Secret memo suggests Atkins should be careful when calling her co-workers ‘puppets’

Initially we thought Eureka City Councilwoman Linda Atkins’ comments to the Times-Standard about (former) Police Chief Garr Nielsen’s termination were just uninformed, unprofessional, and paranoid. But, as the note below suggests, they might also have been hypocritical. Holy crap!

78 Responses

  1. This is creepy. Eureka sucks. I hate it here.

  2. I voted for Linda and have really tried to give her the benefit of the doubt in so many cases, but she really needs to learn some professionalism or go back to a business that obviously didn’t require it. She’s just awful.

  3. You forgot an item on Arkley’s list: “Remove Bugs’ nose from my ass for regular cleaning and inspection.”

  4. No one but the people that run this blog believe that, 9:22. So sad how corrupt you’ve helped Eureka become.

  5. Thank you Mirror for printing some truth. The TS article on the Chief’s firing was so one sided I am wondering if Thad is also bucking for a job with the Chief! Kind of like former female reproter from the Arkley paper who was promised a job at EPD .

    Linda and her left wing groupies are unprofessional and rude. IF you dont side with them they rant and rave and plan rallys!

    Wonder how many EPD employees will be rally FOR THE CHIEF.. at his pcoming rally at the Vets Hall…I can tell you none because the majority hated him and his harassing retaliatiory ways!

    So Garr is gonna hire an atty and fight this? He is too damn cheap to do that because he has had an atty at his side and has not had to pay a cent! Now Garr you are in the real world and you are going to have to start paying for things and not charging them to the taxpayers of Eureka. Good luck with that.

  6. Yeah Linda, shut up and stick with the program. We are all supposed to pretend that the Emperor is wearing clothes. If you say otherwise, the Emperor’s underlings will come after you.

  7. Wait! Are we really supposed to believe that “Carmen Lastlaugh” and “Gorp” are not the same people run this blog commenting on their own post? If the dishonesty on this blog are the same people who run Eureka, that just puts a very bad feeling in my stomach.

  8. As to the fact that he’s “gonna hire an atty and fight this” – that’s not what the T-S story says at all. “Nielsen said he’s already contacted an attorney through the California Peace Officers’ Association to determine exactly what his rights are.” He’s not getting his job back but he gets a big payout because he was fired without cause. The cop’s group will make sure he gets whatever he is due. And Eurekans will pay for this, through the nose.

  9. This blog is part of a faceless machine to push an agenda along. Please stop. We can do better as a community.

  10. “This blog is part of a faceless machine to push an agenda along. Please stop. We can do better as a community.”

    And what exactly is Heraldo, pray tell???

  11. Soooooo – what’re you saying?

    Look – the average tenure for major city police chiefs is about three years. It goes with the territory. That’s one reason why severance pay is written into agreements, to help protect the person being hired… give them time to get a new job, and get relocated. It’s a good thing, and part of the cost of running any city.

  12. Soooooo – what are you saying rose?

    are you for this or against it?

  13. The city could either boot Nielsen and continue paying him for six months per his contract, or keep him on and let him continue his mismanagement, while paying him for another couple of years. “Without cause” just means the firing can’t be contested.

    So it’s a wash for the taxpayers financially, and after six months the taxpayers come out ahead. Add to that the effects of pulling the department out of its dive and the people of Eureka can call it a win-win.

    So, when does Gags go?

  14. He’ll go as soon as his corrupt ass is arrested and he goes to prison like De Paoli and Renner.

  15. Oh my god. A sunny day and the silly shit on Hblog. Mitch the bitch, PJ the follower, tra the unreasonable, and the rest of the crew. Panties in a bunch. How good can it get. Whine on and on.

    Bad news for you all. By the end of the year, Cliff/Atkins/Girard/their flunkies, all gone. So stupid, has nothing to do with good-old boys. People are just sick and tired of their dumb shit. If the Fed’s stop enforcing pot laws even Gag’s will be gone in a few years.

    Happy Days for Humboldt.

