Fieldbrook pot bust is EPIC

Amber Jamieson worked at EPIC with Mirror favorite Natalynne DeLappdance. Kind of makes the imagination run wild, doesn't it?

And we mean E.P.I.C.–as in the Garberville-based Environmental Protection Information Center, whose office manager has given “grassroots organization” a whole new meaning.

EPIC’s Amber Jamieson was arrested yesterday in a multi-agency pot bust in Fieldbrook that yielded a smidge under 500 pounds of processed marijuana, neatly packaged for resale, with a street value estimated at $1.5 million.

Jamieson’s significant other, James Shelton, who was similarly arrested at the Fieldbrook residence, has a less direct connection to the litigious enviro org: Mr. Shelton–shocker alert–is a “glass-blowing artist” whose magical objets d’art are sold at EPIC’s gift shop.

Jamieson graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in–wait for it–Natural Resources Economics. Despite the stupidity on full display now, she won an academic award at HSU and was photographed, possibly just for our amusement, standing next to a fellow award winner by the name of Soran “Rio” Anderson.

Soran "Rio" Anderson, left, stands next to Amber Jamieson. both found to be out standing in their fields.

Does that name ring any bells?

It just might. Anderson was an employee of the Community Development Disservices Department in 2007 when he was arrested for growing more than 3,000 plants up at Tooby Ranch–an incident Hank Sims described as “a heartwarming story about the tenacity of our county’s agrarian heritage.”

Read Hank’s version of Anderson’s arrest on Rose’s blog here. Read the Times-Standard’s account of Jamieson and Shelton’s arrest here.

Photo credits The Environmental Protection Information Center and Humboldt State University.

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  1. I think EPIC would probably give her a raise for this, if there was any possibility she needed the money.

  2. I love today.

  3. I miss Humboldt County. There’s never any drama in Sacramento.

  4. Can’t wait for federal intervention. Wonder of wonders, another dope growing tax evading jerk from EPIC. Doesn’t the greedy Ho know that there is no parole from club Fed?

  5. Hugs, Andy.


  6. Interesting that EPIC makes its money holding people to the letter of the law – MILLIONS, by the way, in predatory litigious fees and extortion – it’s only fair to hold these people to the FULL letter of the law. Put them away, confiscate their property, they would have no compunction about doing it to others. Just as they have no compunction about breaking laws. They probably preach about people needing to pay more taxes, too.

    You should also link to your post on just how much money EPIC rakes in with their predatory practices. I forget when it was, but wasn’t it 14 million?

  7. Will Ed Denson ride to the rescue? Or Clanton? Close to 500 pounds of packaged dope. How much enviro degradation did that cause? I am not feeling charitable this morning so forgive me when I say fuck the tax cheating environental raping two faced whore. Sorry but fucking all of us by growing dope, diverting water, and not paying your fair share in state, local and federal taxes all the while condemning the “greedy corporations” qualifies her as a whore.

  8. Nice photo. Isn’t that Peru? Who paid for that south american trip and with what money? When I look at the photo of Amber and Rio I am just crushed at how “ill” they both look.

  9. Club Fed Amber?

  10. 3000 plants with Rio? Wow. 500 packaged pounds with Amber and her boy toy? Wow again. Glass pipes in the EPIC gift shop? Priceless.

  11. Now we know why EPIC worked so hard to keep Gallegos in office.

    The most interesting sentence in the article: “Future arrests of individuals associated with the pair are expected.”

    I notice Natalynne baby’s name right below Amber on the EPIC page.

    I hope they bring the full weight of the Federal Government down on you guys. Letter, period, comma, apostrophe of the law. Every. Single. Bit. I’m with 7:41 above. Fuck these people.

  12. When is RA going to sue EPIC for the toxins present at their site in Arcata?

  13. “……Heartwarming tenacity of our county’s agarian heritage…” Ok, so our ‘agarian heritage’ is the pot industry, at least that is what seems to be displayed by these, oh so highly evolved individuals. Why are the non-native plant folks not screaming bloody murder about this, where are our environmental warriors to lead of the charge of indignation over the use of synthetic fertilizer? Vacumm packed in plastic bags? The horror! Bet those plastic bags were made by an evil, third-world exploiting coporation.

    Just when you think that EPIC, Baykeeper, Save The Redwoods and all the rest of the non-profit, save the earth hypocrites cannot sink lower, they manage. Now, lets sit back and wait for the usual apologists to chime in and attempt to spin and sanctify this bullshit. Step up Mr. Sims, we are waiting.

    Rose, and 7:41….WORD UP!

  14. I’m sure (to set a good example for the rest of us earth destroying capitalists) it was 500 pounds of sustainably-grown, organic, GMO-free pot harvested by local, sustainable, union workers with good karma.

