Richard Salzman asks dumb self-promotional question about dumber self-promotional lawsuit

“If first they silence the poor and the homeless, and I say nothing, who will speak up when they try to silence me?” Uh, absolutely no one, Richard, because you're a douche.


36 Responses

  1. It takes brave men like Richard to show us how conservative and corporate-owned the Arcata City Council is.

    Power to the people!

  2. “conservative and corporate owned” Arcata.

    Hey Cell Block D! Has your celly been abusing you?

    Richard, or Dick, has accurately been described as a douche.

    The real question is what’s in this for Dickie? I really don’t think he gives squat about the homeless in Arcata or elswhere.

  3. think Richard is a piece of shit, a political whore of the worst kind. However there is a point to the lawsuit. he however could not give a shit about anyone but himself.

  4. Bugs, you are correct, this is an opening gambit on the part of Dick(less) Salzman. He has got some scheme going, most likely to position himself or a new annointed one a run at elected office. I say new annointed one, because with any luck, the clock has finally run out on the other penis/intellect challenged office holder he foisted on us, Paul (DumbAss) Gallegos.

    I wonder if this little piece of performance art is sanctioned by the Proggies (also known as the Democratic Central Committee), KS-B, Corn Cobb, and the rest?

    Also, has Plain Jane and the rest of the asshats from Prog-land been donating generously when they shop local on the Plaza, better be, or you know what they say about hypocrites……

  5. “the clock has finally run out on the other penis/intellect challenged office holder he foisted on us, Paul (DumbAss) Gallegos”

    How exactly do you figure? He was just reelected. I want whatever it is you are drinking this afternoon, JB.

  6. Gallegos’ office is unravelling as we speak. Bout time. But as for Dickless Samzman….prison for that wannabe.

  7. I sure hope Salzman doesn’t have a new dog to beat or author his letters. I sure hated being dragged around by a rope, kicked when he was drunk and having him sign my name to his stupid letters to the editor.

  8. Dick must be either too shit faced to post OR is off vandalizing parking meters with anti-arkley bumper stickers again. God what a loser.

  9. What about EPD chief Garr? Larry Glass’ BFF and buddy to Paul G.???????

    I thought I would choke reading the T/S article about the Eureka PD’s horse patrol ! After the expense of training this horse team was used one time since 2009, some kind of joke.

  10. Salzman is crazy, irrelevant and not even worthy of writing about. He knows it and is desparately searching for the limelight. Oh, for another PL funded DA recall. He has not had a win in years. In fact, he has had his ass kicked each and every time, especially by Arkley. Dick is a one hit wonder and is in the scrapheap of history. He needs to move to find another forum for his one hit wonder act. How about Nome.

  11. He knows it and is desparately searching for the limelight.

    Maybe so, but I”m glad to see someone filing a lawsuit to oppose this ordinance.

  12. Fred then why didn’t you do file it? This guy taints the so called message. Hope he loses.

  13. there is money in them there lawsuits

  14. Attacking the m essenger rather than the message
    gains nothing.

  15. The messenger sucks Doran. So does the message and so does Bob.

  16. Salzman isn’t a messenger. He’s a drunk and dishonest ass.

  17. I agree with Fred. I’m glad Richard filed the lawsuit challenging this ordinance. Have you all ever met Salzman? If it weren’t for politics, you would all probably like him. He’s a smart and funny guy with a big heart.

  18. You must be drinking, bird. Richard is a mean, egotistical ass. Has been for the 12+ years I have dealt with him. His politics suck as do yours. The difference is you are a human being. He is a dick.

    I’m sure he does not give a shit about anything else but himself. I get the point, and agree somewhat with Fred. Just anything that has anything to do with Dick is tainted.

    Ms. Doran, or whatever they call you. You can not possibly be that stupid. Though you did marry Bob.

  19. Salzman is a progie with Carl Rove tactics. I guess that makes him what some of you hate the most, a successful progie.

    Arkley does business by what would seem to be over 100 different names and Salzman antagonized people under a hand full. Maybe Salzman should just open dozens of shell corporations for tax and liability reasons like Arkely, then we could all hold hands and sing Kumbaya!

  20. Tom, you have to be kidding. Salzman has lost and lost and lost. His tactics never change. We all know his playbook. He now plays for us, since we use his predictable tactics and moves to our advantage. Whether you like Arkley, you have to admit that he has reduced his profile and done nothing but win, much to all of your chagrin. This lawsuit is yet another example of Richard’s foolish moves.

