Supervisors hope to finalize board and commission appointment process soon

11 Responses

  1. How about who can do the best job getting kicked off the democrat central committee – err, I mean “resigning to spend more time with his family”
    . Same result.

  2. It’s hard to argue with any of the new methods, they are all so much more scientific that the old method of pulling the pick out of Neely’s ass.

  3. Good point, Stupor. But at least the old way was efficient. If the county spent half as much time trying to solve problems that actually exist, they’d lose interest in no time. That’s what they make up these stupid games.

  4. Oh, lets just let the numb nuts at Hblog do the choosing, cause they represent the people. Ya right. if Hblog does not like Ziemer, then he must be the best candidate.

    Greg Conners is the blogger Ex-republican, a nasty piece of work if there ever was one. He uses other names but that is the most identifiable.

  5. Nope. I’m not him. Sorry.

  6. thats sooooooo funny greg.

  7. An example of a comment

    ex republican says:
    March 28, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    And I suppose this is wrong too?

    A penguin is in town haveing his car worked on. Its pretty hot so he goes across the street for an ice cream. Now just having flippers, its kinda hard for him to eat his cone, so he makes a mess and gets it all over himself. Going back to the garage he is greeted by the walrus mechanic. ” Looks like you blew a seal,” said the walri. “No,” says the little penguin thats just ice cream.

    badda bing- rim shot.

  8. Anybody but Greg Conners please! My chinchilla is open on Thursday nights. Just saying? She’d make a great commissioner. She’s really into listening intently.

  9. You said rim shot. Gross.

  10. No this is part of the post. However it has been a different selection and we are safe for now.

  11. Greg Connors? Isn’t he the guy that went nuts on blogs, ranting really nasty things about anything close to the tea party or Sara Palin?

    Do they do a pyschological exam or profile on these types of positions.

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