New Coastal Commission chair fired for being as big a prick as the last one

Keep in mind this is Sara Wan's official portrait, which means it's a picture she wants people to see.

Coastal Commission chairpersons might have to put themselves on some kind of endangered species list.

First, Humboldt County voters remove one–former District Four Supervisor Bonnie Neely.

Now her successor, Sara Wan, loses her political appointment for double-crossing a former aide to John Burton–who just so happened to be the man who appointed her to the commission these last 16 years.


We quote:

Wan’s appointment as chair became controversial in January when former Senate President pro Tem John Burton sent her a profanity-laced letter on State Democratic Party letterhead (he is the current chair) accusing Wan of having “screwed Mary Shallenberger (a former longtime aide of Burton) out of the chair of the commission in order to gain it yourself.

(The “profanity” wasn’t all that interesting by Burton standards. One little bullshit, as in “No need to respond to this because I have no need to hear any of your rationalizing bullshit on this issue.” That barely counts.)

Importantly, Shallenberger had also been one of Wan’s staunchest defenders, a position that could easily have been a full-time job given Wan’s reputation as an obdurate, conniving, power-hungry ass.

Arnold York, publisher of Wan’s hometown daily the Malibu Times, describes Wan as follows:

Wan was never an easy appointment for a politician. She has many fans in the environmental movement, but she has also made many enemies along the way. Anyone who has ever sat at a Coastal meeting and watched Wan, as chair (she has served as chair once before), juggle the speaker slips so causes she favored came up early and the opposition usually put off to the end of the meeting, couldn’t help but come away with a feeling that they had been railroaded. Most politicians try to hide their power, but not Wan. She loves power and loves people knowing that she has power. She delights in rubbing everyone’s nose in her power and wants you to know that she’s doing it, which is one of the reasons Wan is detested by many, as, I certainly would venture, a significant portion of Malibu’s residents does.

Now who does that remind us of?

For those so inclined, see the news bit announcing word of Wan’s removal.

Photo credit: Wan family

23 Responses

  1. Ahh, good old Sara Wan, famous for just-saying-no to everything but projects put forth by her friends, including ones that dump sewage in all kinds of places sewage was never intended to be. This is excellent news and a turn of events Ms. Wan richly deserves.

  2. Hey hey hey, good-bye.

  3. Spank!

  4. Poor ol’ Security National

  5. Poor ol’ S.N.S.C.

    Is this the break ya’ll been waiting for?

  6. What you have there is a comment so original and inspired Anonymous had to go ahead and say it twice! We’re not worthy!!

  7. Self-righteous and arrogant.

    Btw. This is the best she has ever looked.

  8. This is a great step for the people of California who want common sense to prevail at the Coastal Commission.

  9. wan

    of an unnatural or sickly pallor; pallid; lacking color: His wan face suddenly flushed.
    showing or suggesting ill health, fatigue, unhappiness, etc.: a wan look; a wan smile.
    lacking in forcefulness, competence, or effectiveness: their wan attempts to organize the alumni.

  10. It fits!

  11. I don’t think that SN has been “waiting” for any particular break in regards, I am guessing, to the Marina Center project. SN just wants a project to be reviewed and considered in a fair process.

    With people like Neely and Wan at the helm of a runaway agency with overarching power, they can’t hope to get a fair shake. There has been a lot of good news recently for SN and a lot of other developers and everyday landowners who happen to live or have projects planned in the Coastal Zone:

    1) Bonnie Neely has been voted out of office and subsequently lost her seat on the Coastal Commission.

    2) Mark Lovelace was not appointed to the Coastal Commission.

    3) Martha McClure, a moderate and reasonable person from Del Norte County with a track record of working with people to build a consensus was appointed to the commission. She, a supervisor, teacher and Democrat, presumably doesn’t have any campaign contributions directly traceable to Bill Pierson who has not spared any expense to prevent any competition for the Big Hammer.

    4) Sara Wan was removed from her position for being, as those who know her best, a power-hungry bitch with a personal agenda.

    Now it’s not likely that there will be a drastic change on the commission to automatically rubber-stamp all development in the Coastal Commission because of all these changes, but it’s looking better and better that their project will get a fair shake. That’s all they, or anyone else before the Coastal Commission, are asking for.

  12. obdurate:
    unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn; unyielding.
    stubbornly resistant to moral influence; persistently impenitent: an obdurate sinner.

    yes, the perfect word

  13. Getting dishonest people off the commission is a break for everyone, Anonymous Arkley obsessive.

  14. Anon, your on the wrong blog, Hblog is for the anal obsessed Arkley haters.

    Go there and you can spend time with GFY Plain Jane, and I’m much smarter than you locals prick NAN.

  15. Another similarity: Wan’s as unpopular in Malibu as Neely was in Humboldt.

  16. What is it they say about prophets in their own town? Or was that profits?

  17. Thanks again Rob

  18. Here’s another one:


  19. Off topic, but the picture of Wan sparked this. Anyone see Kaitlin Belknap lately? Looks like someone stuck an airhose up her butt and blew her up. Huge.

  20. Consumption of large amounts of protein will do that to you.

  21. Click on the new link to the Malibu paper, look at the blog contents and see what whinny assholes they have down there. They must be the ones moving up here and blogging on the herald. Although I think we can now alll reply to a Plain Jane post starting with GFY Plain Jane and when she complains, say I thought that was your name.

  22. maybe Shane threw a fattie in her

  23. two birds with one fattie so to speak

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