  15. Fuck E.P.I.C. and their hypocritical asses. They get the last laugh because Gallegos will bend over backwards to slap their wrists any way he can.

  16. Yep Gags will, but the feds are on this one so it doesn’t matter how much EPIC supported Gags to protect their lying cheating tax evading asses.

    Hey Amber, club fed awaits you.

    Hey Amber’s buddies, wonder how it feels to know that you will all go down together.

    Ah, its a grand day.

  17. It’s surprising that HSU hasn’t added a environmentally friendly pot cultivation minor to its Natural Resources program. Pssss Rollin, it’ll boost enrollment!

  18. Eh, she lived high while it lasted, looks like she got some nice vacations. You can do that with a million bucks tax-free, eh?

    These people don’t give a shit about the environment, remember that, it’s all about the money.

  19. Help. I’ve fallen down laughing and I can’t get up.

  20. I cannot tell a lie. Wilted at 12:49 made me piss myself laughing.

    Nice one!

  21. Why do conservatives always piss themselves? Signs of aging?

  22. No, actually its a sign of a sense of humor! Now begone unfunny proglydite.

  23. or is that proglidyte?

  24. I think it is proglidouche.

  25. With a load of pot like that, how come EPIC is against full size trucks on the 101? Please tell me the pot was not genetically modified or a monoculture, fed artificial fertilizers or protected with pesticides, and of course native to the region. Looks like their preaching only applies to others. I can’t wait for someone outside DA (DoucheAssistant) to start following the money from this one.


    Epic’s next press release will read that the bust must of been a part of the STATE/Caltrans conspiracy to clear cut Richardsons Grove.

    Looks like they are going to have to raise more money for their lawsuit.

  27. I wonder if some of that was bound for DC with Shane, you don’t think Obama does not like some good smoke. God knows he can’t stand reality.

  28. Proglidouche? My my Martha made a funny.

    I was just pondering while flying my kite just how Amber will look in the traditional fed blue coveralls? Or if they have a glass blowing shop at club fed for her pal? Or just how much ass puckering her other EPIC friends are feeling right now? Just wondering.

  29. TS reports the dope will be opened and dumped in a pit to be burried. And rot.
    Will this really happen? How soon? Why not just burn it too?

    That is a lot of weed. EPICs tax exempt status should be revoked.

  30. I don’t like how EPIC acts like a two faced bully and misuses the law but I disagree with Ponderz unless more folks are involved from EPIC. Employees commit crimes but if this is systemic
    (ACORN like) then Ponderz is right.

  31. With DeLapp so high up in the EPIC food chain and so involved with D.A. Paul Gallegos’ election campaign, it makes you wonder how systemic the weed mass production is within EPIC? It could be just a few individuals, or it could be the vast majority. We’ll never know until enough of them are arrested.

    But on it’s face, it seems as if EPIC is a massively hypocritical organization whose members preach one thing and do another (quite illegal activity on a shockingly massive scale.)

  32. Will DeLapp show her boobs already? It’s time. Mirror exclusive.

  33. If that shit is really “MEDICINE” it should not be destroyed or buried, but should be DONATED to a POT clinic. FREE, or sold to raise money to fund our Deputies. If it is given FREE, then it should be distributed a very reduced rates to indigent “patients.”

    Jus’ saying.

    But we all know this is a lie and a sham, and it should be legalized NOW, so that sick people who really can use it to help them eat after chemo can either grow their own or pick up a pack for a couple bucks at the local grocery store, just like cigarettes and aspirin.

    And SHAME on the POT industry for fighting the legalization on the ballot. All about the money, living high in more ways than one. Fuck these people.

  34. We need to sell that cannabis to the dispensaries and use the money to restore county services. Why would we throw away millions of dollars?

  35. The level of hypocricy in this community astounds me. As the parent of a elementary school student, I am constantly blown away by the number of families in which neither parent has a full time occupatation yet are able to take the kids to Costa Rica for two weeks during the holiday break every year. I jokingly tell my wife that we should walk around with “kick me” signs on our backs because we work our asses off and make prudent financial decisions only to see these smug assholes living the good live while demonstrating to their children that it’s right to not work for “the man” while partaking in all the benefits that “the man” offers. While I hate to revel in the misfortune of others, I would really like to see all these dudes and their high maintenance ganja princesses try to make ends meet without the aid of their ill gotten gains. Two tears in a bucket, and fuck it, assholes…

  36. That’s a big ditto from me square peg. Right on. Someone I lnow was whining that they had a lot of pot that they could only get 800 a pound for and I told them tough shit. Laughed my ass off

  37. RA/SN needs to file suit against EPIC now

  38. Oh good god. Eat shit troll at 8:18.

  39. I hope they both get fed prison and a IRS audit.

    And I agree, Fuck E.P.I.C.

