The Times-Standard keeps the world safe for democracy

Hello, fuckwits.

We received several comments and emails asking, in essence, WTF with this recent Times-Standard editorial.

It was supposedly written in response to a complaint by an unidentified Arcata official who took the Sub-Standard to task for “promoting” Redwood Park as the venue of choice for 4:20 festivities, despite the fact that Arcata PD had announced it would effectively close the park.

Not a very interesting argument, really, which makes it all the more impressive that in a few short paragraphs, the newspaper’s editorial board managed to escalate it from shut-out pot-whiffers to Kim Jong-Il.

Watch and learn.

City officials said they were closing the park because of potential damage to the park. But city officials do not close farmers markets or other events held in Arcata Plaza that result in litter in the plaza and surrounding streets.

True or false: Farmers markets are illegal. Anyone?

[T]here is a very basic American rule of thumb. It is called the First Amendment, which prohibits the making of any law “respecting an establishment of religion,” impeding the free exercise of religion, infringing on the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

Another very basic American rule of thumb is that stupid shit protected by the First Amendment is still stupid shit. Just FYI.

Equally important for newspapers, the First Amendment is also pivotal to a free and democratic society, which often needs open dialogue and honesty about events that we all know are happening, whether we like it or not.

Dude. Seriously. You wrote about people smoking pot in a park. It wasn’t the twilight’s last gleaming, ok? Our free and Democratic society wouldn’t have skipped a beat if you’d published a tuna casserole recipe instead.

We must remember Bell, Calif., where a number of people were not held accountable, and we must also remember that this newspaper is in the United States, not Libya or China or North Korea.

Which, if you think about it, is a god damn shame.


23 Responses

  1. Someone needs to remind Dave Rosso that he’s stupid.

  2. I read that editoral and wondered yet again…what do they use for brains over that at the TS? Even shit has a better ability to reason than this guy/girl/robot.

    The ability of the 420 revelers to reduce the PUBLIC park to a shambles is well known, well documented and we finally have a City Manager who is not willing to cave into the vocal unwashed!

    How did the only local newspaper become to biased? You can’t read a thing in that rag without noticing the extreme left liberal bias! Danny Kalis is arrested and the paper trumpets on the front page that this is “…good news for some.”

    Whatever Danny may or may not have done, there is that presumption of innocence thing…..oh, wait, that a Bill of Rights thingy along with Freedom of the Press. Funny, how if it does not fit the narrow liberal agenda, it doesn’t make the front, back or insert page.

  3. Nah, he’s reminded everyday when he looks in the mirror. Ha, just made a funny! Back to dumb ass Rosso, the dude thinks anyone who doesn’t duck step to his marching band is a “tea bagger.” Shit the dude thinks he’s tits just because he was breathing when Watergate hit. Hey Dave, that story was done by other dudes who actually were journalists and not washed out wannabe’s like you ya putz.

  4. Whom did they hold accountable and for what? This editorial is delusional.

  5. Gee whiz maybe Rosso, Wear and Greenson should peel themselves out of the ass crack of dip shits like Salzman and the lunatic fringe. But maybe they really like those shit burgers. Ghastly. Just Ghastly.

  6. It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

  7. and now its time to say goodnite to all the company, m i c see you real soon, k e y why because we love u, m o u s e, micky mouse……….damn pathetic

  8. So, the Arcata official who took the T-S to task was Dan Hauser, who actually billed the Lumberjack with about $10K in fees for “promoting” the 420 event. It didn’t work then, and it’s ringing a bit hollow now Dan.

  9. Well, well, now that the world is safe for democracy and evil dictators fear to tread in the homeland, the TS has done their job. It’s time to do some learning in the press room. NEWSFLASH: keep counting past one, yes there are more rights than just the first amendment, but somehow you only think free press is important. Maybe it’s not overly clear to those in a smoke filled haze, but thinking that an organized event to conduct an illegal activity to the detriment of those who enjoy a public park is something that should be advertized freely in the press only illustrates the new lows in journalistic standards reached by our formerly sub-mediocre paper.

  10. Maybe their First Amendment speechifying would ring less hollow if they EVER used their constitutional protections to report anything of value.

  11. I’m still waiting to hear who on earth they think they held accountable with their groundbreaking coverage of 4/20. What a bunch of pompous, self-congratulatory idiots.

  12. A few details emerge in the the comments.!/profile.php?id=1112522907

  13. I think the Humbug misses his job at the Eureka Reporter

  14. Very much so. Those paper routes are hard to come by.

  15. A ringing endorsement when Charles Douglas and Nicholas Bravo comment on the T.S. edition. Throw in Mark Sailors for good measure.

  16. I miss the Eureka Reporter. That paper crushed the TS day in and day out, and all Neal Latt could do was organize that “boycott” that stopped no one from reading it, but gave him another opportunity to insert himself into the middle of nothing.

  17. I thought Hauser was growing dope with his daughter on some property in Mendo. Did I miss something? What’s he doing in Arcata? Promoting pot seems to be his purpose in life as a total loser.

  18. Who’s Mark Sailors?

  19. May I say, it was all I could do to gasp out to the wife the description of Kim Dong Ding (whatever) surrounded by Neeloid amazon guards. Still laughing.

  20. Just finished the drivel from Marc Delaney, whinning about the City of Arcata and 420, still. What part of illegal activity is lost on these clowns? I guess that prespective is the first thing to be sacrificed, along with short-term memory when you embrace the ‘cannibis culture.’

    Mr. Delaney, there are people living in Arcata who think that this whole pot/medicine scam is just that, utter bullshit! Not content with destroying a few rentals, now you have to wreck the park, all in the name of pot! And while we are on the subject, please explain to me, how an 18 year old gets carpal tunnel syndrome and needs medicinal marijuana to alleviate his symtpoms?

    It is my sincere hope that the price of pot continues it’s freefall, and the snake-oil that is “medical marijuana’ is exposed for the fraud that it is!

  21. It is a matter of grave concern to the Center for Disease Control and the Surgeon General that
    so many young people fall ill in Humboldt County.
    So young, so sick, so sad. How odd it is that youth elsewhere are so much healthier. Is it your water?
    Your air? Radon?
    Anyway, we’ve decided to order a quarantine, while
    we’re getting that bomb back from Outbreak.

  22. Yeah – we score high on “illness” and “unemployment” – because people report their “illnesses” but not their incomes.

    How many kids are living in a grow house? How many parents are willing to risk their kid’s lives for pot? Too many.

  23. Shane Brinton was the official. It was verified by a mutual friend of his.

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