Dave Stancliff accuses Humboldt Mirror of being popular and funny

Dave Stancliff took on the local blogosphere in a recent Times-Standard column, where he made a number of insulting and inaccurate assertions about the Humboldt Mirror.

Particularly egregious was his allegation that we employ “cutting-edge humor.”

I know. What did we ever do to him?

If you’re a liberal, brace yourself for ridicule when you visit and make a comment at the Humboldt Mirror. This right-wing blog’s “Bugs” like to slice and dice “Progs” (the slang for progressives). If you’re a conservative, be ready for scorn if you stop by and make a comment at The Humboldt Herald blog whose motto is, “Provoking Humboldt Since 2006.”

Both popular blogs provide lively local news and political debate. The “Bugs” cutting-edge humor is one reason to read them. The author(s) of the Humboldt Mirror (Do good, look good. Do bad, look out.) are unknown, which is probably a good thing.

Well. Aside from the nice stuff, it does kind of sound like us.

But seriously, Dave. Right-wing? The Bugs consist of one fiscally conservative Democrat and one socially liberal Republican. Not to split hairs or anything, but that makes the Mirror slightly less right-wing than the Clinton administration.

Anyway, the rest of his column is worth a read.

So take that, Dave.

Now we’re even.


18 Responses

  1. You’re so not popular and funny.

  2. I know, right?

  3. Wait. You said REPUBLICAN? Hmmm. Are you crazy?

  4. That Dave is one funny guy.

  5. Funny? Maybe for a washed up and brain dead proglidyte. Dave the dud!

    For progs everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a “conservative.”. How small.

  6. Right-wing has no meaning in Humboldt County. The left is so inanely far left that moderates look conservative by comparison. And of course the Progs never tire of the name-calling. It’s all they know. Boring, really. I know what I believe and what I vote for and nothing about that is changed by Prog misrepresentations.

  7. Good stuff. I have to agree with Dave on this one.

  8. One really big difference between the two blogs. Hblog is heavily moderated by the progs. Only view points that are in the lefty-socialist path are allowed. The Mirror welcomes all views that are funny.

  9. What the heck are you doing wasting time with this “Dave” guy?

    Don’t you know that he’s a nut?

  10. What happened to Marky-poo’s face? I don’t get it. Did he get a black eye during an unfortunate bong accident on 4/20?

  11. Mark’s face has been altered to have Steve Buscemi eyes. Let’s call it an “upgrade.”

  12. A little discontent in the D.S. “Good Ol’ Boy Club”?

  13. Blah blah blah.

  14. Is Matthew Owen the socially liberal Republican?

  15. Damn. We’re so busted.

  16. Not an author, but a contributor none the less

    Speaking of contributors, can we please get some more of Rob’s personal photo collection?

    Pretty please?

  17. I’ve got a nice one of you blowing Bill Pierson. I’d have to say that whole “Big Hammer” thing is really just a figure of speech.

  18. Great.

    Another conservative with a cock fetish.

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