  40. Agreed. An IRS audit and FBI attention to the SoHum cartel.

  41. Usually, when the feds do one of these, every computer and cell phone gets torn apart for records, texts, emails, photos (dopers commonly take pictures of the grow, often posing with the product), Would love to be a fly on the wall during that process.

  42. I am thinking of the all of the butt puckering that is going on with some folks after reading that post Wilted.

    Makes me think of how high up the food chain that puckering might be occurring?

  43. Gives new meaning to the term “pucker power”.

  44. For those of you who are quick to judge, remember, not everything is as it seems. Many of these type of busts are set-ups–who is REALLY behind this?

  45. You are under the influence or have killed way too many brain cells to believe that the cops planted 500 one pound packages of pot, planted a couple of hundred plants and cash? You are just f’ing bonkers. Stay off the sauce or “just say no”.

  46. innocent until proven guilty

  47. Mendo man are you for real? A set up? Someone planted 500 pounds of processed weed on them? !

    Or maybe you mean this is a vast right government conspiracy? That must be it.

    You are such a lame POS.

    Hope they get a stiff sentence in Federal prison. They can swap stories of their vacations to Peru and Costa Rica with their cell mates.

    Ha ha ha

  48. Innocent until proven guilty is the rule for jurors to follow. The rest of us are free to use our common sense

  49. Not buying it, Mendo. I’m not one to blindly swallow what the media feeds me, but I’ve lived here for far too long to believe that these guys (Amber and James) are not a dime a dozen. If big brother really wanted to crack down, this place would be a house of cards.

  50. Good point, Anon @ 11:34. That said, this is a well known lifestyle choice for a large number of folks in this county and these two fit the stereotype like a glove. Humboldt didn’t get its reputation for nothing, right? While they may or may not be the kingpins of this op, it’s difficult for me to believe that they were not knee deep in potential profit from it’s sale.

  51. That’s presumed by law innocent till proven guilty. That’s got nothing to do with public opinion nor my opinion. So friend Wilted, I will say that’s a big BINGO.

  52. Not tryna snitch on these folks.


    Heard hella folks talking about you need to move elbows of regs, hit up Jamieson. At the time was all how inna fuck you gone drop a courier? Used to folks saying shit like yo talk to Black or talk to the Hmong homie Lil Cloudy, not go speak to first name-last name-street address-social security number. No shit these folks got popped, they needed to stop telling ignorant ass weed pitching knuckleheads who they were. No shit they had a Fed snitch in the mix if they was doing it big with no type of down low hill people code. Instead they was using that dumb fuck city white folk you can call me Birdies in the Box Smith.

    On the other shit tho so happy for my people choosing not to deal with these wack ass no 4Runner leasing, DEA tapped hippy fuckwits.

  53. Oh christ. Spare us.

  54. ???? Mr. Nice? What is that?

  55. Is it just me or is the “departure” of Greacen from EPIC extremely well timed. Pot may be listed as $3,000/lb, but information can be priceless.

  56. but shes hot and on the team. dont make another beautiful woman leave the county…

  57. Oh Mr. Shelton…..enjoy yourself in the relatively low-key Humboldt Correctional Facility, that federal thing is going to get real ugly, real fast. You good buddy Paul is not going to be much help, I would imagine his recent activites might be viewed rather dimly by certain segments of the Federales. At least he is finally out of the closet as the Pot Lobbyist that he actually is. I’ll bet that ‘elected office’ thing really gets in the way of his chosen vocation.

  58. Natalynne DeLapp, Amber Jamieson, and Paul Gallegos………….Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm EPIC & POT …Could this be why the HumCo Sheriff brought in the Feds to handle this last one with Jamieson? How long until they audit EPIC and see the flow of cash, or the DA links to POT?

  59. EPIC isn’t the only group getting drug money, just one of the most blatant. Take a look at their financial reports online compare it to their stafff (and their standards of living), plus other expenses of running the operation and the math doesn’t work unless you add unreported cash.

  60. The more EPIC cranks up the Richardson Grove, Green Diamond, Spotted Owl, or any other “urgent” cause in an attempt to deflect attention, the deeper we know the involvement goes with this type of illicit operation.

  61. EPIC is begging for money on their website. A mere coincidence that the plea for funds comes so soon after a major pot bust? They need 2 pounds….oops make that $5,000 to take on CalTrans.

  62. Lotsa housecleaning going on at EPIC staff members homes lately. Gotta get rid of those old bulbs, fertilizers, plastic piping, etc. It’s about the only positive thing EPIC has done to clean up the environment in it’s history.

