Coastal Commission appointment leaves Lovelace time to pursue his passion for haute couture

Tres sexy, tres hip, tres Lovelace: Because smarminess is always in style.

From the Governor’s Office:

Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. today announced the following appointment.

Martha McClure, 58, of Crescent City, has been appointed to the California Coastal Commission. McClure has served as a Del Norte County Supervisor since 1996 and as a teacher in charge for the Del Norte Unified School District since 1984. McClure recently initiated discussions between commercial and sport fishermen, tribes and local environmentalists that produced a unified agreement on marine life protected areas off the Del Norte coast.  This collaborative model was adopted by Humboldt and Mendocino counties.

McClure will serve in the north coast slot on the commission representing the counties of Humboldt, Mendocino and Del Norte.  The appointee must be selected from a list of locally elected officials.  A Del Norte County representative has never served in this slot.

This position does not require Senate confirmation and the compensation is $100 per diem. McClure is a Democrat.


36 Responses

  1. Friday the 13th brings good luck to Humboldt County.

    Thanks, Gov!!!!!

  2. He’ll also be able to spend more time on his memoirs, which he’s tentatively calling “The Importance of Being Me.”

  3. So, what you’re saying is that Mark is such a douche that the Gov. appointed someone from a county that has never sent a representative to that agency before? Classic. Way to be such a wanker Mark.

  4. 1000 people signed petitions to tell the Gov. to pick anybody other than Lovelace. His views are so extreme, which is fine for Arcata, but he will never have a chance to represent people on a larger scale. His hurbris will always get in his way.

    Such a big head for such a little man.

  5. Not to throw a wet blanket on your party, but it looks like the gov merely chose one progressive over another.
    Martha’s “priorities,” as stated when she ran for DN Supervisor:
    Improving roads and trails
    Construction of affordable housing
    Encouragement of eco tourism and tourism
    Waste reduction and responsibility
    Creation of an active business loan program
    A bicycle friendly community
    Improved health care delivery
    Coordinated children and family services.
    Increase Senior Services
    Support in-home health care services
    Develop vocational programs allowing our citizens to be job ready.

  6. Martha…Is that you? You look vaguely familiar.

  7. Well Gorp, at least that “progressive” isn’t taking a bunch of money from the businessman who is trying to prevent any form of competition as part of a development of some prime bayfront property. Bill Pierson has flung somewhere in the ballpark of $100,000 in the past few years to stack the Eureka city council and the county board of supervisors. That money seems to be wasted.

  8. Gorp – these are all great things, and we support them!

    We just don’t support Lovelace. Is that so hard to understand?

  9. Anyone notice the silence over on Heraldo?

    Wonder how they will spin this – or maybe they are hoping it’ll go away.

  10. I’m with Anonymous 3:14. I agree with all of Martha’s priorities. Congratulations Martha, and congratulations Humboldt County. We dodged another bullet.

  11. It is refreshing to see representation from the far north of the state. She will certaintly bring a different perspective then the So-Cal folks.

    The magic one know has no choice but to devote himself to the district he was elected to serve….oh, wait, what am I thinking? Quick, somebody slap me, I am getting delusional.

    Oh, never mind, here comes the waiter with my wine…I am all better.

  12. So Marky puts Faust on the Planning commission. Which he now thinks he is running. Faust , Neely, Cheesedick and all the other prog pieces of shit can’t get him on CCC. I wonder just how hard they tried. Wonder if Wooley was talking in the background. If so, more power to him. Anything to keep Mark down and out.

  13. Don’t think Loavelace has all that much support even in progland right now. Not a good place to be at this point in the election cycle.

  14. Pierson has been giving out money to politicians to “buy” votes to keep Home Depot out of Eureka. Pretty simple, he doesn’t want any real competition.

    It is good for markie Mark (and Heraldo) to get a little slap in the face.

  15. Wow, is this site have stricter moderations settings than any other local blog?

    Jeesh, what are ya worried about?

  16. Salzman seems to like McClure, check his posting from the H blog on 03/17/2011

    Not a good sign

  17. A-0900 Read the whole thread. He liked Kendal Smith out of Mendo too. Sleazeman is all about CYA so he supported Lovelace, McClure and Smith.

  18. Salzman is a dishonest foul mouthed alchy with major issues. Who cares about that loser? The midget’s baggage was just too much so he didn’t make it to the gov’s “short” list. Good.

