Clif Clendenen surprise winner of ‘American Idle’

Well, it’s a surprise unless you happen to be one of his constituents. For 2nd District voters, it’s a performance they’ve come to expect.

"Thanks, Ryan. Let's see. This week I attended a fundraiser, although it was for me, and a barbecue, although I think that was at the fundraiser, and I went to a really boring meeting--wait, that was the fundraiser too. So that was my week."

30 Responses

  1. I hear Cliffy’s asshat handler and manager Thorington is trying to open a cannibus club at Fernbrdge. What idiots. Who was the last one termer in the second? Wasn’t it the late Raoul “Sef” Murgia?

  2. Clif is a joke. The man is glued to Lovelace. Look close and you can see the midget behind him everywhere. Its like Marky has his hand up Clif’s ass and is moving his puppet mouth.

  3. Poor Clif just hasn’t been the same since the voters of Eureka chose to cut his umbilical cord.

  4. I think we should speculate on who Clif’s “secret” candidate is for the North Coast Railroad Authority. He forgot to even tell Mark about it, so maybe there is trouble in paradise.

  5. And so the anti-campaign begins. Who’s next on Arkley’s hit list? Why haven’t you started in on Jimmy yet?

  6. Cliff delayed the NCRA appointment, against the wishes of the public who spoke. Even the environmentalists said it shouldn’t of been delayed. Just a vague brown act reason.

  7. The anti campaign begin the first meeting that Clif was present. For months Clif was not seen anywhere without Marky. He looks to him on votes, it often appears that you can see him smile the goofy smile. As Marky slips his hand up his ass and runs his mouth for him . Because its true does not mean its shit do do with Arkley/developers/neo-cons/rednecks/good old boys/etc. Its just true. He is a drone.

    Jimmy is a hell of a nice guy, but he sits on the fence, votes on popularity, not reality. He is not capable of earning a living doing anything else, he only has politics left. He has become dead wood.

  8. NCRA appointment he was told what to do as a last minute thing. You can bet in reality, Marky was behind it.

  9. Everybody was surprised about it.

  10. Mark DID NOT know about it and voted AGAINST IT. I’m still scratching my head about that one.

  11. Cliff can best be described as a Post Turtle…
    “When you’re driving down a country road and you see a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle. You know he didn’t get up there by himself. He doesn’t belong there; he can’t get anything done while he’s up there; and you just want to help the poor, dumb thing down.”

  12. Now THAT has to be the quote of the day, Post Turtle!!

  13. Post turtle? Now that’s funny.

  14. Oh crap. That’s just not funny. Its hysterical. Post turtle!!!!! Sooooooo funny!

  15. Tell me again why we have full time Supervisors? We have a Sheriff who keeps the law, a DA who prosecutes (supposed to anyway), an Assessor who assesses, a tax collector who collects, a Recorder who records and many other high paid department heads who do all the real work.

    Then we have a CAO who watches over them and coordinates the work and prepares the budget.

    All a Supervisor does is show up one day a week. The rest of the time they are doing favors in order to get re-elected and collect their $80,000 a year pay checks.

    Give us half-time Supervisors. We could save enough money to keep four deputies from losing their jobs. We may even attract better qualified people to run for Supervisor if they knew they didn’t have to give up their own careers.

  16. Fuck Bill Pierson, and every single person who works in that shitty store. Can’t wait to see them go under.

  17. We will be celebrating with you Rob when you put those fucks out of business

    Get er’ dun!

  18. Agreed as to Bill Pierson but NOT his employees. They are pretty swell. Gotta say I haven’t been to that store in over four years because Pierson makes me sick.

  19. “All a Supervisor does is show up one day a week.”

    Not-A-Government-Employee is 100% wrong about this, and people who hold that view have NO idea the kind of hours the Supervisors put in. There are multiple meetings every single day, and many times they go late into the night. It is a more than full-time job.

    And then there’s the time they put in reading their Board packet and getting up to speed on the issues they are going to discuss. Lovelace is arguably the most diligent in that regard, and you want them all to perform at that level.

