Insert remark about how far the apple has or hasn’t fallen from the tree

There’s a familiar name mentioned in conjunction with DUI charges in today’s Times-Standard.

And so it was that John's special relationship with his Cafe Waterfront barstool came to a chagrined and abrupt end.

40 Responses

  1. Ouch.

    Consider this an intervention. A very expensive intervention.

  2. Yeah I think rehab might be cheaper.

  3. Hey! Maybe he can go on celebrity rehab!

  4. Who? John or the kid?

  5. Cafe Waterfront? Why not walk over to Avalon and get plastered with Beverly? She’s always getting F’d up!

    Good times to be had at the Avalon bar, fur sure

  6. Gosh, Anonymous. Did Beverly’s kid just get a DUI? I must have missed that.

  7. Just suggested a change of venue, that’s all

  8. I’ll drink to that.

  9. Is James running for office?

    This kid got a DUI and that is serious business. Bash him and all DUI recipients for that if you like but it is below the belt to make any offspring of a public figure a target.

  10. No john is the lush with his name engraved on his favorite well worn bar stool. I have been amazed that Dad Wooley never got pulled over after leaving. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..not far at all. But a DUI is not the worst for him. Its his chosen “profession” that’s the big problem.

  11. I can’t decide which is more inappropriate, your Abate banner or this.

  12. Hey, way off topic. I don’t care, I just watched a video that anyone that lived through the 60’s and still remember (I know it’s a little fuzzy). You have to watch this (Netflix – The Trubador – Janmes Taylor, Carol King, Graham Nash, Bonnie Raiitt, Steve Martin, Cheech and Chong et al!

  13. It’s inappropriate? I don’t remember anyone saying that about Prince Harry or the drunk Bush twins.

  14. Bugs, C’mon. Public figures are fair game. Sometimes I think you are way too cruel but you have the right to satirize and you are often funny but picking on people’s kids–that’s just ugly.

  15. Get a load of the middle name this kid was saddled with!

  16. Come on Kym. Was the Times Standard picking on him when they published his name in the DUI list? The Humboldt Mirror has 65 or fewer readers. The T-S has a circulation of tens of thousands.

    Lighten up.

  17. Spilt Milk,
    Like Dancing said earlier, what the kid did was serious. But there was a very long list published in the TS, only this kid’s name was underlined and sneered at here.

  18. Technically, Kim, we sneered at his father.

  19. (PS–You’re still hot.)

  20. Kids don’t typically get to chose who their parents on. I like to poke fun of public figures, but lay off their kid.

  21. Yeah. Kids are off limits.The only way this is a story is if he gets preferential treatment from the DA’s Office because of who he is. And given the current situation there, it’ll probably be a year before we know whether that happens.

  22. It should be noted that this “kid” is 21 years old. That makes him a man.

  23. He is a man and he should have to deal with the consequences of his mistake. What he doesn’t need is to deal with one more downside to the fact that through no fault of his own, his parent is a public figure.

    Rose is right. If he gets preferential treatment, that makes it a public story. Otherwise, he should get treated no differently than the other folk in that list at the TS.

  24. We don’t want to get in the middle of this fray. Instead, we’d like to point out the header image of Mark Lovelace with Steve Buscemi eyes. Very creepy. VERY creepy.

  25. Apple, tree, public stupidity….. Damm bugs, I thought you were talking about Cliffy

  26. Does anyone remember a few years back when the son of the Fortuna mayor blew up a hotel room or something? Drugs, all sorts of drama, and there wasn’t a single story that didn’t mention he was the son of the Fortuna mayor.

    News is news. You don’t have to like it. You don’t even have to read it. But it’s still news.

  27. Bug,

    Technically, I was hot 20 years ago… But today, not so much.

    Technically, you were poking at a public figures’ alleged drinking habit by highlighting his son’s DUI ie pointing out the errors of one person simply because he was related to another.

    If what the son had done was extremely notable in and of itself (blowing up a hotel room) noting his connection to a well-known parent would be understandable. If what he has done is no more than any other person on the list, pointing him out publicly, is unduly harsh.

    C’mon, most of us would be outraged if our own child were targeted this way. I know I would be. My poor kids shouldn’t have to pay for their mother’s sins, neither should John Wooley’s, neither should yours should you ever become un-anonymous.

