Security National reduces local workforce by 31

How long do you think it will take for the Arkley obsessives to celebrate local job loss?

EUREKA, Calif., April 7, 2011 – SN Servicing Corporation, a member of the Security National family of companies, announces today that it will reduce its workforce by 49 positions, including 31 employees in its Eureka headquarters.

The reduction in force reflects the upcoming expiration of one of its contracts to manage portfolios of home mortgages currently owned by a large national financial institution. SN Servicing Corporation has managed the portfolio since 2009.

“We are currently in negotiations with several large financial institutions to assume management of additional mortgage portfolios,” said Sandra Austin, Senior Vice President of Loan Administration.

Security National has several operating subsidiaries that specialize in Insurance, Real Estate Investment, Mortgage Investments, and, during the past three years, Managing Mortgages and Real Estate owned by Financial Institutions and Government Agencies.

“While we have seen conditions improve in our Commercial Real Estate and Insurance divisions, our third-party servicing portfolio continues to be affected by reduced volumes of home loan originations and whole loan trading activities due to current market conditions,” said Ron Williams, Chief Operating Officer.

Founded in 1987, SN Servicing Corporation specializes in providing distressed home owners flexible solutions and personalized service with the goal of keeping them in their homes.

For more information on SN Servicing Corporation, visit or e-mail


30 Responses

  1. Jesus. How long do you think it will take the Arkley obsessives to get the number right? Both the NCJ and the Herald are reporting 41 layoffs.

    Maybe Progressivism causes brain damage.

  2. Oh. Well Andy Bird wants everyone to be sympathetic about the layoff, because some of the people losing their jobs may be Progressives. The rest of yous can go to hell.

    Andrew Bird says:
    April 7, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    With all due respect, I don’t like the idea of relishing in the fact 31 Humboldt residents are losing their jobs. I know a few people who work at Security National and they are as non-political and sweet as you can get. Some of the 31 of these employees losing their jobs may be progressives. These people are probably pretty scared right now. The job market in this economy is so tough. It could take years for some or all of them to find comparable employment again. When I read news like this, it makes me thankful I have a secure job in these times. My heart goes out to anyone who loses theirs through no fault of their own.

  3. Others losing their jobs might be “non-political and sweet.” But you conservative unemployed people–yeah! Take that!

  4. That Andy Bird’s job is secure demonstrates in a nutshell what’s wrong with government employment. Only the stupid survive.

  5. Another commenter is equally sympathetic:

    Not A Native says:
    April 7, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    You know, when a war ends and weapon production is curtailed, many munitions workers lose their jobs. Sad isn’t it?

  6. Where did the other blogs get the 41 from?

  7. Clearly, it’s 49 total and 31 local. Whose news release are they quoting?

  8. Sad day.

  9. 2+2, I think brain damage is the cause, not the result, of “progressive” thought.

  10. I agree, Word. Fascism and economic collapse are the results.

  11. I also agree with Native Son. Sad day, all the way around.

  12. “How long do you think it will take for the Arkley obsessives to celebrate local job loss?”

    That started yesterday.

  13. “Arkley Obessives”, pretty much sums it up. I can recall similar instances when local job losses were celebrated by the pseudo-intelligentsia of the progs.

    What I really want to say is: “Well done!” to the Graphics Dept for the stellar banner. Colonel-for-life Fuckin’Daffy and the Magic Midget, a concentrated helping of ego and stupid.

  14. Yes, Buggers, it’s 49, not 41. My bad. I put some band-aids on my ears to staunch the flow of my rapidly liquefying brain. Before it drains out entirely, maybe Rose should give me credit for inadvertently soft-pedaling the news.

  15. Buggers??!! Hrrrumph!

  16. Well, Bugs, he did mention that his brain is liquefying….prolonged exposure to the Salzman type of hard radiation will do that.

  17. Now that’s funny JB.

  18. Job losses like this are always sad–no matter who you are or what you believe. Unfortunately, in the future there are only going to be two major employers in Humboldt–government and growers. That doesn’t make for a well rounded community. And Bird, your name suits you–you are a fucktard.

  19. Credit where credit is due, Burns? What I was referring to is the ongoing obsession with Arkley coming to full front – and the lauding of Baykeeper. A point I have made long before your time is that if a paper promotes the job and business killers, the paper is cutting its own throat, as soon there will be no advertisers. there’s a line between journalism and advertising to be sure, but there’s also reality – and in order to stay in business, you need a healthy community. With businesses and jobs and a healthy ability for people to prosper – and I don’t mean illegally.

    Chide me if you will. Reality is what it is.

  20. Let me put it another way – I expect to see the Arkley obsession on the blogs – one specifically – and I see the general sympathies of the media – and like it or not, tones come through in writing. Writers are artists, and are able to make words sing, are able to choose one word that says it all – that ability is not easily turned off – and so, inadvertently, things come across that perhaps you don’t intend. Whether it’s pot or Arkley or something else.

    One thing you ought to be aware of is that the various factions have figured out how easy it is to get to your thought process. Once it was figured out that reporters are all over the blogs all day long, it was a short leap to knowing they could be influenced.

    What do you do to guard against being influenced?

  21. Yeah. The facts are: what calls itself the “press” not only gets stuff from the blogs, they are now attributing shit to anon bloggers and Heraldo. Embarrassing and lazy shites.

  22. some good stuff

  23. Leapin lizards Bugs. Their is a core meltdown bigger than in Japan over at HH. Evidently Samoa SB posted somrthing that has got their pubies pinches. Must be smarting pretty bad for that reaction. Get out you decoder rings folks.

  24. Leapin lizards Bugs. Their is a core meltdown bigger than in Japan over at HH. Evidently Samoa SB posted something that has got their pubies pinched tight. Must be smarting pretty bad for that reaction. Get out you decoder rings folks.

  25. Bugs. 11:11 wasn’t supposed to post. Sorry.

  26. Glad you made the cut Humbug

  27. Time to block more IP addresses

  28. Graphics, put down the freakin PBRs and work you lazy aholes. I’m bored. The drama queen crap at HH is past yawnsville. Mow get up and work.

  29. If your bored go over to Hblog, some anon just twisted the shit out of Pj and Mitch. Has them both lubed up. Funny as shit.

    This is a much better site, but I just love to see those two clowns whining.

  30. Why thank you CTD. It didn’t take much to twist the shit out of them.

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