Bugs Bio Makes New York Times Bestseller List!!!!

Imagine our surprise when we opened up the North Coast Journal and discovered that Eureka author and gardening guru Amy Stewart had penned a new book about yours truly

Seriously? We were so flattergasted we almost fainted. The Boston Globe calls her a “A passionate and inquisitive writer.”

We just call her “Hot.

Make that “Wicked Hot.


9 Responses

  1. Four words: Hell to the yeah.

  2. Isn’t Stewart a little old for you Bugs?

  3. When it comes to hotness, we’re extremely open-minded.

  4. I’m rushing over to Borders to get my copy now. I hope she divulges who you guys are. That’ll be worth the $50 I’ll likely have to pay for this book.

  5. Way to go Bugs. New York Times, huh? Heraldo can’t even buy space in the Journal these days.

  6. hey! I wrote the caption that said they devoted a whole chapter to you. Sorry. I know how humble you guys are..hence just the chapter, not the whole book….ahem….cough. OK, what do I know?

  7. Only one little chapter?? Harrumph! Just for that we’re taking back that part about her being hot (even though she is).

  8. Cripes HumBug. You think everyone is hot. You hooked on Viagra or what?

  9. No boner pills here, Anonymous. Just the only slightly below average gifts God gave us.

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