  16. I love the photo in the header ! Love it!

  17. If I believe Linda Atkins is a horse’s ass I run this blog? Nice. You may now address me as Mr. Bug.

    I swear every time a prog opens his or her mouth our collective IQ drops by 20 points.

  18. Don’t let my stupidity fool you.

  19. This is so fucking funny. It’s amazing how no one in this town has a sense of humor.

    I noticed you haven’t bagged on Nielsen, Bugs. I’ve thought that was a prudent move on your part, because he’s done a lot of good things for the community. Unfortunately he seems to have a knack for doing them in a dumb way.

  20. I sure do wish the Joshes would go back to writing the Herald so all of these left-wing nut jobs would have somewhere else to spew their stupidity. C’mon, Bill Pierson. You can buy better than this, can’t you?

  21. Hey Carmen, I can’t think of a former Eureka Reporter person male or female who ever went to work for the chief. That seems to call your credibility into question, doesn’t it? I mean if there was a promised job, where is it? Who took it? What happened?

  22. Fact: “Huh,” “German Sherman,” “Knotty by Knature,” “11:03,” “10:40,” “Gorp” and “Carmen Lastlaugh” are all the Mirror posting on his own blog.

  23. I lust after Franklin’s package. Oh how I lust for him. I am too stupid, deranged and lonely to do anything else. The midget ignores me and I can’t afford to get my lazy ass out of the house so I just lust and break it up with trolling here and on the H blog.

  24. It is and has been pretty obvious that Hearaldo is Larry Glass. So all the onesided BS coming from Hearaldo and the T/S is to be anticipated. Ugly but anticipated. Larry Glass cannot get over being voted out of office.

    The rally at the Vet’s center will be a joke. And I would bet a fair amount of money that not one EPD employee, officer or staff, will be there. Not even the five that have been been shameleslly sucking up to Nielsen in hopes of promotion and poewer. With one exception, one already was promoted.

    The city, the city manager, and by extention the police department cannot put out information because of policy, personnel rules, and professionalism. While Laryy, Linda and that crew go crazaaaazy about the good old boys and the old guard.

    Firing Nielsen was a good thng. And as the facts slowly come out people will realize this. Many i tehknow already do.

    Thanks Tyson.

  25. Yeah because you can tell that 11:23.

    Please stop thinking others are as dumb as you.

  26. Firing Nielsen was not a good thing.

    Fire Tyson.

  27. Effing hysterical. I wonder how many hits this post has gotten already today? Beautiful day. Sun shining. Birds singing in the trees. And every dumb, pissed-off, arrogant, hypocritical prog in town is sitting here sobbing.

    Love it!

  28. “. And I would bet a fair amount of money that not one EPD employee, officer or staff, will be there.”

    Might be a safe bet considering that they’d likely be fired for showing up.

  29. So true, mresquan. Evil-doers are just everywhere!

  30. Oh I lust after Larry, Linda an mresquan too.

  31. Oh Mark you are such an ass*&^%. You know they couldn’t be fired for that.

    Why don’t you go back over to HH to spew your leftist hate BS?!

  32. Oh woe is me. Woe is me. I am locked up in my little room with my laptop spewing nasty little posts all day and night because nobody will have anything to do with me in real life. Woe oh woe.

  33. Rednecks unite!

  34. Rednecks unite!

    Bring back the ol’ guard

  35. Rednecks? Well I’d rather have my redneck than the red faces of the same 10 folks posting and reposting their public meltdown over on the HH blog. Its actually pretty funny.

  36. Redneck Eskimos throw their beer cans in the snow

  37. Don’t go where the huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow!

  38. Let us not lose track of the fact that we lost Peter Falk on the same day. At least he’s a cop who will be missed.

  39. Can RA get Girard ax’d next?

  40. Thanks again Tyson, for doing what needed to be done.

  41. I would imagine that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there is so much more to be revealed. Amazing reading the quotes in the TS, Sue B (The West Side Wrangler), Linda (I’m too stupid to live), and of course Larry the Rat.

    Over here in the unincorporated areas, the prevailing opinion is that the rumors of ‘inappropriate behavior’ by Larry the Rat was covered up by his buddy Garr and that Garr being canned was actually a kindness.

