Graphics Dept. unveils newest hobby sensation!

Marky Poo Lovelace Paper Doll Collection

While Humboldt County residents are trapped indoors from what seems like never-ending Biblical-proportion rain, the Humboldt Mirror Graphics Department dorks want to offer a pastime to while away the wet weather.

Yes folks, it’s the North Coast Proggie Paper Doll set. First up for your enjoyment is the Marky Poo Edition. Just click the link. Print out the paper doll. Carefully cut along the edges. We’ll provide the outfits. (When the Graphics Dept. is not on a PBR bender, of course.)

Because even if the hyperbolic Third District Supervisor isn’t really as big a champion for the environment, jobs or improving the county as he claims, we can always just dress him up to be. Right? Game on.

In keeping with the theme of Marky’s quest to land a spot on the California Coastal Commission and kill any hopes of a cleanup of Eureka’s Balloon Track property or Security National’s Marina Center project, here’s the wee fella’s first change of clothes.

Enjoy friends!


24 Responses

  1. Ooh ooh. Dress him up like Bob Doran’s wife!

  2. I’m gonna lose my lunch.

  3. FYI, we’re not responsible for lost lunches, coffee screen/keyboard spatter or head injuries do to unstable chairs and uncontrolled laughter.

  4. I’m not sure what went wrong in this artist’s rendering, but I AM NOT that big. Thanks anyway!

  5. This schtick is getting old.

  6. What schtick are you referring to Thirdeye?

  7. Yeah Thirdeye, this schtick is awesome compared to the senseless blathering going on elsewhere. I need something to laugh about in my life.

  8. I know Mark’s thinking is backwards, but what’s with the reverse arms? That is just weird.

  9. Abe, you want to handle this one?

  10. Mark is just weird. He also has no package.

    Ps Plain Jane is still a raving lunatic with nothing better to do than sit on 2 blogs all day and rant to Mitch and Tra. Sucks to be her.

  11. First all the cock talk about Doran and now nude Lovelace dolls?

    Moderate Democrats gone queer?!? WTF?

  12. Nope moderate Dems going viral. We are done. Fuck the midget and the dishonest Doran.

  13. That is just so wrong on so many levels…even for me. Obviously the Graphics Dept. has slivened to shots of “Jack” with there PBR.

  14. According to, Jacque Custeaus Ghost’s comment reads: “You stupid mongrel. I cannot believe how much you offended me. I will pull out your head and fuck down below your neck.”

  15. That’s pretty much what we were hoping! Thanks, friend!!

  16. Hey Mirror. You guys do realize that his name was denied to go before the governor for suggestions for the Coastal Commission right?

  17. I can’t recognize all the words in Jacque’s rant…but I do know that merde is French for “shit”. Guess you can get a better feel for his sentiment now.

  18. No fighter, it was not – it just wasnt forwarded by HCAOG.

    It was forwarded on by the county.

  19. “Snicker, Snort, Guffaw! Too funny! Better stock up the Graphic Guys with plenty of PBR, because they will need to get really wasted to top this!”

    We could put some nads on people’s faces. That might top this….

  20. the midget is a real tool. But what type? I say a hammer. What say U ?

  21. annon, sorry I am not a lez. Nothing wrong with that . Hell ,it works for the midget and seems to for you as well . If the midget isn’t up to being a hammer how about just a hammer handle? By the by annaon I enjoy my man who really does have a TOOL!

  22. Troll alert. Nasty ass prog going bonkers.

  23. I guess the annon thinks anyone that disagrees is this bill fellow. What’s the little tool that proctologists ( forgive my spl)use to look up one’s ass? That is the tool the midget brings to mind. Bye the by, so happy that all this irritates you annon! LOL!!!!!

  24. ha!ha! me too 10;46. What kind of tool is marky mark ? The rag you wipe up with.

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