  63. Check out the seized property notices in yesterday’s Wall St. Journal, look under Northern CA.

  64. EPIC = Every Plant Increases Cashflow

  65. Shocked, absolutely shocked that someone in our organization might be associated with illegal farming. Our organization traces it’s roots to the peaceful agricultural community of Garberville and our employees have always been able to live above their reported incomes.

  66. LINK? 7:36? Have a link? Or can you scan and email a copy?

  67. Rose
    I can’t find a link and have already gotten rid of my copy. For some reason, the DEA doesn’t post online, so I’d suggest a trip to the library to see if they have the back issues.

  68. Interested to know what became of this bust. The only reference I’ve seen since the initial flurry was an interview of EPIC’s director in the NCJ in which he was asked about the Amber Jamison bust. His response included a heart warming announcement that Ms. Jamison was expecting a child and therefore was deserving of the community’s understanding and support. And the cycle continues…

  69. If we had a local newspaper they might be inclined to do a follow up and dig a little deeper, and maybe, just once tell the rest of the story. Ok, I’m back from Fantasyland. Very telling that EPIC will readily take money of questionable origin and play dumb when someone gets pinched.I think it’s time for the IRS to examine this so called non-profit.

  70. Remember assumptions make an ass out of you and me. Pot growers pay taxes. POT GROWERS PAY TAXES. Thank you and good night.

  71. 9:22 To be clear, pot growers pay some taxes. Sales tax on generators, new pickups and ATV’s. They even pay fuel taxes when they buy fuel for their new toys. They pay property taxes if they own the land where they grow, but I’m pretty sure the Assessor doesn’t send them a bill if they grow on public land. They pay income tax on whatevever portion of their ill gotten gains they choose to funnel through a laundering operation, like a phony business front or non-profit where they are employed. They also don’t pay the permitting or regulatory costs for their operations, which in California can be sizable when grading land, diverting water, using pesticides; not to mention dumping diesel in creeks.

  72. RH’s IRS comment was with regard to EPIC, not growers (although the two appear to be inseparable). Still, I’m going to bite: Sales Tax? Yes. Property Taxes (if they indeed own property)? Yes. Federal and State Income Taxes? Please explain.

  73. They pay on some portion only to avoid being snagged up as someone who lives well, but has 0 income. So they start some type of cover business like a winery, consulting firm, banjo maker, or a fake non-profit front to launder the money. Let’s say you have $300,000 of profit to hide. Start a group called Environmental Phony Income Center, take in “cash” donations from various sources, mostly your illicit profits, and pay yourself a salary and other benefits. So you get taxed on your $50,000 salary which is below the radar for triggering much in the way of an audit in our geographic area and you appear legit. You’re able to wash a good portion of the income through the organization as donations and can add “employees” who want to shelter their cash as well.

  74. How about a contest to name what E.P.I.C. really stands for?

  75. I think the bugs nailed it with douchEPICkle.
    Every Prog Intakes Cannibis
    Even Paul Is Complicit

  76. Enriching Protestors In Cash (tax free cash of course)

  77. Evading Pot Income Center

  78. or backwards; Cannabis Is Pretty Enriching

  79. Did EPIC move their office to somewhere out Hwy 36, or are the numerous dope busts just a coincidence?

  80. Must be a campaign supporter. Hundreds of pounds of dope, more plants plus guns and there’s already a plea bargain for community service plus the cash they found during the bust. Move along now, nothing to see here.

  81. The EPIC workers got caught by the feds and will likely face a serious sentence, whereas the head of the international drug ring has managed to plea bargain for community service. Thanks Gags, I’m sure he’ll become a model citizen.

  82. Has EPIC no shame? OK, stupid question, but getting kids to grow dope is just pathetic.

  83. Did EPIC’s pot have prop 65 warning labels on the bags? Maybe one of these “enviro” groups should file a class action.

  84. I went to the store to get a turkey bag for the holidays, but they were sold out. Some enviro group bought them all up. Seems they have lots of turkeys.

  85. Bugs
    Any updates on sentencing? The guy they just busted out on Hwy 36 with a similar amount got community service, but then he had to face “Humboldt Justice” instead of the feds.

  86. At least our DA gave him a good finger waggin’ and asked him pretty please not to do it again.

  87. Santa is pretty pissed off over the whole event. He was supposed to pick up 500 green packages with red bows in Fieldbrook over the holidays. Why do you think he’s always so merry and his reindeer are flying.

  88. EPIC grows dope is the top story for 2011. I’m absolutely shocked and never thought I’d see the day the enviros got popped for growing dope to fund their operations. What could top this in 2012?
    CATS caught dealing in foreing pussy?
    Baykeeper boat linked to coke fueled trips on bay?
    Earth First chages name to Earth Second-Me First, because eating slugs and crapping in a bucket just sucks?

