Lovelace: Paper Doll Thriller Edition



13 Responses

  1. Does Rob have a thing for nude male figure dolls?

  2. Do you have a thing for making everything about Rob? Go back to Heraldoville Troll.

  3. Hey, you know Lovelace is not the only POS public figure around? There are others that need your kind of special luv Mr. Bug.

  4. John Wooley’s new watering hole…Avalon.

  5. Well list them brother and we can start the show now.

  6. Pothead Gallegos
    Kirk Girard
    Garr Nielsen
    Ralph Faust
    Wendy Chaitin (ooh my eyes hurt)
    Crybaby Brinton
    Big Kaitlin Belknap
    Appleheadless Clendenon

    That’s the short list

  7. Lest ye not forget Carolyn Ruth, Steve Werner, and Anita Punla…

  8. Yep Carolyn Ruthless who has been plotting to be the next County Counsel but was doing Neely and Girard’s dishonest crap for years. She needs a pink slip along with Girard.

    Add that troll Martha Spencer to the list too along with Tom (the backstabbing election money launderer) Hofweber.

  9. Ouch! And spot on.

  10. I think Hofweber laundered that Neely money to make sure he was around to bilk us with that damn pension for f’ing over the little people. Ya know the average folks. He’s part of the “I know better than you” crowd. Like real people are stupid and pathetic. Just the way all his prog friends believe. We are all just plain dumb but they have to teach us.

  11. Yep. That is a bingo. Hand Hofweber his damn pink slip.

  12. Few more in this list E Connors, S Madrone,J Kalt, P Nichols, and K Miller.

  13. And add the screaming nut job Greg Connors too.

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