Community development director packs his bags

Kirk Girard, the controversial director of the county’s Community Development Disservices Department, has accepted a similar appointment in Bell, California.

Girard told the Mirror that he will always love Humboldt County, but his beliefs and values were more consistent with those demonstrated by Bell’s leadership.

“We just think alike,” he said. “In many ways, it’s like going home.”

According to the city’s website, Girard’s starting pay will be $785,000 a year plus benefits, bonuses, performance incentives, longevity increases, bribes, payouts, payoffs, a county car and a team of skilled defense attorneys.

19 Responses

  1. Ha! That sounds like a perfect cultural fit for him.

  2. If only dreams did come true…

  3. Now that is a truly masterful April Fool joke! Like Girard could be removed by anything as simple as money. It will take a sex scandal of epic porportions, major money changing hands, setting the Courthouse on fire and getting caught with meth during a DUI stop to dislodge him from his perch.

  4. Nah. He could kick puppies and diddle kiddies and he wouldn’t go anywhere.

  5. Oh April Fools Day. I thought it was too good to be true.

  6. Maybe if he kicked kiddies and diddled puppies.

  7. Love you bugs. I just wish this were true!

  8. Crap bugs. Off topic but funny. Eric has a post up on polls and how stupid people are. Of course the usual idiots mitch, Tra etc. My favorite line is from the pompous kmow it all eric when he writes:

    “That about a third of the country can’t tell you how long it takes the sun to orbit the Earth – okay, I’m happy to blame that on the education system or whatever.”

    Guess he never learned the earth orbits the sun! Idiot supreme!

  9. Funny stuff !!!

  10. So wanting to slap Bugs right now. If wishes were dishes.

  11. Awww shit! I had hopes this was true, so unbelievably true. To have our county ride of this A+Majoir ASSHole. I could have been a dream come true. You almost had me until the salary, everyone knows a position like that would only be 180K/year.

  12. So 6:42, little Eric believes the sun orbits the Earth? Typical prog thought…everything revolves around them.

    Now back to Girard, reports are that he’s made frantic calls to the city councils, CSD’s and Chambers begging them not to join together to toss his GPU f’up out. Time to pay the butcher’s bill. Karma. Just plain karma. How does it feel when 75 percent of the community thinks you suck Kirk?

  13. This is why humor should be left to the experts !

  14. to damn bad that our two new sups are buying his line of BS. The election has not rewarded us as much as it has the elected. Get off your butts and get rid of this screw up

  15. It was a nice dream. Just the though of him being gone was great rush. Maybe for Christmas. what a present for Humboldt County.

  16. I think its Jimmy Smith who has to get off his butt.

  17. Love the new moderation settings!

  18. Is Connect the Dots really the MCSD Board Member?

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