  89. Agents closing in on NFL player’s pot connection to Humboldt County

    “California Department of Justice spokeswoman Michelle Gregory said drug enforcement agents are closing in on the person or people suspected of supplying Simpson’s marijuana. While Gregory declined to offer any details of the investigation, she said local police agencies are not involved.”

    Would you say Simpson had an EPIC season?

  90. Anon! Classic and great!

  91. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it ironic that the former head of EPIC made the news this week talking about the environmental destruction caused by the pot grows? Are we going to see the enviro groups that were raised on pot funding start suing the dope growers because that’s where the money is?

  92. Wishful thinking….Mr Gracean will turns this into a plea for full leglization and he will undoubtedly be assisted by Mr. Gallegos when his term of elected office is done and he can turn ALL of his attention to MJ.

  93. Exactly, when it’s an “evil corporation” EPIC swings for the fences with lawsuits in hopes that one in twenty results in a win, but when it’s individuals causing much more damage to watershed health the response is that we need to change the law to make it legal. Then EPIC can go about legally growing (pun intended) their operations to support their lifestyle between the big paydays.

  94. Is it true that donations to epic are down due to the bust and people worried that epics donor list may become a road map for dope raids?

  95. The Right Reverend Pat Robertson has weighed in on the 40 year ‘war on drugs’ last week. He announced it to be a ‘total failure’! Rather he states that pot should be legalized and handled like alcohol.
    Honestly the first time I ever agreed with the Rev.
    You rock Paddy!
    Obama gets a second term then watch for the end of the DEA/DOJ pot obsessions…legalization is right around the corner folks like it or not

  96. Humbilly
    Your posting prompted a collective shitting of the pants at the phony enviro orgs around the county. With no money either from directly growing or getting feelgood donations from growers with cash, their off the books expense accounts and seed money for lawsuits will dry up faster than the Mattole during growing season.

  97. Its time has come.

    The only downside is – if only California does it, you turn all of California into the grow-house hell-hole that Humboldt County has become. Every criminal in the world will come to take over. And with it comes all the crime – remember it is defacto legal here – what happened to Villica LLC? BTW?

  98. Talk about a poster child for abusive Non-profit status. Epic (along with Baykeeper ant Cats) would make prime fodder for an IRS investigation. Need to launder a little illicit cash, You can make donations to the organization and work for us. We’ll pay for your travel and other expenses, you get to turn dirty money into clean and have the appearance of having a job. Many of these groups sprouted in Garberville, where there is a need to camoflage cash as well as your plants.

  99. Is this epic’s idea of grass root fundraising. Their office manager got caught in a case where the feds seized more money than epic’s annual budget. How many of these supposed environmental activists are funding their organizations with illicit cash. I think it’s time the IRS investigates since our DA refuses to prosecute his campaign supporters.

  100. If EPIC really wants to protect Fishers, Spotted Owls and other animals why aren’t they dealing with the real problem?

  101. Were they using rat poison at this grow? Why doesn’t EPIC go after growers that are killing Pacific Fishers, Spotted Owls and other wildlife?

  102. Hello all I recently plead guilty to this charge. Sentenced to 65 months It is ALL public knowledge. The medicine was NOT grown on my property. The 298 plants were mostly unrooted clones. No poison was EVER used on ANYTHING. Nor did they locate any money in my house. The money was seized in PA during a sting facilitated by federal informants. I was simply the unfortunate broker lured into this conspiracy. My wife had nothing to do with any part of my business nor does it in any way relate to her work. I WILL miss my wife and kids.

  103. I’d also like to respectfully suggest, when speaking on matters of such obvious serious magnitude, an integrity filled individual relys upon truth and research. If the purpose of the majority of these posts was to defamate, then using truth and fact is the approach. Ranting on what if scenarios and flat out lies is less than ethical and down right immoral. Anyone who thinks I grew all that medicine is unintelligent. We as a community need to unite right and left, stand strong as one family and love our planet. It is the only one we have. Love > hate.

  104. So did you plead down to having 298 unrooted clones or was there really 500 pounds of processed pot recovered at this EPIC pot bust? If there was no money located at your house, it looks like the Feds still have some searching to do.

  105. you do the math……..I can not speak for the injustice of our federal government

  106. Fact: Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin have won a lot of gold medals
    Fact: illegal grows on public land are an environmental menace and that great protector of the environment EPIC is responsible for the very damage they are supposed to be fighting against
    Fact: Mr. Shelton has no shame, none what so ever. Be careful when you shower.

