Geologic Timescale: County finaly agrees to more realistic GPU pace

After an embarrassing public hearing where they had to admit they suck at communicating with even the most obvious and recognizable forms of local government entities, the county’s Community Development Services Dept. head honchos this week quietly issued a more conservative timescale for their General Plan Update process to better inform residents about upcoming public-input opportunities.
Although tensions are running high over the location and amount of growth that should be allowed under the new and controversial General Plan, one thing remains clear:  residents, their children, their children’s children, their children, as well as the next 40 generations of their children, will have a chance to give their 3-minutes worth of input to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors over the next 21 eons while the GPU is finalized.

35 Responses

  1. Too funny! The bugs are on a roll lately.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. So they will go on the road and tell the Cities and CSD’s what they are doing (mind you that’s different than akkwing input). How F’ing consdescending. Like the council and CSD members can’t read. Goody. So in a year they will be in the same place cause Jimmy Smith has no balls. This ain’t gonna be fixed by more preaching from Girard the idiot or Spencer the bigger idiot.

  3. Which plan are y’all in favor of? B-/C+? D?

    Or anything other than A-/B+?

  4. At this point they have jumbled those alts up and f’d everything up that I say screw it and do nothing. This A- B+ crap is just that. Crap.

  5. Off topic but really really funny. Bugs have you thought off giving us a post where we can track Plain Jane’s rants? For instance on the outing of HH she started at 6:48 am and ended at 10:53 pm and had about 30+ comments (not counting Sohum or Samoa SB. Today on the tax cheating post she started at 6:16 am and out of the 30 comments is responsible for 13 alone. Talk about a raging retired grandma. The bitty needs to get a day job.

  6. Oh f me. I just had a great idea. SaLzman is also on HH all day under his own and different names. Maybe a new blog? You can call it “Fun with Dick and Jane” and we can track their time started/stopped, the number of comments and even different names from all of the different blog sites.

    Shit. I crack myself up.

  7. Fun with dick and jane. OUTSTANDING. And I need a new keyboard, and another cup of coffee

  8. Who really gives a shit about that c*unt Jane

    Talking about her or anyone else from the HH should banned from this site.

    Please spare us all

  9. You may be on to something – there are 65 comments on the “Tax Cheats” post, 23 of them are Jane – and yes, there are some GFYs in there.

    She’s a virtual Sharmuta.

  10. love the graphic. What do you suppose they have been spiking their PBR with lately? I was wondering if you could superimpose this on a scale which shows the relationship of the species to one another….oh say like:

    At the top: the goldfish in my mom’s pond (all their needs are met, therefore they are self-actualized)

    In the middle: at the level of ordinary folks, most of the residents of Hum Co. We just want to live a decent life, only mildly encumbered by beauocractic nonsense

    at the bottom: lower than whale shit: Kirk, Bon-Bon, Ralphie, Jane the Ignorant Slut, Salzmanburger, et al. Organisms that take up valuable oxygen and nutrients that the middle level could better utilize to, oh you know, live a decent life. A life free of highway/tree protests, nonsensical rants disgused as ‘public comment’, and marathon posting sessions on the local nutjob blog.

  11. I like it. thanks for the smile.

  12. As I said, Fun with Dick and Jane! Or Fun with Total Scum and Grandma Skank. Both work for me.

    Long week kids. Now its off to have dinner with the family.

  13. Sorry Bugs to have been gone so long. Had a big assignment. Check this out:

    When I saw it I had a hard time keeping down my meal. T’is tres funny!

  14. Great Graphics Bugs! And a good belly laugh. If only there was a pie chart…

  15. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandi.

    Looks like Jane is winning.

  16. Wow that’s twisted.

  17. “Jane” has Adonis DNA?

  18. Duh, winning!

  19. Yes 7:54, she’s a winner, just like Charlie.

  20. They let me back in HH…? For how long? 2 minutes Still luv you bugs!

  21. Really…JANE and ROSE ( a cage match?) Who couldn’t get enough of that… Well maybe Rob and Kirk. Bring it on!

  22. Jane wouldn’t stand a chance. Neither would Kirk. They are simply whiney little chicken shits. Hey Jane, I am borrowing your favorite retort to those who disagree with you, GFY.

  23. Okay, I’ve finally researched to see exactly what Girard and company are proposing for TPZ development:

    Small TPZ properties: 1 house per 40+ acre parcel

    Large TPZ properties: 1 house per 600 acres

    What is your disagreement with this proposal? Is it about subdivision rules? Or about the permit process? Please enlighten us all.

  24. Here’s a link to my information above

    Click to access part2chap4.8llandsuseclasscomboaltcomparechartfinal3-17-09.pdf

    Now the key for me to agree to A-B plan is that the process for receiving a conditional use permit be very straight forward. If the residence is to be a primary residence, then it should be approved. Period.

    I don’t agree with the 20 acre minimum per plans C & D.

  25. Dynamo, I’d have to brush up on my GFY-ese. Otherwise, I’d get knocked out as I was climbing in the ring. 🙂

  26. You figure out how to avoid CEQA and a full EIR (can be a couple of hundred thousand) along with the court and legal fees and that’s your conditional use permit process problem anon. It means you’ll never get one no thanks to the eco freak ultra nuts. That’s the big problem with A and the reshuffle of B by planning to incorp A because A will never fly.

  27. Not every conditional use permit involves CEQA and a full EIR anonymous 1:31.

    The process for obtaining a conditional use permit on such lands MUST be straightforward, and not involve EIR/CEQA review for standard applications. If they can make this happen, then I can support the A/B plan.

  28. Here’s a link for information regarding conditional use permits, CEQA, etc.

    My standing is that there needs to be language to guarantee that a primary residence will be allowed as a conditional use under normal circumstances. Assuming there may be special circumstances where a lot would need to be evaluated further (CEQA) the reasons that would require such investigation must be clearly outlined. It’s all about clarity. RIght now, the current outdated GP has little clarity.

  29. Never fear, the fearless HCDCC has declared that since people cause global warming, they endorse the General Plan, or something – in other words, they are tools and don’t care about other democrats who live outside the little box the HCDCC would like everyone relegated to.

  30. ” Liberals understand everything, except people who don’t understand them”. Lenny Bruce

    Fucking brilliant.

  31. Yeah Bill.We.nn.h.olm! Fuck yeah!

  32. All projects which are subject to discretionary approval as a matter of law are subject to approval. Period.

  33. Sorry hit the enter button by accident

    All projects which are subject to discretionary approval as a matter of law are subject to CEQA. Period.

  34. 1:48 – you are completely ignorant. All development permits are subject to CEQA no matter what. WAKE UP!

  35. And to think Salzman still hasn’t emerged from the primordial ooze.
    Other items of note:
    Homo Markus has reached the same physical height as a chimp, but with half the capacity for rational thought.
    Liberalus Regressivus shows that evolution can run backwards.
    Janeous Planus, often referred to as You Ignorant Slut, causes a stir in the scientific community when she is proven to be the missing link to Planaria. Remember way back to Biology class when you dissected the swamp organisims that both ate and shit from the same mouth.

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