Noreen Evans has a problem with government spending: She thinks there isn’t enough of it.

One more mode of transportation Noreen Evans might consider, assuming handbaskets have been ruled out.

Senator Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) went on a Twitter tirade this week after legislators’ tax-funded state vehicles were taken away due to budget cuts.

During a roughly two-hour period on Wednesday, Evans sent a flurry of tweets suggesting a complete disconnect with the condition of the state’s economy.

As if to accentuate the dumb, she directed several of her rants at Santa Rosa’s Press Democrat newspaper.

“Hey Press Democrat! Going to Vallejo today to meet with Chamber. Was there yesterday too. Big meeting in Napa Thursday. 280 miles roundtrip. How should I get there?”

“Used allowance driving to and from Capitol, Sebastopol, Vallejo and Napa. Sorry Mendocino, state can’t afford your rep to tour tsunami damage at Noyo Harbor.”

“Napa has hot air balloons. Maybe they can send one over to take me to Thursday’s meeting!”

“Another incident at Napa State Hospital? Sorry workers, state can’t afford to send your elected reps to meet with you and see state facility. Maybe Press Democrat can go instead.”

“Sorry Humboldt. State can’t afford to send your elected reps to meet with students and faculty re impacts of budget cuts. Send the university down here.”

“What’s that Lake County? Flood damage? Sorry, state can’t afford to send your elected reps to see the damage. Send pictures.”

“There’s a llama farm in Mendocino County. Send ‘em down! I need to go up there for 4th of July. Let’s get packing!”

“Lake County has a buffalo ranch. Send ‘em down! Need to get on the road if you want your senator to see the new community college campus!”

Yeah. Here’s the thing, Noreen. We don’t want you going on glad-handing tours. We want you to sit down, face forward, and spend as much energy fixing the economy as you’ve wasted defending a perk virtually none of your constituents enjoy.

And if that’s too tall an order, why not just read what Assemblyman Wes Chesbro (D-Arcata) said about losing his free car:

Under these circumstances we need to do our part.

You think?

Legislators, who are paid more than $100,000 a year, will receive a $300-a-month stipend to offset the cost of travel within their districts.


22 Responses

  1. Graphics should have shown her as Marie Antoinette. Bugs, I have been at a few events that Evans has driven to in Humboldt. Its always been 15 minutes of fluff, bullshit and political hype. The idea that as a taxpayer we paid her for that waste is a pisser. The woman needs to get her ass to Sacto and fix the damn budget instead of whining.

  2. Nah, I think maybe the Graphics Dept should have her sitting backwards on a horse since by her complaining she has shown herself to be a complete horse’s ass.

  3. Why does she need a car? Looks like she can take the crazy train anywhere she wants to go.

  4. A broom maybe…….

  5. The State is out of money and she wonders why she doesn’t get a free car. What a dipshit. Who balances her checkbook? Not her.

  6. State lawmakers are paid a $142-a-day, tax-free per diem for living expenses while serving in Sacramento, roughly $30,000 a year. That’s on top of their salary.

    A Sacramento Bee analysis of lawmaker per diems found that both Assembly members and state senators got their per diem 75 percent of the time that they were absent during a session.

  7. Not smart. Maybe next time she’ll think before she tweets.

  8. $300 is enough for 70 gallons of gas. At 30 miles per gallon she would be albe to drive 2,100 miles a month. Paid for by taxpayers. Do you people get paid to drive back and forth to work? She is an elitist Limo Democrat. Enough of those in Humboldt County. She doesn’t need to come up here and be gathered with other like minded do nothings.

  9. Seriously? I don’t know about the availability of the crazy train in her itinerary, but it does look like there are finally a lot fewer stops for her on the gravy train.

    Does she really NEED to visit Noyo Harbor to get a first-hand look at damage to ask for a bunch of money? Pictures and the testimony of public officials who reside there ought to suffice.

  10. Over the last two years, the commission has reduced lawmakers’ annual salary from $116,028 to $95,291 and cut their tax-free stipend while the Legislature is in session from $173 a day to $142 a day. It plans to seek a legal opinion on whether the per diem should be taxed and whether lawmakers can be denied the stipend if they miss a Capitol session, the Sacramento Bee reported.

    The stipend, if I recall correctly, is to cover lunches with important people and all that – so they don’t have to keep all the receipts, and turn them in and get either reimbursed or a tax deduction – the notion that they get to keep the money even if they don’t have any meetings is offensive – as is the idea that they can pass laws requiring everyone one ELSE to keep up draconian paperwork requirements is even worse.

    Here’s an idea, Noreen – based on the idea that a rising tide lifts all ships – quit killing off our businesses, quit driving them out of state, take a look at all the paper work laws and start rescinding the ones you wouldn’t want to comply with yourself – DO SOMETHING TO RETURN THIS STATE TO PROSPERITY, then we’ll be able to afford your car, and your per diem.

  11. Is Plain Jane really Noreen Evans? Same distinct flavor of idiocy combined with an almost schziophrenic inability to related to a shared reality.

  12. In the not too near past I had the opportunity to be at a meeting with Ms. Evans and attempt to explain something to her. As I did my best to relate the pertinent facts to her and the group I had the thought form in my head “this woman is as dumb as a brick wall”. Sorry to be so harsh but that was the unfiltered impression.

  13. Me too toohey. I am a dem and support dems. When I was at an event with this dip shit I heard a stump no substance ten minute bullshit babble. That we PAID for her to dribble this crap teed me off. Noreen, get off your butt and do more than campaign for the next election. DO SOMETHING instead of whine.

  14. God, I’m so glad I can say I didn’t vote for her!!! How many more years of this nonsense??

  15. I’m usually very critical of Chesbro – but I have to say, in this instance he said the right thing, and he’s not whining. Kudos where they are due.

  16. Stupendous arrogance.

    Suppose she did show up for all of those events. What would have changed?

    Doesn’t she get the fact that “elected representatives” should be doing the business instead of giving the business.

    Want a car Noreen? Buy one like the rest of us.

  17. More than that – she should have to follow and adhere to the absolute letter of every law she helps pass – if it includes piles of paperwork, and submitting CDs of your every-15-minute records to the state, she should have to do it – and so should Chesbro – then they might think twice about what they vote for.

    What about the guy who wants to force us all to use CFLs and ban the incandescent lightbulb, now that we know: Energy saving light bulbs ‘contain cancer causing chemicals’

  18. Not to change the subject or anything, but the Graphics Dept. has just authorized the use of Predator Drones that fire PBRs. Thanks, that is all.

  19. I drink PBR to fit in with the working class folks beneath me

  20. Evans and her predecessor Wiggins are the best evidence of the effectiveness of the current gerrymander. The democrats have created here a perfect district based on stupid. That is why they are so upset at the thought of losing it ( ). Where else would it have been possible to seriously consider putting someone with what looks like dementia up for reelection (Wiggins)? When that didn’t work out no matter just anoint a new political lightweight to take the job, no tough primary, just line up the usual endorsements the party of stupid will vote as told.

  21. Pot kills brain cells. Explains a lot of this stupidity.

  22. Oh god, she might have to driver her own car and take the deduction at the end of the year, like….EVERYBODY ELSE?

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