New NCJ editor not acting all crazy just yet

North Coast Journal Publisher Judy Hodgson appears to have not screwed up anything important in her most recent selection of a new editor.

Hodgson formally announced yesterday that  Carrie Peyton Dahlberg, a Sacramento Bee veteran not everyone in the world hates, would take the helm of the iconic weekly next week.

Peyton Dahlberg replaces Tom Abate, whose six-week tenure began with fascinating radio interviews and glowing “news” stories about the paper’s major advertisers, and ended–inevitably–with involuntary committal.

Peyton Dahlberg, who is not currently on parole and has no restraining orders pending against her, earned a master’s degree from Columbia University’s prestigious Graduate School of Journalism. She has a husband and two cats, all reportedly alive.

About Abate, Hodgson would only say, well, nothing.

Carrie, welcome to Humboldt County. There’s this guy named John Matthews we’re just dying for you to meet.

13 Responses

  1. Well, at least Hank Sims is gone for good

  2. You bugs crack me up. I would imagine that she’s been adequately warned to avoid Mathews for a while. But unless she eats children or is part of a satanic cult, she can’t pull an Abate.

  3. Hopefully the journal will be worth reading again here soon!

  4. I hope she’s a good editor but she’s definitely not too good at reading the writing on the wall.

  5. I’m going to be disappointed if she doesn’t start biting the heads off of bats real soon.

  6. I’m withholding judgment until she passes the John Mattews test and until I find out if she has any railroad tracks near her house.

  7. By the way, I love the Clif Clendenen deer in the headlights. The Graphics Dept. strikes again.

  8. Are those the headlights of an oncoming train?

  9. Clendenen the deer in the road graphic.. one of the best ever!

  10. The Journal will never, ever be worth reading, Just like every other source of “news” around here. Spend five minutes browsing “local” headlines and you’re as informed as you need to be. My phone gives me all the state, national, and world news up-to-the minute so there’s zero reason to read the Sub-Standard. There’s a few day-old stories on local topics in there, but for the most part it’s two-day-old snores from the news wires that some moron over there seems to think are important or timely. It’s sad. And by the time the NCJ publishes, the story is up to week old and we have to wade through a sea of ads and flashy graphics just to find the information.
    If it’s not online and free, no one cares anymore. Me included.

  11. Actually I quit picking up the NCJ sometime ago. Pot ads galore, hydroponics, criminal attorney ads cannibus doctors. Then ya got the lady hanging on meat hooks. Sorry Hodgsen went down the drain but she did.

  12. Sorry bloggers. You won’t meet a more rational, down-to-earth working journalist than Carrie. She’ll never provide the drama of her predecessor or even match the Hankster’s disheveled flamboyance.

  13. How depressing is that?

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