Lovelace roadtrips to Sactown to lobby for Coastal Commission seat

It's worth noting that Brown's podium is only 4 feet tall.

According to sources close to the Third District Supervisor, Mark Lovelace isn’t sparing any taxpayer expense promoting himself to Gov. Jerry Brown in hopes of securing an appointment to the California Coastal Commission.

The diminutive elected official and former banjo builder reported during the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday that he had attended several recent events at the State Capitol.

Included in Lovelace’s whirlwind tour was Gov. Jerry Brown’s presser on March 30 proclaiming “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day,” a proclamation event declaring March 31 as “César Chávez Day,” a correctional system reform legislation signing ceremony for AB 109, and the governor’s keynote speech at the California Medical Association’s Annual Legislative Leadership Conference.

When pressed by the CAO’s staff, he also admitted to attending the Gov.’s recent rally for Girl Scouts where Lovelace apparently interrupted the event with chants of “Oooo, ooo!!! Pick me, pick me!!!”

10 Responses

  1. I seem to recall a similar image of Mark desperately waving is hand to get Gov. Arnold’s attention. It didn’t work then. Let’s hope it doesn’t work now.

  2. Brown announced 14 appointments for various commissions yesterday (

    No word on the North Coast’s rep to the Coastal Commission, but I’d bet it’s coming in the next few days.

  3. Go get’em Rob

    SNSC to the rescue

  4. Anon @ 2:28, Wow! which asshat from HH are you anyway…record time on the Rob thing.

    So, the magic midget is sniffing up Moonbeams butt in Sacto, must have been on his way when he took pictures of the slide. Oh, yes and let just think for a minute……that’s it, the fiber optic, the lone fiber optic line and a campagin promise and….well, everybody has to learn to live with dashed hopes and smashed dreams.*sigh*

    I wish I had some of that rolicking good humor that is so prevelant in some areas of Humboldt, you know, around the areas that Marky-poo seems to frequent (not his district of course)

  5. Putting aside the Arkley obsession of some people, just what mainstream people are for Mark anon 2:28? I don’t see it. Please show me how this is playing out as Mark’s overwhelming support from the vast majority of the community vs. R.A.?

  6. Hysterical Bugs. Effing hysterical. And it looks like you made it above the fold in the Arcata Eye’s April Fool’s edition. Way to go.

  7. I luv Josesphine ………….

  8. mainstream doesn’t mean shit! this butt plug is a progs prog. Brown has always been a fan of butt plugs.

  9. lovelace has a package to small to be an effective butt plug. his ego makes up for it though

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