    His supporters can cry over this all they want, Eureka is STILL a drug soaked sewer and just getting worse. Garr brought devisiveness, rancor, hostility and increased distrust of law enforcement, and his support of DA Douchebag did not endear him to anyone else in the law enforcement community. The only thing these cannibis captivated looney toons are upset about is: they lost their pet police chief, and his replacement is not, under any circumstances going to subscribe to the continued bullshit they spew!

  42. Josephine you are so right on the mark !!

  43. Awesome picture and post. Well done.

  44. Someone give the Bugs a sitcom deal. Jeeeezus this shit is funny.

  45. I don’t know which is more inappropriate, the banner photo or this fake “memo.”

  46. That’s high praise, Bob. High. Praise.

  47. Umm, these commenters who say the Bugs posted all of these comments, many of which disagree with each other, are either not very bright or really, really nuts. Let’s not anyone resort to logic or anything here……..

  48. I think Linda might think twice about having anyone else’s contract reviewed. Keep in mind this was her idea. Nielsen’s contract didn’t expire for another two years, but Linda wanted to try to force the council’s hand by opening negotiations for an extension with the Bend thing pending, and then shooting off emails all over the city asking people to show up and say what a helluva guy he is. It looks like maybe this didn’t turn out the way she’d hoped. I’d say the move was too clever by half, but in hindsight it’s looking just plain dumb.

  49. That’s good to know, Snork. Do you think if I address the balloon bouquet to City Hall she’ll receive it okay? We all owe Linda Atkins a debt of gratitude.

  50. I does look like Linda inadvertently gets the assist on this one.

  51. It’s kind of like an own-goal in soccer.

  52. So, Plain Jane is a fan of the Humbug……….lucky!

  53. Nielsen has good qualities and bad, as does Tyson. Tyson went looking for a chief officer with a progressive policing philosophy, and he found that in a person with major character flaws and a tendency toward huge lapses in judgment. They may both be to blame for the things that have gone wrong at EPD over the past four years, just like they are both responsible for its successes. I think we would all do well to remember this.

    But as for Linda Atkins, yeah. She is blithering, blathering idiot.

  54. I would add whiny to that 11:20… and not very smart either.

  55. I popped over to the HH blog to check out the hysteria. Holy crap. I felt like Luke Skywalker walking into the bar scene in Star Wars. Freaks and Geeks with not a lick of sense between them other than the HiFi guy who is their obvious enemy combatant. Whew. There is some gal named Plain Jane who I pictured to be the gal with three boobs in the bar scene and some weirdo who calls herself Xandra Manns (real outer space) who I see as the crazy overweight creepy dancer. HiFi must be Obiwan.

  56. Linda is ……………. lacking

  57. Love the photo, and the memo ! funny stuff

  58. Lesbians don’t belong in politics

  59. I’ve heard Linda say some stupid things, Anonymous 12:23, but never as stupid as that. Please go away.

  60. Matt, are you still mad at Tyson for his quasi-romance with Virginia?

  61. Billy the Mountain,
    All true, but I must confess it is fun to wander over there once or twice a day and poke that nest with a stick. Much wailing and gnashing.

  62. 1:16 are you still humping Plain Jane with a mask on so you don’t go blind?

  63. I get it. Tyson is irresistible.

  64. I get it too. Plain Jane and the flying heraldos are mad. See Jane just lost when she competed at the Ugly Dog show. Newsflash: those pooches are ugly but really really sweet. Plain Jane and her flying heraldo-ites are ugly but nastier than cat piss. Go figure.

  65. God I love this blog. Can someone take 12:23’s club and bearskin away? I thought we bred Neanderthals out of existence. Didn’t know one survived the purge. That kind of crack belongs to the Richard Salzmans of the world. Now say you’re sorry 12:23 or else. Remember do good look good. Do bad watch out.

  66. I’m surprised Matt Owen even speaks with Tyson anymore

  67. I am surprised that Virginia hasn’t f’ing pummeled you for being such a douchebag. Guess she is a tolerant gal. As for me………………..

