Community Development has done plenty of communicating about the General Plan Update, thank you, which is why they now have to do a shit-ton more of it

This is the image that greeted web viewers more than an hour before the GPU meeting actually ended.

After months of attributing concerns about inadequate communication regarding the county’s General Plan Update to “special interest groups” spreading “misinformation,” Both Kirk Girard and his snarky senior planner Martha Spencer admitted today that they had failed to incorporate or even solicit input from key stakeholders.

The admissions were made near the start of a six-hour meeting that reportedly ended with a unanimous decision to defer discussion about pausing the GPU process or creating an advisory group that would keep the planning process focused on the will of the people, rather than the will of the Planning Commission.

Community Development Disservices staff were, however, instructed to solicit the input of local cities, Community Services Districts and tribes–something that 12 years into the process Girard’s staff never bothered to do.

A few observations along the way, if we may.

  • If you’re going to hold a meeting to defend against allegations of shoddy communication, your argument is not helped when the speakers for the overflow crowd in the courthouse lobby don’t work, the computer stream cuts out before the end of public comment, and the TV feed goes dead in the middle of boardmember deliberations. Just FYI.
  • When Arcata City Councilboy Shane Brinton stands up and calls those who care about our local economy an “unholy alliance” of “greedy people,” we’re reminded that he is, after all, 12 years old, which is why his was far and away the most arrogant and immature voice in the room. We expect he’ll cultivate a more nuanced grasp of economic issues once his mom cuts off his allowance.
  • Natalynn DeLapp, if you’re going to sit behind the podium, all of your whispering, texting and giggling like a drunken sorority girl end up on TV, and your reputation as irrelevant political eye-candy remains firmly intact. As much as we normally enjoy ogling your rack, even we were relieved when you left, probably to get your nails done.
  • Spoiler alert: Scott Greacen threatened litigation. With a straight face and everything. We’re shocked!!
  • For Community Development Disservices Director Kirk Girard, a quick clarification: Having to make changes to work your staff has already done is not a downside of soliciting additional community input. It’s not an unfortunate side-effect. It’s the fucking point. That’s just something to keep in mind going forward.

And because we hate all the grim, let’s go out with a laugh. You know how we love a laugh. This one’s easy: Just Google “Kirk Girard.” Please. For us. It’s the awesomest thing we’ve seen all day.


52 Responses

  1. Awesome post. Nailed it. Or at least as much of it as I could see after all the feeds went black.

  2. is DeLapp’s rack really that good? I haven’t noticed it, and it seems if it was that great I would have.

  3. Sitting right behind the idiot DeLapp was Ralphy Faust. He’s every bit as laughable even without the pink bunny suit. Although I do love that suit. I admit it.

  4. Did anyone here actually hear what the motion was? The communication problems were no fucking joke. Kirk couldn’t have made the cities’ and CSD’s point better if he’d set out to do it.

  5. Sad to admit it, but DeLapp looked really hot today

  6. Don’t you hate that? But for me anyway it wasn’t enough to overlook her fourth-grade reading level.

  7. Seriously you guys are the number one and two entries under Girard’s name on Google? That is so funny. And the headline of the first one kills me.

  8. a court devoid of spheres

  9. I’d convert to a prog if DeLapp blew me on a daily basis

    Who’s currently porking her? Please don’t tell me it’s Mr. Baykeeper!

  10. That’s harsh. Fucking funny, but harsh

  11. …or creating an advisory group to keep the planning process focused on the will of the people, rather than the will of the Planning Commission

    The will of which people? There seems to be many different opinions out there. How is it possible to be fair?

  12. Love it. You know what else is funny? Google “bob doran’s wife.”

    Ha ha ha.

  13. alright….kinda. After laughing, I realized he’ll never get a job anywhere. Ever. Not Funny.

  14. I think it’s hysterical. Girard has been Santorumed. It’s brilliant.

  15. The more and more I hear about this General Plan update under Girard’s watch, I am having the most peculiar and very strong feelings of deja vu regarding the horribly conceived and poorly executed redevelopment debacle that ate up millions of taxpayer dollars that ended up being scrapped. That too was marred by a lack of public input.