  28. You take the good with the bad when you’re a public figure or the child or wife or drunk brother of one. The kid’s connection to John and Wes will open doors for him. It will also make his stupidity newsworthy. I don’t care how hot you are or were, you’re just plain wrong about this.

  29. Ok but for the record, WE care how hot she is.

  30. Yeah Kym? I hate bush but when his twins were drinking underage it was network news. When a CA DA’s son was drinking and driving and killed someone that was news too. How’s about Nunez’s son? News too including having his sentenced nixed by the governator. Pot, Kettle, black. Ya want more examples cause I have some free time right now.

  31. Or Kym how about the national news when Jeb Bush’s daughter got jailed on a drug possession charge (no driving). Or when the Huffington post wrote about Meg Whitman’s sons getting kicked out of school for an alleged racial (no crime) incident as kids years before? Get a grip. I am no conservative. FAR from that but the double standard is funny. Do good look good. Do bad look out. Too bad the kid has the Dad’s problems. If I am not mistaken he was involved with a pot rip off too where he got tied up if I recall. Seems he’s hanging with bad folks and if he doesn’t change his ways oh well. Now let’s see what the DA does with the DUI since Wooley was a supporter. You wanna put a wager on the outcome Kemp?

  32. At least he wasn’t tied to a chair.

  33. I didn’t like that the Bush twins were targeted either nor did I like it when Limbaugh got ugly about Chelsea Clinton. I’m not a conservative or a liberal parent. I’m just a parent. My politics don’t matter where my kids are involved.

    If the kid does something particularly notable (drinking, driving and killing someone for example) then yes, he gets the attention and the public parent gets their name added to the mix. Fair enough.

    Or, If the kid gets a special deal, then fight about it. Until then including the kid in a snark about his father isn’t right.

    Most of you responding here probably have kids of your own. Take a look at your kid. No, not the one getting straight A’s and volunteering with the homeless on the weekends. The other one, the one that just might screw up sometime, the one that you worry about at night . Imagine him/her getting in trouble, then imagine his failure getting splashed everywhere just because you are well known. Makes my throat get tight (and if I really work at it, I can get teary). Seems like it would make any parent feel that way.

  34. I appreciate your feelings on this subject, Kym. You haven’t persuaded me, but I respect your position.

  35. I’m not persuaded either, Kym. I get that you don’t like it, but your moral judgments are just that. Yours. They’re not mine, and I think this is news. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. What is it everyone says about abortion? If you’re against it, don’t have one. Same deal here. Moving on.

  36. Moved on…

  37. Hot or not, I think Kym is right on this one.

    Slamming a perceived opponent by visiting the sins of the son….is something that Heraldette would leap at but, I for one expect a higher, somewhat more sophisticated level of character assignation here.

    The Wooley connection pales in comparison to all of the other big league screw-ups that are out there like a banquet for the artful blogger.

    I mean Bugs, it wasn’t that long ago that a publicly elected official’s sons were accused of mayhem in the form of peacock envy, and I respectfully submit that, it was of no particular moment.

    If the graphics dept is to be considered credible (ok nevermind) let’s make it consistent, a DUI would be portrayed as a badge of courage.

    But, I think Kym rocks…hotness notwithstanding. Don’t know about the hotness part, but I think the woman makes a lot of sense. I admire her grit.

    I mean really, since Wooley (John) got hosed by his own base in favor of Lovelace, it might be fitting to let this mammoth wooley controversy to ease it’s way to a proper extinction.

    John’s a decent guy….that’s why he’s not at the table anymore.

    Kym’s right.

    Save the invective for the invectious.

  38. Dog I like you but bull on the “John’s a decent guy”. I worked with him and he’s not. The crap he pulled with Neely was sick. You have no clue how bad that sob is. Yeah he got tossed by his own and it was much because of Kharma.

  39. Fair enough anon 9:19

    I don’t know the man except for a few chance encounters on palm tree issues. Can you amplify the “crap he pulled with Neely” part?

    I still think Kym is persuasive. Even if John is an SOB, the kid effed up on his own.

  40. Johnny does it best when you rub it on his chest
    pee nice butter!

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