Headwaters Fund also on BOS agenda today w/ photo update

A pair of items on the Board of Supes agenda may present Kirk Girard challenges he can’t dispense with in snarky letters to the editor.

"Read my lips: I don't care what you think!"

There’s that whole General Plan Update thing, of course. There’s also a request that the board approve the “slate” of projects the Community Development Disservices Director wants to dip into the Headwaters Fund to pay for.

As reported by the North Coast Journal, this year’s first installment of the Humboldt County Grand Jury Report notes some improvements in Girard’s management of the fund, while reiterating that the fund doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do–and, as an aside, Girard shouldn’t be managing it in the first place.

Why? Turns out the Grand Jurors think a fund created to increase the number of above-median jobs in the county should, you know, increase the number of above-median jobs in the county. Girard, on the other hand, seems to think the fund his department manages should be a really good source of funding for that department.

While that might seem like a surprisingly efficient funding mechanism for a public agency, not everyone is impressed. As the Grand Jury notes,

The perceived conflict arises when the Director applies for a grant, screens the grant, prepares a staff report and signs the grant contract as Grantee.

Well, yeah. There’s that.

This time around, Girard appears to be asking to fund other people’s projects. However, it remains to be seen whether he can convince the board that, say, building bathrooms at the Orick Rodeo Grounds and cleaning up toxic waste on Indian Island will result in an increase in above-median employment.

Regardless, the Grand Jury’s argument that Girard should relinquish management of the fund to the County Treasurer is compelling. Maybe that would free up some of his above-median staff time to finish the fricking General Plan Update.


8 Responses

  1. My response is a big “No.”. The bathroom is a good idea, but not for this fund. The indian island clean up, the same. The best thing the board could do is fire Girard’s incompetent, arrogant and corrupt ass. Anyone can apply for grants Mr. Smith. Get off you duff and flush this giant turd. Its time.

  2. I ditto anonymous’ comments. Girard’s only real talent is wasting a lot of time and energy. I wish he really was bailing to Bell as reported on April 1.

  3. He is paid very well to waste time and energy. Maybe he can get a job at, say CalTrans? Or the University of California Board of Regents or a number of other highly paid but totallly useless public service jobs. Any where but here.

  4. It looks like there are at least a hundred people at the board meeting. A process that has taken so long and is purported by staff to be done with so much care, attention and input should have so little confidence after all these years. WTF? I don’t think we should stop it, but I think something stinks to high heaven with this process. It does remind of the redevelopment debacle that was pursued for so long only to be thrown under the bus when the supes realized there was about 2 percent support from voters.

  5. Girard’s a dog. Yes it should be paused, just look at the turnout of the ubber lefties. They say it was packed with developer types. That is just pure garbage. My god look at all the ordinary people who took time off to go and speak. Members of all of the cities and Csd’s except everyone’s favorite socalist youngster. Read 1500 and decide for yourself what it means. Look at the process and the arrogant attitude of the planning department. Look at the lies. The general plan update is about grant money and power. They do not give a shit about the people.

  6. Nope CTD, I’m a dog. Girard’s a sly and crafty fox.

    It’s like a train about to run off a cliff (no pun) While the engineer could get to the brake in time he thinks, “but, look at how far we’ve come.”

    Backbones were scarce. The supes just asked the fox to return to the coop and count the remaining chickens.

  7. Whimps. I agree Dog. “We’ve come so far let’s drive over the cliff anyway and just ignore all the passengers screaming to get off. Let the lawsuits commence.

  8. Dog, that’s pretty much how I see it, too.

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