  107. I’m only going to take bubble baths.

  108. Sounds like you’ve made a friend with Bubbles. The rest of the inmates call him Bubba.

  109. Josephine is either suffering from severe delusional narcicism or simply can’t secure real facts from real research. Maybe you should go to a popular chicken franchise and order all you can eat. The real victims are Mr. Shelton’s wife, children and family. Find a new hobby Josephine. Integrity is derived from being honest even when you are the only one who knows the truth. Try it Josephine it does wonders for your sleep.

  110. Now I am confused….delusional narcissim? “real facts from real research”, once again the subject at hand is the absolute hyporicsy of EPIC and pot growing on public lands which are causing environmental damage and killing off small, soon-to-be endangered mammals. Victims? Try the aforementioned mammals, you witless prog. Mr. Shelter broke the law, while I do have some fleeting sympathy for his family. The fact remains, he broke the law and he is going to have to face the consequences, as will his family.

    I know this is tough for you, but please try to stay on topic. Put the bong down for a while and try to focus.

  111. No bongs here miss…..Just facts.

    The “aformentioned” accusations of any relationship with Mr Shelton to anything other than his actions and his private property have not and NEVER related to anything other than himself.
    Public records are just that.
    Do some research and the to keep chicken out of politics.

  112. My, my…such a vociferous defense of an individual, who is essentially a drug dealer. Private property or not, his vocal and visible role with EPIC colors this situation no matter how you choose to slice it, my shrill little friend. Could be you are from EPIC and are desperately hoping for some distance and forgetfullness. Fat chance.

    Still waiting for an explanation of ‘ delusional narcissim” and add the chicken and politics reference to that request. Since you so vehemantely deny using cannibuis one assusmes your haldol level is sub-therapeutic

  113. The idea you belive HALDOL has ANY therapeutic value is a very transparent look into your perspectrive and intellect.

  114. I imagine you are lonely, bored, lack healthy diet choices and spend large amounts of time reflecting on the traumas of highschool. I also assume all HALDOL is made sustainably with organic ingredients by indigenous people and ALL the money is kept locally in the community. (The Corporate NON tax paying COMMUNITY). You are a wreck Miss Josephine.

  115. Hipocracy must have taken Josephine’s loud cyber tongue and hushed her unsubstantiated attacks on an obviously abstract (if any at all) relationship between Non-profits and Mr shelton’s unfortunate situation.
    She has yet to provide any substantial evidence or proof at all the two are in any way related.

    I do appreciate the chicken reference to politics from anon.
    Very obvious and amusing to say the least.

    Her Haldol must be detrimental to her thought process.

  116. Looks like some EPICTrolls have come out. By defending a felon who refuses to admit to his full crime, they only sink deeper and reinforce where their funding comes from.

  117. No refusal here. I own my choices and am facing the concequences. Anyone who continues to defame any other aspect of me or my family is simply perpetuating lies coming from a place of emotional instability. Fact are facts. Public records are available for all. Yet this blog continues to spread fantasy and imagination. The truth is available if you wish to verify it for your own minds. In contradiction to truth this blog continues to lack integrity and spread lies. We as a community need to unite not fight a build an economically future for our children fillrd with love and truth. Love is the answer to all.

  118. and build an economically sound future for our children filled with love and truth.

  119. It’s hard for me to believe you give a rats ass about the community or children when you knowingly became a drug felon and got caught with almost 500 pounds of dope. It seems to me that you were more concerned with your own financial gain.

  120. It is probably hard for you to believe in a rover on Mars……Yet I will bet you believe Jesus walked on water. Might as well say Mr Shelton started the controversary about rape, abortion and contraception……Wow…. CONSERVATIVES??!!

  121. When does one find it appropriate to gift another the ASS of a RAT?

  122. Turn off the fox news, wake up, realize we are all slaves to giant corporations and remember community. Jesus DID NOT walk on water is something I find hard to believe. A man selling marijuana that also cares about family and community is believable. Noah and a boat full of inbreeding animals “hard to believe” A broker with children and the pursuit of a dollar believable. The hate being purpetuated on this blog UNBELIEVABLE.

  123. Stuff a sock in it Sants, you’re the one that started stupid gifts with your lump of coal.
    Here’s some love and truth for you James:

    “Officials from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Marshals Service assisted the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration out of Santa Rosa in uncovering an alleged major marijuana grow operation at Shelton’s residence in Fieldbrook on June 9, while serving a state search warrant as part of an ongoing investigation.

    Shelton and Amber Zo Jamieson, 28, were arrested on suspicion of cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale.

    Authorities reported seizing 298 marijuana plants ranging in height from 1- to 5-feet inside the home and a nearby outbuilding. In addition, 10 extra-large duffel bags were reportedly found filled with 495 pounds of processed marijuana stored in vacuum-sealed, one-pound bags.”