  21. Tom the Tool strikes a mighty blow! Not. Of course this is all about Rob Arkely….Not. The proggies are definitely singing a very tired, trite tune. The question at hand is the current level of self-aggrandizment undertaken by well-known and disrepected Prog Mouthpiece, Mr. Salzman.

    The anti-panhandling ordinance was put in place for a very good reason. Now, IF you object to the ordinance as Mr. Salzman seems to, it can only mean that every last bit of spare change he has is given freely to the great unwashed currently on every corner in Arcata. It means that those of like-wise philosophy, such as you Tool-time have also given your last single cent to those individuals exercising their civil rights by begging.

    Step up! Give, Give, Give…after all those poor unfortunates with the signs and the dreads have an expectation that they will be fed. Seems that Mr. Salzman is of the opinion that nothing and no one should think or do otherwise.

  22. If I saw anyone involved that was progressive in some way it would be refreshing. What we have here is regressive people.

    What shell corporations. Do you know for a fact that any of his LLC’s are used as shells. LLC’s are legitimate business tools. I know that you try to maximize the tax’s you pay Tom, but it is a fundamental right of citizens to minimize their tax burden. Not to avoid their share but to make sure that is all they pay.

    Truth is this is about Dick, not Rob. Unfortunately as can be seen frequently from you is this silliness of using Rob and Bush in arguments to justify the behavior of progressive politicians. Or other forms of slime.

  23. We can thank Rob for funding Paul Gallego’s first campaign for D.A. Thanks Rob!

  24. If it’s about Rob then Pete the paykeeper has to move on to deeper pockets to continue to fund his dope smoke’n,designer beer drink’n,skirt chase’n ways. The pickens are just to slim in poor old humboldt co.

  25. Sneaky Pete has now moved up in the Enviro world

    Will he still be reviewing SN’s Marina Center cleanup?

    When are you guys getting started anyway?

  26. Yes, its true. RA and several other conservative people started PG in his first campaign. They should have checked him out better. Money from South Humboldt was much greater, just not as traceable. This was before people realized how ugly Dick was to deal with at all levels. Jill Duffy got fooled for a while also. But after a while everyone saw that dick was a piece of shit.

    See that Pete is jumping ship. Kind of like the rats going down the shore line on a sinking ship. He has run out of pockets here and is on to bigger/better targets.

  27. So the progs have something in common with Arkley in supporting Gags early on. Too bad they don’t share in his ability to learn from mistakes and stay stuck in their ways. Guess that makes him more progressive and leaves them as regressives that refuse to be open minded.

  28. Poor Dickie…not an original bone in his body. Just repackaging other people’s words.

    “In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
    And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
    And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
    And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

  29. You SN guys must be glad to have Nichols gone from Baykeeper. He really took you guys to the cleaners in the balloon track settlement. I love the argument that paying the lawyers for the trial made the settlement necessary! Yeah, 4+ years of lawyer fees, and ya just couldn’t see the value in another 2 weeks for the trial? Whatever!

    Baykeeper 1
    SNSC 0

    I’d expect another suit since it doesn’t look like you’ll be cleaning the site anytime soon.

  30. What a dunbass. I think Nichols is a moraless compass who has an ego like Salzman and is just as dishonest. I don’t even know SN folks. Just keep living in your dream world 8:16.

  31. Oh boy. John Edwards got indicted. No wonder Salzman and Kerrigan love the guy. They identify with the criminals. Can’t wait to see them all in jail. Its a grand friday morning.

  32. how the hell did kerrigan beat bohn anyway?

  33. The trouble is that they feel that any means justifies their preferred end. Morally bankrupt people. Look at Chris boy and all the older women he used to achieve a measure of political capital. Remember the dope pipe incident when he was house sitting. Or the incident on Harrision. He walked away from both without a scratch.

    Salzman you could write a book on his corrupt crap. He just has no soul.

  34. “The trouble is that they feel that any means justifies their preferred end. Morally bankrupt people. ”

    Sounds alot like Arkley too

  35. Really, if so at least he does it on his own dime. Show me what the people I just mentioned ever did for Humboldt, cause RA’s list is quite long. They have done squat.

  36. Why would you oppose a good point just because you don’t like the person making it? I don’t like any politicians, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to waste my time slandering them. This list of comments is just sad.

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