Royal wedding, Humboldt style

In a wedding for the ages, Mark Lovelace marries the love of his life, Mark Lovelace.


17 Responses

  1. Any word on if the commemorative plates will be available at Wal Mart?

  2. That’s a GREAT pic, Graphics Dept. And is that the Alibi in the background? Maybe our royal banjo maker can honeymoon at the Hotel Arcata.

  3. Please feel free not to show us any of the honeymoon pictures!

  4. Anyone have any news from Sac on the Coastal Commission seat?

  5. Nothing yet… stay tuned in the coming weeks.

    I think Brown might be tired of Mark dry-humping his leg.

  6. Does Ken Zanzi have any shot at this point? Who’s our best candidate in consideration?

  7. Ken is certainly the most qualified for the job!

  8. What would be an appropriate gift? A matching douche set for matching douchebags?

  9. Mark and his bride Mark are asking for donations in lieu of gifts to be given to the newlyweds’ favorite charity: Re-elect Mark Lovelace for Third District Supervisor.

  10. That neckline is all wrong for his face, and he really should have eschewed the veil. I have some doubt as to the authenticity of the hearldic medal the groom is wearing unless it is for the Royal Order of Assholes.

    and wait a minute…are those cameo’s topping off that tiara? In the daytime? In full view of that exclusive watering hole Everetts? Oh, the effrontery of ‘some people.’

  11. Start writing the headlines…..
    “Duke of Douche marries Prince of Pompous”
    “Loveless finds love of his life”
    “Earl of Imbicile marries Duchess of Dumb”

  12. gives mew meaning to “go fuck yourself midget”

  13. Mew, mew, mew. Is that a reference to him being a big pussy? Or is someone commenting from a mobile device?

  14. Of course the midget will love, honor and obey himself?

  15. He’s a modern woman. Of course he won’t obey!

  16. I wouldn’t fuck him/her with your/my dick!

  17. Ooh a proggie is pissed. I am so sad. Boo hoo little loser. “Little loser” that’s another funny! Shit I crack myself up!!!!!!!!!!

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