    Sorry, my bad, it could happen to anyone who gives a shit or even a rats ass about their family………If you don’t win a Darwin Award, you at least deserve Douch o’ the Year.

  124. Nothing in the Arkley owned “news article” was true. Mister Bunny you continue to spread lies. Try PUBLIC RECORDS. Not right wing conservative propaganda fluff. A proper debate is based on truth and fact not profit generating headlines. You “my fellow community member” refer to Darwin yet I’ll bet you believe we were created by some lightning boldt throwing cloud riding guy with a long white beard.
    Try doing REAL REAEARCH and report REAL FACTS. Simple truth is just that truth. It is available if you merely wish to find it.

  125. Here’s a fact for you, Mr. Shelton. I know exactly what my husband does for a living and I would leave him and take the kids if he was doing anything remotely against the law. Here’s another one, it’s is YOU hurting your kids. YOU broke the law, YOU are the one going to jail and YOU are depriving your kids of their father. You preach to people here about what they say but I bet most are walking the walk instead of talking the talk.

  126. Need we get into the debate of STATES RIGHTS to govern and the FACT that California has a conflict with the federal government. YOU would deprive your children of their father through SICKNESS or HEALTH? What if he were sick or unhealthy when he made his choices? I feel sorry for YOUR kids and YOUR husband. HUMHO.

  127. When did Hank Sims and the Times Standard become Arkley owned? The only remorse I see from this dope peddler is that he got caught and didn’t get to plead down to jaywalking with community service.

  128. I’ll bet the Easter Bunny was hiding eggs during alcohol prohibition filled with bath tub gin and Lucky Strikes. This “Dope Peddler” is just a pawn in a politically twisted, backward priority system that even Eric Holder admits is “fiscally irresponsible and failing”. If it were legal, our public lands would be safer from mexican cartels and our water supplies would be designated to appropriate farmers with control and proper stewardship. Researching the PACER background of Mr. Shelton shows he was neither using public land or stealing water. He was a broker with a VERY SMALL 215 in posession of unrooted clones. NOT a PUBLIC LAND DESTROYING COMMERCIAL GROW. He satisfied the federal need for a headlines filled PROPAGANDA BUST. The Feds provided over a 100lbs to this “bust” and this blog swallowed it hook line and sinker. As did Mr. Shelton when he was lured by Federal criminals into this conspiracy with the promise of big money and the insecurity of a pregnant wife. You do not know the man you defame. He volunteers at Freshwater school and is an asset to our community. I know him well and know our community needs more good parents like him. Find a new hobby “Bunny” supporting love filled ideas and solutions for all. Consider mending community in opposition to partitioning it into factions of hate. LOVE is the ANSWER.

  129. This blog refers to lavish trips and how it was paid for.
    Miss Jamieson is Peruvian and that photo was taken during a family funded FAMILY REUNION. Another example of integrity lacking reporting by this blog in opposition to FACTS and TRUTH.

  130. Miss Jamieson is NOT a US Citizen? Was she deported?

  131. What a stupid question. Chinese Americans still have Chinese family. Italian Americans still have Italian family. German Americans, African, Mexican and even English Americans have Family abroad yet are citizens of the United States…………..DUH

  132. Pinnochio, are you implying that we should be happy it’s only pot and not coke?

  133. Monstro…..I am NOT implying ANYTHING. I am proving that this blog lacks TRUTH and INTEGRITY. Your question is like asking me if 3 plus 2 equals broccoflower.

  134. I am happy it isn’t Marlboro, Budweiser and Pepsi. Teaming up with Halliburton and the UN to obliterate our Bill of Rights. Coke is bad…. UMKAY.

  135. It would be very easy for pinnochio to have a coke problem.

    Must be something in the water….or is it in the smoke in the air at Fieldbrook.

  137. Wow……..How does this relate to ANYTHING in this blog? Aside from geographical proximity the only other relation is arrest for marijuana in Humboldt County. Per capita that is soooooooooo f-ing amazing. Wow. I think I even saw someone smoking pot in fieldbrook once.

  138. Humboldt, pot bust, EPIC supporter; it’s pretty common and doesn’t seriously shock people when it happens:)

  139. Suddenly epic is concerned about dope growing on public lands and the impact on wildlife (must be their supporters wild life). It seems growing dope is ok when it’s white wanna be rastafarians, but oh so wrong when it’s the Mexican Mafia and they aren’t donating to epic.

  140. Who says the mexican mafia does’nt donate to EPIC. Who really knows? Assumptions make asses don’t they?

  141. You may be on to something here. There seems to be a South of the border connection that is out of whack with a “local” environmental group. Maybe the photo at the top isn’t as innocent as we thought.