    This train-wreck is horrible to watch. Please don’t tell me that this pile of shit has anything to do with special interest groups on either end of the political spectrum. This is about a complete and utter lack of confidence by a majority of sane, reasonable and moderate people who are sick of a more than decade-old process from a taxpayer funded department with a deplorable track record of success or credibility.

    If, for example, I told my professor in college that I was late with completing my thesis by five or six years because I was being so “thorough,” I think I’d get a failing grade and would be kicked out of school. If I told my boss that I’m going to be late with the required work by a few years, I’d be fired. Nope, not here in CDSLand. Girard just gets a pass from his bosses–the supervisors–and everything is just “business as usual.”

    Maybe we shouldn’t stop the process, but a competent leader should be hired to lead this ball out of the rough, back onto the fairway and eventually on the green where it can be more easily putted in by the planning commission and supervisors.

  16. Yes, we’re that good. Really!

  17. Drunken sorority girl? You nailed that one. Go on the weekend Arcata party circuit. Its Natalynne Delapp gone wild.

  18. You Bugs are right on. I watched as much of the circus as I could stand, and all I want to know is yes, Mark and Clif are tools, and Jimmy doesn’t have a testicle to his name, but why on earth did Virginia and Ryan go along with the stupid motion? I’d really like to know.

  19. Did you guys really just tweet that there’s no “I” in “blowjob”?

  20. Total bullshit, he is going to get away with it. It was a setup. Was already worked out beforehand.

    Worse, see how cheesehead and the govtard are now best buddies. Watch the midget get on the CC. I am just fucking sick.

    Every prog fuck was there and it was still 4 to 1 to stop the process. So much for the BOS paying attention. No lube, no kiss, no reach around. An us folks did not even get a nut, just fucked.

  21. Dearest Natalynn,

    Why doth thou torture us so with thine delightful bosom and fleshy affections?

    Hark: neither a harlot nor a hussy be; for a floozy oft loses both herself and friend, and strumpeting dulls the edge of credibility.

    This above all: to Baykeeper and EPIC be true!

  22. I would laugh more if this wasn’t so painfully fucked up. Whenever I see Bill Verick, Scott Greacen, Natalynn DeLapp, Jen Kalt and all the other environmentalists/far-left whackos pleading not to stop a process, I’d bet all my marbles that is exactly what should be done.

    There is nothing wrong with sidelining this effort to take a look and see if it can be improved.

    While it’s true that there were dozens, maybe hundreds of meetings held over the past 13 years, the continuity and momentum of the GPU process has been lost. Girard and his staff just don’t get it.

  23. I think my sense of humor is broken.
    I just can’t find anything funny in any of it. Wherefore art?

  24. We just love ourselves some hot proggies. Natalynn, you can drink PBRs with us anytime!!!

  25. So what your saying is you would sell Humboldt nation for one hot prog’y.

    Only if she had an on/off switch, volume control, and a mute button. ( no offense to you real ladies, who I would never try to tune out ).

  26. Holy shit CTD. That’s f’ing so funny. Delapp the dipshit with an on/off, volume control button AND MUTE button? Can those be pushed when she is texting and giggling inappropriately? Does she believe half the crap she blows? Unbelievable. When the rack drops she’ll be just another idiot on a soapbox.

  27. Don’t kid yourself, if she is over 21, when she takes off the halter, them nipples are pointing south.

  28. Sad, just really, really sad. The constant prescence of the enviro-hard liners. The people who consistantly demonstrate every ugly characteristic they mercilessly deride others for….terrible sentance(sorry)

    Shane Brinton, taking a page from the Hilary notebook, “vast conspiracy”…grow up! you whinning brat. pay your own bills for a while and find out how that vast conspiracy of greedy people really function!