  19. Talked to several people who have dealt with McClure. She is liberal but realistic. Will work for the good of the state. Never know though once they get on the board.

    Interesting that Hblog is minimizing the fact that Mark got crushed. Tells you a lot of his future chances at advancement, I hope.

    Salzman is all of the above. He still posts using multiple names on many blog here and outside the area.

    Problem in progland is he can still get elected in Arcata. I think Cliff is going down though, just not making people happy.

    Another problem that has to be dealt with is Linda Atkin’s. She needs to be voted out for being a complete waste.

    I find little moderation on this blog, mostly language and attacks on people without reason.

  20. Whats really interesting is getting Andy Boy Bird giving us info through Hblog direct from Evans and cheesedick.

    Notice also dick salzman is speaking through the same media. Damn, this shows alot about the political structure in Humboldt. Scary shit. Oh and PJ and What Now, your complete fucking idiots.

  21. Whoa. I love this place. Now that’s funny. Dick is too useless, PJ is too busy with her purple helmet fixation. Cliff is too stupid to even worry about. Life out of prog land is good. Ps bite me Midget!

  22. the midget is such a f’ing tool on so many levels. We really dodged a bullet on this one. Martha is a Dem and very liberal but she has common sense and works well with others. She gets that rural Ca. has a life that is not going to function if it’s run like a Berkley protest rally. She was a good pick and we can work well together. Del Norte rocks!

  23. Sounds good to me.

  24. so, off topic, but….the Graphics Dept has an uncommonly wonderful opportunity presented to them by some citizens who reside in the district of the Magical Midget…drive down K street, heading due north and observe the house with the multi-colored signs, make sure that you note the ‘service’ animal(s) which reside there, most specifically the Yak and the goats.

    Looking forward to the pictures of Mark and the Yak strolling to the Farmers Market to select their organic produce.

  25. Wow, since Rob now hates Jimmy Smith, will you follow suit Mr. Humbug?

    vty, Anonymous

  26. ?????? Are you drunk again 7:35? Or are you just so entrenched that you can’t pull your head out of your backside orifice? Are you Dicky the liar? Greg the screamer? Jane the “Franklin” obsession ferakazoid? Or one of the other oh so predictable trolls (Doran, his wife or tra come to mind.). Just for kicks, I am off. To Richardson Grove with my Chainsaw just for fun. Then, I have a few plans for Neely the criminal douche Ho.

  27. You tell em’ George

    Now go fuck yourself

    vty, Anonymous

  28. 8:01 heheheheeeee. Do you need clippers for that ingrown?

  29. Already back from the grove GW?

  30. Yes. I am am back and refreshed for another day of troll bashing!

  31. Wow. Anyone notice the change at Hblog. Salzman seems to be the new editor. Out in public with his trash.

    Lets see. Salzman loves Marky who hates RA. All of a sudden Hblog dumps on RA. An did anyone notice World Coffee has closed. Interesting.

    If you read the E-mail, he said he does not dislike Jimmy. But once again, fuck the facts. Whinny Mitch, PJ the original bitch, NaN, etc all jumping on the band wagon. Hblog is beginning to be irrelevant, kind of like a gossip column for Humboldt.

  32. Why the hell do you read the HH?

    Do you need an excuse to get all pissy everyday?

  33. Cause its amusing. Also its good to be aware of what the fools are trying to push. Oh, so now I’m pissy. I read damn near everything that concerns Humboldt. It just happens to be what a certain group of people are involved with who I consider watching to make sure they stay in their cages.

  34. another guy wrote,”Wow. Anyone notice the change at Hblog. Salzman seems to be the new editor. Out in public with his trash.

    Lets see. Salzman loves Marky who hates RA. All of a sudden Hblog dumps on RA. An did anyone notice World Coffee has closed. Interesting.”

    Seems kind of funny to me that this blog is lauding the fact that Mark didn’t get the CCC pick,in favor of a friend of Richard’s.

  35. Salzman has no friends, however he does have pets. As you know Mark, being one.

  36. Don’t insult pets. Salzman has deluded trolls and posts under fake names. He’s a loser. He’s a liar. He’s a whiney little crier. He’s a moron and a drinker and a douche bag stinker.

    My bad.

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