    I don’t know why anyone wants that job. No matter what you do, half the people aren’t happy. There’s always something to disagree with and even criticize, but saying it is “one meeting a week” is neither fair nor accurate.

    As for Pierson, he has a good store, good reputation, good employees – and should have been confident enough NOT to engage in the ridiculous debacle of the last few years. For crying out loud, Home Depot is no more competition for him than Burger King is for McDonalds – in fact, having more choices creates business for both (for all actually, because there are many building supply places around here) and anything that stimulates people to get into remodeling or building would HELP him.

    And along those lines, it is incredibly stupid for him to be supporting the anti-growth-terrified-of-all-building crowd – THAT’S what’s ultimately going to kill off his business. If he’s relying on the dope dealers, they are one election away from $1 a pack poverty.

  20. Rose as to the “board” I disagree. We know you are close to Duffy who worked her ass off but others just don’t.

  21. Yeah little prog who keep posting stuff about Bill Pierson going out of business–FYI again, your IP addresses leave trails. Just so you know.

  22. Sure would like to see that IP address bugs. Me thinks a little proggie needs to be bug slapped. I used to blindly think favorably about the term progressive. Now it means to me deceitful, immoral, lying, closed minded, power hungry asshole.

  23. I’m thinking Clif was trying to act like he could think without his handlers for reelection purposes. Unfortunately he fell flat on his face, much like the post turtle who tried to step off the pole.

  24. Clendenan owes almost $25,000 in loans from his last 2008 campaign that he needs to pay off.
    oh yeah, he gave the green light to put porta potties at the Vets Park in G-ville for the homeless people to use. The local Vets and the Business’ were furious and Clif had to scramble to get the porta potties out of there. The local Vets do not want their Park to become a homeless encampment.
    Clendenan is Losing It and he will Lose come next election cycle.

  25. the midget is well prep’ed but he has a team of crazies doing lots of the back ground work for him. Good comrads all. E Connors, S Madrone,J Kalt,R Faust,KB S, P Nichols just to name a few. Just check out his CC support group. This is full time come to Jesus work for them. $$$$$$$ for the faithful, tiny boxes for the rest of us.

  26. clendenan and jim truit wants to use the Vets Parks in Garberville for a homeless encampment complete with showers and bathrooms (they already delivered a Porta Pottie). They said their plan could work if we give it time (one year) They plan to erect a fence around the Park so that when people drive by, no one will see the encampment and become upset. They want this ready to go for the “upcoming Vagabond season” (Im NOT making any of this up….this is what they said on KMUD radio on monday morning.) Of course they never bothered to ask anyone around town what they thought of this wonderful idea, so of course the towns people and local Vets are furious.

  27. I noticed Pierson sponsored Flatmo’s Kinetic sculpture

    What a loser

    I’m now done with Flatmo

  28. Gee, you guys are so intelligent and so eloquent. I used to be a Clif supporter but your brilliant written and thoroughly researched comments have changed my mind. I have always aspired to be part of a political movement that focused on important issues instead of petty harping over stupid things like a person’s height. I feel I have truly found a home here among people with great minds and great hearts.

  29. Misguided do gooders. What a supremely dumb idea.

  30. Rose,

    made a good read about the supervisors…some of which is accurate and some of which is “padded”.

    As far as diligient supe Lovelace….Rose said, “Lovelace is arguably the most diligent in that regard, and you want them all to perform at that level…”

    My Response: Judging his “performance” in questioning MRC about redwood marketing and the 3 year HWF grant subsidy, clearly shows a lack of diligience when the guy is muttering and tripping over his forked-tongue looking brain dead and stupid in the process….of course, Rose is open-minded until flip-flopping on any given issue or becoming so mad, that lack of open-mindedness becomes a concern. Of course, she will censor too what she does not like…….and a person who stands-up to Rose is a person Rose will unilaterally sever ties with.

    It was sure interesting to see “local right wing political gamers and schemers” hate on Mark Lovelace four years ago; yet now, must twist and turn things around to get what they want from him since he is an “elected insider” now……


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