. A guy who is respected by his detractors and his friends alike. Hell of a legacy.

    Chris didn’t want anyone to think of him in terms of his illness Another Friend. To the end he swore he’d beat the disease.

    It’ll be a diverse crowd at his party….a tribute to his character.

    Even David Cobb wrote a respectful email to the Times Standard about Chris today. Should be in tomorrow’s paper. Now, that’s impressive.

  15. Yep, it is April 11.

  16. Mr. Crawford contributed greatly to this community. Many owe so much to him.

    For those knowing him or who missed this, the Times-Standard article of his life and times
    is here.

    His obituary
    can also be read here.

  17. Thanks, skippy.

  18. 😦

  19. Let me be the wet blanket here to put a better perspective on things. Chris was not a bad guy but neither was he a saint. He had a huge ego that he had to feed all the time. He was a tireless self promoter.

    A little google tells us that he ran for supervisor and came in fourth place. He was not beloved by all.

  20. Dear Sourpuss, it’s good you’re a realist. Your moniker tells us all we need to know. Only a bottom feeder like you needs to feed his/her own ego by seeing his bile printed in a memorial thread.

    May nobody attend your funeral and may your obit be a reflection of your hideousness: “Sourpuss died in agony yesterday. He died as he lived and we’re glad that he’s gone”.

  21. That Sourpuss. One class act.

  22. Sourpuss – and what have you done? Exactly?

    In any competition there is only one winner. That does not mean there is anything wrong with those who ran…

    The Fifth District, for example, routinely has 5 or 6 people contending, and often they are all qualified and would make good Supervisors. One wins. That doesn’t take away from the others.

    Better than being a (anonymous) troll.

  23. I worked with Chris a couple of times. He treated people well and and always had a big smile.

    We didn’t see eye to eye on some things but I still respected him for his tenacity and drive. He didn’t have to put people down to raise himself up.

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