Gallegos looks to use redistricting discussions to lock re-election prospects

Humboldt County Supervisors won’t be able to avoid wildly whacking the virtual political hornets’ nest Tuesday when they begin discussions on adjusting the supervisorial district boundaries as part of California Elections Code laws following the most recent census tally.

Don't hate me because I am beautiful. Please do cut me some slack on my fundamental lack of knowledge of the law, dismal management and leadership capabilities and breathtakingly giant lapses of morality.

The board is expected to appoint Sheriff Mike Downey, District Attorney Paul Gallegos, Assessor Mari Wilson and Registrar of Voters Carolyn Crnich to the newest committee to mull over ideas,  listen to outspoken members of the SoHum and NoHum public and bring a plan back to the board for a vote.

The supervisors have until November 1 to make the changes that reflect the county’s population growth, which has increased the most in Supervisor Ryan Sundberg’s 5th and Clif Clendenon’s 2nd districts.

As of now Community Development Diservices Director Kirk Girard isn’t directly involved and the Nov. 1 deadline looks easily doable.

As part of the redistricting discussions, insiders say Gallegos will use his position to try and float a plan to sell or cede all county lands to neighboring  Del Norte, Trinity and Mendocino counties except for Garberville, Redway, Arcata and a few pockets of houses in Eureka.

According to his braintrust Natalynne DeLapp and Richard Salzman, the plan would virtually assure Gallegos’ re-election for as long as very small-, small-, medium-, mediumish large-, large-, very large-,  massively large-, and off-the-fucking-hook-EPIC-scale marijuana production remains illegal.

26 Responses

  1. …off-the-fucking-hook-EPIC-scale-marijuana production. Now that’s fucking funny{:-}.

  2. There could be a significant shift that may make it harder for some Liberals and some Conservatives to get elected in traditionally left and right leaning districts. It’ll be interesting to hear all of the wackjobs and wingnuts come out in droves to protect their fiefdoms.

  3. Gallegos might actually have to think! He may get a headache? A migrane? Then he may need some medicine?

  4. Can maps plea bargain?

  5. Can Gags think? Man for that idiot that’s one hell of a pipe dream. Maybe he’ll pull a usual and no show or turn up so stoned you can’t understand what he’s blithering. BTW can someone swipe my god damn picture from that crapper’s office? Its embarrassing even for a dead guy like me. Sheesh.

  6. That’s ridiculous – that is a spoof, right?

  7. Uh, yeah Rose. It’s a spoof. But it’s not too far out in left field for Salzman.

  8. It’s not a joke – it’s in the Times-Standard. OMG! That is the stupidest idea I have heard in a long time.

    For one thing, Downey has enough to do – real work – and Gallegos, for crying out loud, are you kidding?


  9. Oh, well THAT part is true. Sure. But we made up a tad too.

  10. Its in the TS? Well if it is not on the board agenda then its that skank stinker and consummate lying lush Salzman who has a his fist up some ones @+?# whatever at the TS. I’m not thinking this brain crapper has any traction but humor and plain stupid.

  11. Let me get this straight- reward the man who cannot competently perform his own duties by giving him even more responsibilities, ones that will impact the County for the next decade?

  12. I like the hat. It takes the glare off his forehead.

  13. OmfG. Its in the TS? That rag is wrong so often. Shit, they can’t even proof read and spell check.

  14. My goodness, does the esteemed Mr. Gallegos have that much time on his hands? Must have, he has eliminated most of the beneficial programs run by the DA, all that is left is prosecuting…oops, can’t do that, might hurt your electorate.

    Yesterday, the community honored the memory of a stauch, fearless and tenacious advocate for children, T. Diane Green, LCSW. I am compelled to quote her, one last time. “Paul Gallegos is a disgraceful human being, an abomination to his profession and his ineffectual leadership is matched only by his inability to distinguish or tell the truth.”

    To quote the Bugs, “…a major bag of douche.”

    I’m tired and couldn’t think of anything original this morning….

  15. Speaking of that Josephine (major bag of douche) how did Shane’s paid for vacatiion go? Did he meet the Prez? doubt it.

  16. It gets better: tell me how Gallegos fairly prosecutes POT cases now:

    They’re throwing him a $250 – $2.500 a pop party. For his 2010 camapign.

    Shame on you. Humboldt County. Shame on you. Kym, I mean you, too.

  17. And, by the way – Mr. Oh-so-ethical-support-local-control is holding his fundraiser in Sacramento, soliciting the big bucks out of the area. To retire his extensive campaign debt.

    You’ve all been duped to the highest level possible, and you did it willingly.

    Yes, I am disgusted. By the hypocrisy – and by the lack of any concern about ethics.

  18. Josephine: Diane will be greatly missed. She was a brave and honest woman and her death is a tremendous loss.

  19. EPIC and Gallegos don’t give a shit about sexually abused kids. They only give a shit about pot, money and power. I hope they all go down hard. God they are corrupt and hypocrites.

  20. Didn’t Robby support Gallegos?

  21. I think it was a brilliant idea to have a fundraiser in Sacramento. Retire some election debt and have fun doing it. No matter what the margin was, Paul still beat Turner and Hooch (Guess which one is Hooch!). They got their asses handed to them. Off to Sacramento!!

  22. brilliant? how about unethical?

  23. No, brilliant. absolutely brilliant. Sacramento, here we come. Become a legislator as soon as possible. Your magnificence MUST be shared with all the people. Your work here is done. Excelsior! Paul for Congress! Governor! Dare I say it [dare dare] The Presidency.

    Somebody go back and get a shitload of dimes.

  24. What’s happen’ in the clean world?

  25. Well Rose. Don’t forget to tell me how stupid I was for predicting the FPPC would reject the bogus complaint against Clif Clendenen. What surprised me was how fast the FPPC rejected it. I’ve never seen the FPPC act that fast.

    If you want to call Paul the “pot advocate DA,” that’s your business. I don’t think anybody’s feelings are too hurt.

    But I’m a bit puzzled why you didn’t call Roger Rodoni the pot advocate Supervisor when he championed for the legalization of marijuana from his seat on the Board of Supervisors. Can you explain that?

  26. Simple Andy,

    Roger was a county supervisor, one who sets county policy.

    Paul is the chief law enforcement official of the county, charged with enforcing the laws already in place – not to pick and choose which laws he likes and which he doesnt – quite simple, actually.

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