  142. If the Mexican Mafia donated to epic we wouldn’t see epic turn against them for rat poison in outdoor grows. They kept mum when it was mostly local growers doing it.

  143. I am confused. Is it good or bad that EPIC is protectiing public lands?

  144. Easy to be confused. If epic was truly out protecting public lands it would be good, but it’s far more likely this outfit is just maneuvering to file a lawsuit under the guise of protecting the land which is bad.
    As a milker of billy goats you must be faced with confusion on a regular basis when you find only pne teat and a small splurt of milk.

  145. So if land is protected because of a lawsuit is it not really protected? Or is it tainted because a lawyer might have been on or near the land breathing out his carbon filled hot air?

    You the self proclaimed “shepherd” seem to have intimate details of billy goat milking. Knew I’d find at least one milker to bite the bait. Now are you going to spit it out or swallow?

    Protcted land=protected land

  146. The goal of the lawsuit isn’t protection, it’s a shakedown for money. Just like prop 65, file a bunch of lawsuits and hope for a ruling and a payday. These groups do very little to actually improve and protect the environment or various species. If that was the case, they’d be out cleaning up or doing restoration work. These groups have knowingly turned a blind eye to major environmental destruction when it’s been their funding sources doing the damage.
    Pull the wool over your eyes if you want, and go back to milking (or whatever it is you do) your goat.

  147. Spit or swallow, you tell me, you’re the Billy Goat Milker. epic and the other groups aren’t about protecting the land as there are plenty of opportunities to do some real good. It’s all about the shakedown.

  148. Hard to have an intelligent discussion with an obvious dullard. You took the bait and here we are. Still wondering where you obtained intimate details of billy goat milking coupled with your obvious VALID perspective of how and what methods land becomes protected.

    Keep swallowing…… Because Jesus is returning and when the “trapture” is complete you will be saved. Until then I consider you to be one of many sheep without individual thoughts and a slave to your own retardation.


    Protected land = Protected land
    Where is the harm in keeping our world clean safe and sustainable?

  149. Because protected land = a place to grow dope when it comes to our local enviros.

  150. Why not stereo-type everything in the world….
    You sound like a good old fashion BIGOT.
    I like watermelon.
    I am a horrible driver.
    I do the dishes.
    I do the Laundry.
    My sister is purty.
    I am from Poland and stupid.
    I also love beans.

    Stereo types………DUH.

  151. Now, now Georgie, go easy on the goat lover or the liberals will call you a right wing extremist.

  152. Apparently James made some new friends on the other side of the wall. In addition to Bubba “friends call him Bubbles”, he’s gotten to know Turner Brown and Ben Dover.

  153. Turner and Ben
    Keep yo hands off my Beeeeach, or I shank you MoFo’s!!!!!

  154. So James, how’s life with a felony conviction. Your epic buddies sure ditched you when you got caught.

  155. There once was a doper named Shelton
    A prison favorite to get felt on
    While touching his toes
    Like the best of grow hoes
    James learned he should keep his belt on

  156. Amber now Shelton not Jamieson is a dirty whore. As soon as James went to prison she abandoned him selling herself and his son to the highest bidder. He sits in prison IN sheridan Oregon keeping his mouth shut (not ratting) while his wife grow hoes!!

  157. No big surprise there. I have known Amber for years. her own mother advocates prostitution and openly speaks about it when she is drunk. Amber has been a liar and a hobbiest hooker if not semi-professional prostitute since highschool. She won’t change

  158. I was at their “bachelor” party. Amber forced herself along. Now she openly tells people their son was made at a sex party. She is trash. I feel bad for James. He is in prison and she is whoring around. Their poor son. He is so cute. Looks just like James.

  159. How did Amber stay out of prison? She showed me a picture on her phone of her and James together on the private jet they used to deliver weed to Pennsylvania.

  160. I know these people all too well. I met her mother at their wedding and she has been with the same man for 25 years. Amber has always worked a desk job for a nonprofit and I remember her going home after work and slaving for James to help him raise his daughter and clean up after him and his friends. The same “friends” that disappeared when she became a single mother. Then when she had their son, she had to bring him to work with her while James sat at home playing video games. It sounds like she may have gone along with him, but it was obvious that he never shared the bounty with her. She still works the same job she always had and still drives a crappy car. Last I heard he was threatening to rat on her if she didn’t stay with him. The BOP site says his release date is September 2016, if he gets out sooner, we know why.

  161. The last post was definitely written by Amber. Your mother randomly told someone at your wedding that she has been with the same man for 25 years? Sure You don’t deny cheating on him? He is in prison protecting his community and that is how you thanked him

  162. Supposedly epic is against pot, or at least pot grown by trespassing Mexicans, but 500 pound bud crops by white trash is still ok in their eyes.

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