    Scott Gracean: ‘threatening litigation” gee, we have never heard that before, from you, Mr. Dickhead

    Kirk Baby: since Bon-Bon isn’t holding his dick anymore, why, why, why is he still allowed to get away with this completely unacceptable behavior!

    Nat Delapp: hummm…methinks that there may have been some work done there, somewhere along the line, but, hey window dressing for the Progs…beats the hell out of Kaitlin!

  29. Josephine, you’d go lesbo for Natalynn, wouldn’t you?

    [Moderated] C’mon, cave into the temptation, make it happen!

  30. I’m in love with josephine. Again dear heart WILL YOU MARRY ME????

  31. Poor CTD Dr.Bill hasn’t been able to get it up for years

    Could Natalynn make the impossible happen?

  32. Anon @ 6:54: Ewww, just Ewww.

    Anon @ 6.56: love you right back, but happily married to Mr. Blowe, and have some little Blowetts to go with…

  33. I know you’re hitched Jo, but I can hope.

    6:54 is just a nasty loser fucktard. How “progressive.” Would appreciate running into him at a social event. What I treasure about some prog anonymi is that you get to see how fucking close minded and mean they are. I’m no darling but progs are sexist racist and elitist. Too bad they are also stupid and mean spirited. I support a woman’ right to choose. Just wish more progs believed it. Our world would be a kinder place.

  34. Ok maybe I went too overboard o 6:54. I lost my sense of humor. Xoxxoooxoxoxo

  35. [Moderated]

  36. And if she continues to spout that prog bullshit, [Moderated].

  37. People! Seriously!! What’s with all the genitalia? We mention one tiny little blowjob, and you folks are off to the brothels. Let’s dial it back a tad, please. If we could. Thanks.

  38. I’d seriously cover her pair of mangos with my man seed

  39. How typical. The broad has no brains and fake boobs. You feel for her due to the fact she’s stupid with a rack (that’s sagging?) Sick fucks. That’s sexist.

  40. You discount the fact that Pete the ponytail is at attention when this femme nostradamus goes “party-hardy”. Let’s cruise in our taxpayer slimjet Jet. Whoo-ha. We be so cool. Indian Island guys. Keep the contribs lowing and I will find the free money. Cleaning up polluted areas is for losers.

  41. Shit. That’s FLOWING not lowing. I hate that.

  42. I have lost all respect for Jimmy Smith. I used to think he was nice albeit spineless. I don’t think I could even have a cup of coffee with him at this point.

  43. The whole thing (GPU) is f’d up for sure but truth be told after I about 10 whiskeys and a case of PBR with the dumb but lovely Natalynn I had her hot and ready for a bit of my special annal delight. Lo and behold who should pop up but that evil,hard on deflating troll, Jen Kalt. Cursses!!!!!! I haven’t had a bonner since and I hear some dumb ass prog midget dick got to home plate. You think tuesday’s BOS failure to launch sucks? Maybe Jimmy can loan me a nut. He doesn’t seem to use them anymore!!!!!!!

  44. You guys are way out of line.

  45. Lighten up Rose

    Maybe even enjoy a glass (or two) of wine with dinner tonight?

  46. No. She may be an idiot for believing in Gallegos and a tool for working for EPIC – and complimenting her is all well and good but the attacks are not.

  47. Rose has no sense of humor

    Sad old sack

  48. 4:56 and 8:51 – pathetic misogynist pigs.

  49. That drunk DeLapp chick? I’d hit that, but afterward I’d act like I didn’t know her.

  50. Seriously, you guys have some repressed issues you need to sort out somewhere else. There are some chat rooms that cater to that sort of stuff. Please be there and let us rant about how bad the GPU process is. Good lord ya”ll are effed up.

  51. Delapp the deluded is debunked by the demented. Isn’t it delovely?

  52. Natalynne DeLapp, Amber Jamieson, and Paul Gallegos………….Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm EPIC POT EPIC POT EPIC POT…No wonder the Sheriff brought in the Feds to handle this last one with Jameison!

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