  68. the heraldoites are such losers. all they can do is make unsubstantiated claims about how great Nielsen is or how bad anyone that doesn’t like Nielsen, or bow to him, is. if you don’t drink the koolaid you’re one of the good ole boys or the old guard.

    then they put the nasty rumors about anyone associated with the city manager or council except linda atkins. hearldo, or larry, is worse that the person that started that above the law blog that they bitched so much about. herlarryaldo is such a hypocrite.

    let them have their forum, or go for a recall, good luck. just a reminder larry, you lost the election!! get over it. the people spoke and they didn’t want you or those like you. atkins is just a leftover.

    all you hear or learn from reading the paper and heraldoblogisphere is that nielsen was wronged and that he has saved the city from all damnation. you are not hearing the other side of the story.

    There is another side to this story. and it does not put nielsen’s management abilities in a good light. at a minimum nielsen has created a hostile working environment, most of which is not made public. remember the pending lawsuits? nielsen is a bully, an extremely poor leader, dishonest, and abuses his position. not to mention that his social skills are lacking.

    nielsen has been putting in for other jobs for at least two years, the first theat came out ws or the chief of police in redding, which he didn’t even make the first cut.

    when more comes out even skeptics will agree that the city manager made the right decision, as did the majority of the city council.

  69. Watch the folks go crazy at Hblog. Auntie Arkley is a raving loon. Then the rest of the gang ( 4-6 ) dip shits all chime in about posters on the mirror. Look in the mirror, is that funny or what. Bunch of fucking hypocrite’s, liars, followers, scumbag’s, communists, lefty poop’s, and the undefinable PJ.

    The conversation about H moderating post is enough to make you lose your lunch. We all know that blog is heavily moderated toward the prog’y world garbage. PJ is so upset that the nasty mirror parroted some shit she put on site. As always it OK her folks do it but god forbid it gets done to her. PJ you need to go out and get a little. Might improve your sense of humor. Or at least, keep you off the computer for a few hours.

  70. Can Matthew Owen please share his notes from tonights Vet’s Hall meeting?

  71. The cops were call to the little get together tonight at the vets hall!!! Too much dumb and ugly in one place?

  72. Seems like one of the attendee’s had a little too much to drink at the bar and caused a ruckus.

  73. You mean all 15 of them, including the news crew?

  74. Hey! Don’t call Matt Owen dumb & ugly Brian!

  75. You people ever think about the reason Nielsen was fired? Nielsen put a bad cop back on the streets instead of firing him………

  76. No Brian Nielsen put two bad cops back on the streets instead of firing him/them, the other one is gone too but he should have been fired or worse.

    But you’re on the right track. I don’t know if Atkins is just uninformed, or slow, or just a died in the wool regressive that just doesn’t care about right and wrong, honesty and character. But the 4 other council persons did the right thing by the police department and the city, Tyson too of course.

    I read that the speakers at the forum were Larry Glass, Linda Atkins, and Peter LaVallee!! OMG, the guy that lost the Mayor election and the guy that lost the coucil election. They just can’t believe they were voted out.

  77. Poor babies. 100 people. Glass, Atkins, and Lavalle. How funny can it get. A real revolution. Silly shits. This is what the regressives can muster. Shows you how much support the have. City has what, 25,000 people. Hblog is losing it. I will sleep better tonight knowing that people have finally awaken to the fact that the prog’s are just so much crap.

    God Bless Humboldt County and lets get to bettering our county. City at a time.

  78. 100 down to 75 estimate by the Times Standard reporter. That included Larry Glass, Ron Kuhnl, and Peter Levallee. Three that lost in the most recent election. I guess sour grapes would be putting it lightly.

    If Linda Atkins truly believes that she is wasting her time on Tuesday nights she can always resign. By her comments to the news and at this forum she can’t actually except her relationship with the other council persons to improve, but then she doesn’t care about that..

    This whole thing says a lot just by those that spoke, Glass, Kunel, and Levallee. All three seem to be bitter they lost in the last election, lost soundly. do they really think a recall would fair any better?

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